July 1, 2022

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17 thoughts on “Hot Takes 1/30/2021

  1. Damn T.I. and Tiny! Deyjah said what?! That’s all the way messed up if the juice was spiked.
    Why does Nick Cannon look like he’s aged overnight since he lost them jobs?

  2. Idk, but for some reason, I had a thought in my mind that TI has been a bit too harsh on Deyjah. It wouldn’t surprise me if he takes interest interest into his daughter. I know it sounds sick, but atp, can’t put nothing pass this man. Especially with all of his shenanigans and for publicly humiliating that girl.

  3. Whats done in the dark will come to light.. I wonder what really happened to dejah was she molested when she was younger seems like she wants to tell her story but scared to….

  4. I do not like the way they are doing Spinderella.. Spin is a part of that group just as they are.. why they keep trying to discredit her. Salt n Pepa lookin like the evil step sisters. I feel bad for Spin

  5. See when I read that Deyjah tweet i thought that was quite strange and the first thing I thought was did he drug her. How the hell do you get a Charlie horse in your neck??! Wheewwwww I knew Tommie lying ass !!! They be tryna front on Ray J !

  6. Ray got some kills under his belt dnt he? 😂😭 they call him & bow corny but he still be taking them dwn behind closed doors.

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