October 4, 2022

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30 thoughts on “Season 11 The Truth About The Summer Jam 2014 Nicki Minaj, Drake and Rihanna

  1. So Nicki wanted drake to stop giving Rihanna attention because it would interfere with him giving her attention… even though she had no intention of being his girl full time? Man listen lol the more stuff that gets told about the drake and Nicki dynamic the more convinced I get that There is other reasons Nicki never have drake his chance and I ain’t just on some basic “he’s not my type” or “I only see him as a brother”. Sisters don’t intentionally sabotage they brother’s relationships and flirt with them for years on end thus having them confessing their love for them Chile.

  2. See, this mean streak of Nicki is exactly why so many are against her, they can’t ALL BE LYING! She’s the ‘you can’t be friends with/you can’t like anyone else but me’ type of person.

    1. There’s only 2 people that have a legitimate reason to be mad at Nicki. Rihanna and Miley Cyrus. Everybody else that popped out the wood works with a story to tell ironically during the hate train but had nothing bad to say before it (some even used to big nicki up) has to be 🧢. That’s the difference.

      1. Smh I knew Nicki did something to Rih cause their energy was off with her at Summer Jam & Tidal, after that the friendship was none existence…what happened with Rih and Katy Perry’s friendship 🤔

  3. Nicki was wrong. But Rhianna never official claimed Drake. Which is why her and Drake stans go back and forward about the relationship. And also why Nicki felt she had the balls to do that. Rhianna she should made it loud and clear that she was with that man. And owned it. For years Beyonce never spoke about the relationship with Jay, but it was obvious as daylight they were a couple. Rihanna could have done the same with Drake if she wanted. But instead she made it a vague courtship as she went back and forward between Chris and Drake.

  4. Another time you talked about it in a way where Nicki was looking out for Drake because she knew rih rih was plying him and didn’t like him the way he liked rih. Now this is written in a different light that looks bad on Nicki.

    1. They’ve always said that Nicki was being petty that night because she was jealous of Drake’s attention going elsewhere. Never once did I ever hear them say she did that to look out for drake cause that wouldn’t have made any sense lol how does wrapping your legs around someone save them?

  5. Very immature of Nicki if she had no intention of ever giving drake a chance and i love her to death wrong is wrong. Especially if she kept saying she only looked at him as a brother that’s weird. A brother wouldn’t look at her the way drake does and pick her up the way her did and give lap dances etc. that dynamic they tried to put out there never stuck because he was attracted to her.

  6. Nicki does snake ass shit like this but y’all steady defending her. And y’all wonder why people don’t like her ass

    1. Being petty & Catty like a typical woman does not compare to the lies and sabotage that was being put on Nicki for things she didn’t do or deserve. That’s what people was defending her for.

  7. Didn’t Nicki also throw shots @ Rih @ another show & called her out her name?

    I see why Nicki & Giselle get along so well. They have A LOT in common when it comes to how they treat these other females in the industry & their jealous & possessive tendencies. Meanwhile the men they are w/ain’t ish to begin with

    How can you make a comment “the only person allowed to mess w/Drake’s head is me” when she wasn’t into him like that?

    & say what you want about Aubrih’s early dealings, but their last attempt Rih was gone over Drake when she was @ his concerts & grinding on him on stage so it was obvious she was claiming him even if she didn’t officially say it

  8. I ain’t gone hold ya this sounds like a bunch of BS and this like the second or third time y’all told the same story in different context

    1. They’ve always said that Nicki was being petty cause she didn’t like Drake’s attention going somewhere else.

  9. What’s funny is Chris was released from jail/rehab the next day June 2nd in LA & they supposedly had kept in touch while he was locked up & she was supposed to go see him after he got released that could’ve been the issue with her & Drake. She couldn’t decide what she wanted to do & maybe Nicki had been heard about it. Ironically Rih was seen in LA the next day.

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