August 15, 2022

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33 thoughts on “Drake Tried To Get Rihanna Back Three Different Times

  1. Thanks! Not shocked at all by Drake. Rih made the right choice cause once he had a baby with some other chick I’d be 100% done too.
    Also could y’all please throughly proofread.

    1. Yeah ASAP and Drake both smashed around the same time and ASAP even thought he might’ve been the father. He allegedly was staying in contact with Sophie while she was pregnant checking on her just in case it was his meanwhile drake went on with his life and was telling Sophie to get an abortion when she told him he might be the dad as well. Once it was confirmed drake was the dad ASAP then went on with his life and ended up linking back up with Rih. That’s why drake probably so upset cause he wanted her back and we know he would’ve tried to knock her up to redeem himself to the public after Sophie, but Rih is done.

      1. I’m glad it happened the way it did. The main 2 he wanted didn’t want him back for some reason. That was good of ASAP. I like Sophie she wasn’t playing with those text messages from drake.

  2. I’ve always felt the baby is what made rih really be done this time around since 2016 was the year they talked about children so heavily, then the very next year he ironically ends up getting Sophie pregnant. He finally got her to open up and he broke her heart and she probably had an “I knew it” moment. He really can’t blame anyone but himself. I’m sure some animosity will form or has formed against Rocky since Rocky immediately came clean about the Sophie dynamic he played a role in meanwhile sounds like drake tried to hide it as best he could versus Just being outright honest. Rih seems to be in a whole different mindset since she’s now in her 30’s and people can view ASAP a certain way all they want, but maybe he knows he gotta come correct cause she’s not playing around.

    I’m just glad to hear things get cleared up some Stans swear Drake smashed rih while she was with Hassan, she’s smashed him since the break up and some more nonsense. Rih probably had to accept his call when he threatened to pop up cause who knows how that billionaire would’ve responded knowing she was talking to an ex! He would’ve had his and her head probably. Aubrih definitely makes fire music and had cute moments but you could kinda tell there was something important missing from the dynamic that made it never stick based on how long they kept going back and forth…for an entire decade. They probably had some love for one another but that TRUE love would’ve had them shaped up and settled down years ago IMO.

  3. I don’t blame Rihanna. Drake is a fuckboi. There’s no way in hell Rihanna was gonna get back with him with that baby. He wanted Sophie so bad he slept with her unprotected, now he’s stuck with her.

    1. Exactly. Sophie wasn’t getting an abortion to accommodate his ass either. I like how she took up for herself. People were saying she trapped drake but if she didn’t know who the dad was between the two how tf she trap him. She was a sex worker and got pregnant. Not only that women can get pregnant for the delusional men that like to fuck raw and cum inside any female.

  4. Glad Riri finally is done w/Drake romantically

    Disgusted though she won’t leave these industry dudes alone who are in the same friend group, all worked together closely, toured together & have all slept w/the same women & have all kissed & told on Riri in interviews & in music sans Matt Kemp

    Rih’s pissed Drake has a baby w/a stripper but currently is sleeping w/the same person who could’ve also been the father of Sophie’s baby

    I still don’t think she’s over Hassan & maybe her mom or someone close to her can talk some sense into her over the holidays how bad of a look this thing w/ASAP thing is not just personally but professionally & why it gives the ppl who don’t like her the ammo to call her everything but her name SMH

    1. Yeah ASAP Smashed her but he was actually gonna man up to his responsibility IF he was the dad versus drake who hit Sophie with the “okay get an abortion then”. Maybe ASAP learned from that close call he had, he sure was wearing a condom in that sex tape people be laughing at him over. Besides it wasn’t just the baby rih was mad at it was the lack of trust which drake brought on himself.

      And people only now care about ASAP image cause he’s attached to rih, nobody cared about it before. He hasn’t done anything crazy since they’ve been together but people won’t let him change cause they too busy wanting old relationships to resurrect. They always call rih out her name when she’s dating someone they don’t want her dating but it’s her life so oh well.

      Hassan and Rih are done he’s already had new relationships since Rih so no amount of talking Rih Mom could do can change that *besides how we know Her mom even liked Hassan? Maybe she like ASAP? Who knows* we know Hassan family didn’t like Rih cause they didn’t feel she would conform so it’s DEAD dead.

  5. That’s great & all, this coming from a diehard Riri fan, going back & forth w/Drake, ASAP, Chris Brown & Travis Scott just isn’t the move. It’s disgusting. & ASAP too slept w/the same stripper & almost was the father. & the Kardashian’s have all been linked to these same men @ one point or another as well

    1. What you mention the Kardashian’s for? Lol people really gotta step letting those women get under their skin it’s hard to watch.

      And yes ASAP smashed Sophie cause he was a single man and free to do so. I’m sure rih has had raw sex outside her boyfriends too, but why would rih get mad at ASAP for what ALMOST Happened? And happened when she wasn’t in the picture? That’s foolish. She only got upset at drake because they actually talked about having kids & a few months after their breakup he ended up getting Sophie pregnant, she probably was still emotionally invested. Plus at least ASAP would’ve stepped up to the plate if it was his kid. Drake threatened Sophie to abort Adonis & still wasn’t around as much when he was first born.

