May 16, 2022

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17 thoughts on “Hot Takes 1/27/2021

  1. I know there was that rumor that she went out to see him in Wyoming but I didnt realize he was bringing her out there enough to get Halsey pregnant????? I feel this one is a reach, but idk anything for ratings I guess.

  2. My brain stopped functioning when I read Halsey and then Kanye….. 👀

    I have a feeling the Meg n Tory court proceedings are just going to drag out until they quietly disappear…the charges will be dropped. I feel like the case is going nowhere. In most “celebrity” cases involving violence, ESPECIALLY one where its male on female…and DEFINITELY a black rapper male on female…media would be updating every word the judge says, every hearing, there would be “leaks”, etc. This is being washed away…..something wasn’t right with the story and I think the D.A. is realizing this.

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