May 16, 2022

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17 thoughts on “What I was Told

  1. Chris still be creeping in Ammika’s likes even though he doesn’t follow her and even got into it with his fans who was getting blocked by Ammika for harassing her and was telling them to stay in they place and stop harassing cause she’s family. Meanwhile I wonder if he peeps that Kae and Victor still be up in each other’s likes, Kae slightly more.

    I honestly don’t care if Doja doesn’t date black guys or not, cause there is plenty black men who didn’t need to be overheard saying they prefer non black women over black women, cause they went on public record themselves revealing it with no shame. Straight from the horses mouth; however because Doja has her “preferences” they want her cancelled and the black women that go along with it to ride out for black men want her cancelled too. It’s a no for me.

    If people wanna get upset because they think she was being racist to all black people just for being black, on some self hate shit that’s one thing…but if it’s because she don’t date within the culture then nah lol we ain’t about to be hypocritical.

    1. Apparently, Ammika is blackmailing Chris, if he doesn’t comment her post or defends her, she’ll not send pic of their son to him, or call him to talk to his son. Thats what I heard.

      1. I really hope this is not true it’s a wicked thing to do. No child should be held over their parents head as leverage because of adult problems.

      2. See I hope thats not true. Chris is a shitty person but a damn great father. People feelings towards you shouldn’t reflect their relationship with their children. I feel like she would harm her child just to get his attention. I hope he works on his past legal issues, something telling me he might need to get custody

    2. The preference of non Black men isn’t what is hurting Doja, it is the overall racist things she did lol. The fact that she and her team don’t want to understand that or just skimming over the issue shows how delayed and delusional they are.

  2. Kae is gonna have Chris chasing her for the rest of her life. Scary and creepy all rolled into one 😩.

    I didn’t realize Selena had left one for the other. Thought she was still doing both, acting and music. And would just take it as comes in both areas.

  3. Chris don’t want that fraud Amnex fake lips fake last name she’s not even half black or a model she’s lazy and takes Walmart pictures

    1. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 ohhhh nooooo not the Walmart pictures. I had no idea they even had a studio. Guess they took the place of Olin Mills.

  4. dood hollywood is weirddddd!!! how are you going to go back to someone who had a whole baby on you???infront of the whole world??? omg the betrayal :(((((( …and with someone you knew? KAE DESERVES BETTER, period.

    1. That’s true he had two kids
      I don’t care if your name is John the Baptist that’s a lot of baggage

  5. So G do you know if kae is back communicating with him now for him to be doing all this? Like is she back on speaking terms with him? In the past it seemed she would have NOTHING to do with him..

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