      Point is to get angry at ASAP for raw dogging Sophie when he walked away with no babies, no diseases, but just a shared body which I’m sure he and drake already have plenty of those excluding rih, is foolish.

  6. Drake likes the attention & fanfare he gets from being w/Rih but refuses to be monogamous & committed to her. Then to hook up w/someone who was one of few industry ppl Riri was cool w/sending Fenty Puma stuff too as well only to see her in boo’ed up pics w/Drake? It was just too much & the baby by the stripper, that ASAP also raw dogged was the nail in the coffin

  7. I’m trying to figure out why everyone is so mad that Drake ask for an abortion. Like ok they both adults and decided to have sex unprotected, but come on what man in they right mind really would want a baby (especially their first) with someone they smashed only 2 times. Hell I’m a woman an wouldn’t have wanted the baby due to the circumstances. So I totally agree why he would ask that. Secondly I love both Drake and Rihanna equally but I absolutely hate the narrative that’s he broke her heart. Like everyone needs to understand he been in love with her for a decade and how many men she been with publicly. I’m not shaming Rih at all but I honestly think when she finally did give Drake a real chance he was scared to let go of the past. He probably thought she would up and leave at any time rather he was being true to her or not. One of his versus in his song he said something like keep in contact with other women cause you make me nervous. Their both my faves an I wish them the best, who knows they might try to make it work again.

    1. They literally got matching tattoo’s so why would he think she would up and leave? That sounds like a cop out. Plus we’re supposed to ignore the MULTIPLE women that drake has also smashed and dated publicly from strippers to IG Models to other Celebs and just talk about Rih’s men she’s dated? Sounds like blaming. Drake simply wasn’t ready to settle down but claimed that he was to get rih right where he wanted her. Even after the break up he went to J-Lo knowing that was Rih friend and was all over social media with it. If it hadn’t been for Adonis, he more than likely would still be moving like a young Dennis Graham. The collabs was fire, and the pictures was cute and all but you could tell something vital was missing from their dynamic which is why it never stuck and had that back and forth going on.

  8. I don’t understand why everyone is dragging Drake. He got a woman pregnant that he was not in a relationship with, and asked for an abortion. Is he wrong for that no he is not. Of course he is to blame as well, but he is taking care of his child, and thr mother. The problem is Drake is hated by so many people who are jealous of his success. So people will use any opportunity to to see him fail. Someone needs to explain to me how Rocky is good for Rih. Isn’t he a fuckboi too?? Nobody was talking about Rocky before he linked with Rih because nobody cares about that dude. That is the only reason he is getting media attention. So is he good for Rih because he is sex addict, drug addict, colorist, addicted to orgies, and many more. There is honestly nothing positive to say about Rocky.

    1. Rih was making racist jokes toward Asians during her beef with Karrueche over Chris and put it in a whole song but the fans skate by that cause they want people to focus on what? How much she’s grown.

      Drake was on Twitter saying if she 17 I’m 17 too and kissing fans that was underage *while knowing they was* on stage but everybody says that was in the past.

      All these celebs have problematic past but y’all pick and choose when to let someone change depending on if you like them or not. ASAP hasn’t made those types of comments since & apologized for them but yet these white people do it on the daily and get welcomed back into the culture with open arms.

    2. Also don’t forget all 3 of them have dabbled in drugs and all 3 of them got multiple bodies under their belts. So to shame Rocky for doing the shit the rest of these celebs do at mansions parties and Met Galas to prove a point is hypocritical.

  9. It’s true what they say some people really do prop drake up on a pedestal even when he is in the wrong, and that’s coming from someone who likes drake. He was 100% in the wrong by finally getting Rih where he wanted her Just to cheat with Volleyball players & IG Models and try to hide it, but People are blaming her dating history like his ain’t just as long if not longer…and are getting mad at who she choosing now afterwards simply because it’s not him.

    then the whole Sophie thing which let’s be honest With as many chicks who have claimed to have been pregnant by him, he lucky he only has 1 child versus multiple like future. Sophie was not his first stiff arm with the abortion thing, she just the first who didn’t back down but fans get mad at her cause they just as embarrassed for drake as he is for himself.

  10. He had his chances and ruin them each and every time. However, he’s young rich and famous what do you expect? He’s still got alotta growing up to do.

  11. I have always said Drake And Rhianna have great chemistry, but with the constant back and forward through the years it is clear something was missing that would make that relationship stick. And the baby with Sophie is what REALLY put the nail in the coffin for any more tries between Rhianna and Drake. Sure Drake takes care of the child, but we know between the adults there is dysfunction. We get tidbits here on the blog about that. I mean 2 strangers having a baby, is dysfunction for anyone. Rhianna is on the inside so she gets the straight from the horse’s mouth tea. I am sure she wants no parts. Plus the fact that she and Drake probably talked about having kids together only to a stranger pregnant, probably hurts. And yes Sophie was stranger, Drake didn’t know anything about that woman, but how her puzzy talked. And Sophie didn’t know anything about Drake besides him being a superstar and how low his dyck hanged and stroke game.

