September 30, 2022

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    1. But be clear they will make it hard for him to succeed in the industry like they did to Chris after the Rihanna assault that’s all she’s saying.

  1. So now I get it. They are doing to tory what they did to Chris brown. It took a while for Chris to recover from that thing with Rhianna. He sales dropped and some stores wouldn’t even sale his album. The bad thing now is most sales are streaming And they Can lie about that.

  2. Rihanna and Chris are cool again. Maybe we can hope Tory and Meg could be on good terms in the future? Honestly the way this industry is set up. I think there is going to be more F**k S**t happen and other stuff will be coming out.

    There is so much rumors involving this incident it’s hards to believe what actually happened. I will never go by who sounds believable and what not. I’ll reserve judgement and wait till they go to court and get this resolved. All I know is both artists should continue to make money and music and let the court decides the outcome. What ever the outcome turn out to be. It is what it is. Both these artists are not affecting our life at the end of the day. They will have to live through the choices they make. Having self accountability is key.

    1. Chris and Robyn were never not cool idk why ppl thought that. They are besties and it’s funny how ppl be on ig talking shit imagine being mad about some shit they had nothing to do with u and the ppl involved are good and laughing cuz they mad about a staged event

  3. That must be the reason Tory keeps calling her his friend because he knows it’s a ritual that is out of her hands.

  4. It will be interesting to see how this plays out though. Megan & Tory aren’t anywhere near the level of success that Riri & Chris Brown were & Riri’s leaked photo of her face had such a huge impact on the fans & DV survivors that took that incident to a whole nother level

    Plus all this happened before Megan released her 1st album whereas Riri was already a huge artist & was just about to hit even bigger success. We still don’t know if Megan has longevity or if she’ll just have a couple of hits then fade into the background bc a lot of ppl feel she’s a one trick pony & doesn’t have the versatility, depth & marketability compared to a Nicki, Cardi or Doja so there’s a lot of unknown when it comes to Megan

    There’s still ppl questioning the validity of Megan’s story & Tory still has a significant enough of a following that I don’t see his falloff the way Chris Brown did bc Tory has more of an urban/underground sort of following compared to the international pop star & being groomed to be the next Usher (I wouldn’t dare say MJ bc that’s an insult) but you catch my drift

    I know Tory moreso for his collaborations, beats & sampling of older hits but modernizing it so I actually see him coming yt of this okay

    I think it’s funny every RN artist they have tried in some way to recreate the same blueprint that Rihanna had when I would give Jay Brown moreso the credit for than Jay-Z & it doesn’t have the same impact

  5. This Megan/Tory situation has become tiring. The industry is really trying to turn peanuts into gold coins. Rihanna and Chris were much bigger selling artist and were international superstars when the assault went down. Ok, I will give Meg credit because she has a strong fan base(ONLY reason why I give credit). But Tory? Tory Lanez? Who is Tory on the side of pre Assault Chris Brown. He is small piece of urban music. He won’t be the 1st choice that people will listen to globally. All of this for 2 people who may not even be around in 3 years.

  6. Jay-Z is going to regret not fixing his professional relationship w/Rihanna & is wasting time & resources throwing all this money @ someone whose a good rapper but is one-note & potentially peaked too early w/2 #1 right out the gate. How are you supposed to top that as a brand new artist?

  7. I don’t believe this was a ritual at all megan was with the wrong man that night. She was the BA of fenty months before the shooting happened. The gun was fired those are facts. There were fragments in her feet an he was charged with the gun those are facts!

  8. I hope not. I wasn’t the biggest Tory fan bcus he’s such a hothead but no lie he makes really good music and I am a fan now

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