October 2, 2022

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20 thoughts on “The Real Truth About What Happened to Demetria Obilor at Channel8

  1. She’s definitely beautiful. I’m shocked that she hasn’t hooked up with a baller yet. She seems the type.

  2. Yeah, I can see her being a tad bit of a distraction. 😅 I hope she was a better traffic anchor than dancer! She should’ve kept her traffic anchor job and just SMILED in pictures with professional clothes on. Once she started ALLLLL that extra foolishness…. She looked a WHOLE MESS especially trying to rap in front the green screen, dress too short and didn’t know the words or how to move to that classic rap….She try tooo hard.

  3. Our weather person does the same thing with the rapping and dancing and seems to be more known for the social media stuff but he’s a White male so there’s that. Double standard to me

    1. That part. There is a news anchor in Charlotte who does the same thing but no one is talking about him negatively. Smh

  4. Welp. I’m not surprised. She did entirely too much. Her dresses were entirely too tight and her heels were entirely too high. You have to always have a plan when you are trying to excel in your career. Focusing on her looks when she should’ve been focused on being respected was a silly move. How did she THINK this was going to go over?? Networks have no need for an Instagram star as a meteorologist. That makes no sense in ANY business model. She needs to just start an only fans and move on.

    1. Did you ever actually watch her segments when she would talk seriously about topics of race and discrimination? Her viewpoints were always respected. Just because some men who are gonna drool over her regardless cause she’s pretty flood her comments from other states does not mean she wasn’t focusing on being respected. She’s always checking dudes in her comments for doing too much to her. Women don’t see it though cause they too mad at they dude liking one too many of her pictures.

  5. If people would actually watch her reels from the show she would be giving dope advice and feedback on topics about race, discrimination, white privilege all of that! She would sit with those white people and speak truth with no remorse and would always be the only black person in the conversation standing on her own…but because she was enjoying the attention like most girls would have, everybody is like “good riddance” “im so glad she’s gone” chicks be having whole WORK HUSBANDS but wanna get upset at her for wearing a dress they probably went and searched for on fashion Nova lol we know why females didn’t like her and it wasn’t about no “unprofessionalism” 😂

  6. I am not surprised. I never got “serious” news anchor from her. Sure she may have put out more serious news pieces that were good, but once you put out a certain image of yourself sometimes (if not most times) that’s what sticks. Most ppl see her as a Instagram chic. I know other news stations have anchors that like to be fun and dance. But there’s a difference in trying to connect and keeping it professional. And it was clear, at least to me, Demetria didn’t want to do news. That was her way in to get to the next level(rappers&etc). She was trying to play it enough at that station until the right opportunity happened. Sadly for her she didn’t play it well enough and now she is unemployed. It is what it is. She is a pretty girl though, may all her baller dreams come true.

    1. So it was all a set up for the white woman who was discriminating against her to get her trending for her body shape so she could blow up and catch the eye of a baller? Before that hardly anybody outside of Dallas knew who she was. Come on now…

      1. Who said anything about her shape? Demetria didn’t need that white woman. She was gonna catch the eye of someone at some point. She is pretty and since we are going there, had the desired figure that most men want… Curvy and thick. She can’t help it GOD Blessed her. But it wasn’t about the clothes, it was how she acted in her videos lol. I think she really liked the attention to inch her way into what she really wanted to do. If she is in fact working at another station, you haven’t heard much about her doing the usual. Probably because she knows she needs her job. But that would also show that she was attention seeking at that last network.

    2. Women in general love attention lol she’s no different than a lot of other women in the workplace it’s Just her’s is on social media for people to criticize. Women be having whole work husbands strictly for the attention. She’s not the first and won’t be the last. I don’t see anyone talking about Nick the white man that be dancing when he does the weather and has it apart of his platform, music and all. Same thing she does but he gets called entertaining and she gets called attention seeking.

  7. She moved back to Vegas and was working at a station there, but she has a shape that even if she wears a simple blouse and skirt/pants, you’ll see her body. I wish her the best.

    1. Thank you! Even when She wears suits you can still see her shape. The black women and other women of color who be hating on her for that are no better than the racist white woman that got her trending in the first place for her natural features, but people don’t wanna hear that comparison.

      1. I’m shaped the same way, and have long hair. The only surgeries I’ve had are for medically necessary procedures an ectopic and a hernia. The amount of hate thrown my way, “I have weave, I got my body done, my husband is cheating on me”. My neighbors have even scratched my new car. Then at the same time, I get mad love for the same things. But at this point, I wear tunics and keep my hair in a bun. I don’t like attention that way anyway. My mind is my best asset. The world don’t like strong confident smart women with a fine ass body.

  8. Anonymous has to be Demetria to be going back and forth arguing with people in the comments. The lady is unemployed. Put that energy elsewhere.

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