    Drake was a azz. He messed up with Rhianna. But I don’t know why him asking Sophie for a abortion is taking center stage in this. I see some are focused on that. I mean that’s part of HIS story, but it isn’t really part of the Aubrih story. Yes he asked Sophie for a abortion, but regardless if there was a Rhianna or not, he would have still asked. I mean we established BOTH he and Sophie were idiots, who were STRANGERS, who got knocked up. Who wants to have kids with a person you have NO connection to? I mean even on And off again couples have more of a connection than these 2 because they actually had a relationship @ some point. And Sophie was a woman of the streets, so the possibility of baby fathers were endless. Hell, I am woman and I probably would gave asked the same. And yeah, no matter how you spin it Rocky hit that(Sophie) too. Hey, we already said she was a lady of the evening 🤷.

    I have also said, Rhianna needs to sit on a couch and discuss her issues. Because she has a problem going back to exes lol. Even if Rocky never gave problems, he is still someone that she dated as a adult and it didn’t work out. The chemistry has always been there for those 2 since jump, but it again it didn’t pan out. There is a reason. Rhianna keeps these exes in rotation I guess hoping they will change, but they never do. They shape up and fly right for awhile, but their true self always comes out. This is why you move forward. It doesn’t matter if it Drake, Rocky, Hassan, or little boy blue, they are a ex. Leave them alone and move on to someone new. I still say Rocky is a rebound. I believe the Hassan break up really hurt Rhianna and because of the great chemistry with Rocky, she fell in bed to soothe the broken heart. I still don’t see this being her forever.

    Also, something tells me NOT to count Drake out. He may have given up now(on Rhianna), but I believe he will be back lol. Because folks who go in toxic cycles like this are NEVER truly done lol.

  12. Frfr I do t believe Drake and Rihanna is all what we thought it was. Rihanna never really seemed interested in Drake outside the music. I think Drake was infatuated with ri sex appeal, I think Rihanna liked the chased she was getting from Drake, but didn’t truly care. I personally don’t think they talked about kids like that. It was probably more of if I don’t find someone and you don’t find someone let’s be end game, which is different than actually falling in love with someone. Yes they have history, but that’s just that, history. Drake was embarrassed by Sophie, but put himself in that situation and had to suck it up. No he’s not wrong for asking for an abortion I mean their fucking strangers for crying out loud, but Sophie isn’t wrong either her body her choice. I personally feel like JLO and sleeping with Sophie was Drake’s revenge against RIRI even though they were already through, lbs Drake seem sneaky and manipulative. But when you play with fire you always burn yourself in the end in Drake fucked himsef up. I don’t think Drake want riri to love just to show off, flaunt and now to redeem his reputation. I think if his son wasn’t here they still wouldn’t be together. I fuck with everyone in this equation so I’m not being biased. However Drake knocking up a industry prositute says a lot about his character and hate it or not he will always be judged for that, as granny said you can do a million things if you make one mistake ppl will hold it over you forever. Drake lost a lot of credibility and he wants to redeem it by being with Rihanna being that she’s well liked, popular and fans fav. Drake and Rihanna work well together, but even before Sophie came into the picture I never felt love vibes them I feel like he had more chemistry with Nicki. Him and Rihanna were more like work husband work wife. Drake do need to let it go, because Rihanna ain’t dealing with that dysfunction and trust Sophie and drake are strangers only met once but fucked twice, so I’m sure it’s dysfunction we just won’t hear about it mainstream, which is why I love this page and these segments. Trust give it a few years Drake gone be walking around as a single father like he’s bestie French Montana and Sophie gone end up back in France, painting pictures in her living room. At least ASAP seems more in love with Rihanna and like he would be a good dad, being he was so caring to Sophie which is why I think Rihanna wanted him more.

  13. Ashleyw, how do you think Asap would be a better father?! Because he was around Sophie during the pregnancy. That is some bullshit right there. Drake fucked her once.. why would he be around.. he got the DNA test and stepped up. He is taking care of his child with his money, not Sophie. Yeah I’m sure there is dysfunction, but what makes you think ASAP is so great. He don’t got any kids. He fucked the same bitch too. Just say you dislike Drake for whatever reason, and keep it moving.

    1. Did I make you mad did I hit a nerve. It obviously says it in the post stupid ass try reading maybe your dyslexic and lack comprehension. Yes Drake how every right to tell her to get an abortion, yes she had every right to keep it. Like it or hate it your fav son was conceived through prostitution. I had nothing to do with that just stating why Rihanna wouldn’t be with him. Calm down and watch a chick flick your getting to feisty for a fantasy beef. And by the way I love drake just a firm believer of calling shit how I see. Best believe the only reason trying so hard for social media is because he painted himself as a bad father who was ashamed of his son don’t blame me blame your fav

  14. You don’t know shit about Asap and Sophie. How was he caring to her? Were you there??? Did Sophie tell you this. And how do you know Asap is in love with Rihanna. You don’t know shit about these people.

      1. Ashley, I apologize for going off on you. I totally get where you are coming from with Drake and Rih dynamics. I respect your opinion.

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