September 30, 2022

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26 thoughts on “The Truth About Hollywood And Bernadette Stanis

    1. Dope read salute queen glad she didn’t bother with celebrities sleeping her way up she kept her faith and dignity

  1. She’s tough…. we need that Al B Sure story. I know he sold his soul at one point but then regretted it

  2. She was my moms favorite from good times. So proud to hear, she didn’t sell out and still ended up happy.

  3. I love her on Good Times! But I thought that was weird she was on Positive K’s video that seemed beneath her haha

  4. She is so beautiful. I used to wish I looked like her when I was younger lol. I’m glad she kept her soul. It’s never worth it. She knew better. She definitely could’ve done the pin up cover though. Farrah is pretty and all, but NEXT TO Bernadette????…. she honestly look like she was on that Stuff lol.

  5. I am happy Bernadette didn’t sell out. She knew, in the end it wouldn’t be worth it. I am sure she is living her life in peace knowing they can’t hold anything over her head.

  6. She was getting married and divorced she had no time for Hollywood lol this put me at ease.I thought it was going to be a crazy ending.

  7. You don’t hear of to many stories like that. I don’t know her but feel like I do. I’m proud of her. Black QUEEN

  8. This was a wonderful article to read! Not too many stories of the beauties from our childhood who stayed true to themselves and didnt allow Hollyweird to turn them out.

  9. I Loved reading this!!!! She stood firm and strong and didn’t sell out!!!! #WON’T HE DO IT!!!!!🙌🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾

  10. I just loved her THANK GODDDDD!!!! She kept her soul !!! Too bad not enough push on her end but seems like she’s doing quite well. She’s always been so beautiful to me and stayed looking young. Life has been doing her real good all these years

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