October 4, 2022

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12 thoughts on “Heather Locklear and Denise Richards part 2

  1. Wow. This was great G!! I never knew any of this. Denise is lucky Heather didn’t want for her to come out and beat her ass because she deserved it.

  2. Denise broke the cardinal rule you don’t date any ex of your friends ever! And I still can’t stand her ever since I watched Empire the movie. She stays creeping.

  3. Wow Denise.. Heather was your friend. She really had the audacity to think dating your friends ex- husband, fresh from a divorce I might add, as ok. Whew Chile’.

  4. Just because your friend went behind your back and hooked up with your husband does not justify you going and hooking up with her (ex) husband, and letting him have his way with your daughter. Sick azz bitch

  5. They were both hoes.. so I mean, one hoe was more of home wrecker than the other lol… But Denise was wrong for that and deserved her ass to beat to be quite honest

  6. G, in a post a while back, didn’t you say that Heather and Charlie were hooking up and that she also allegedly let Charlie molest her and Samboras daughter?! And because of that weird dynamic between Charlie/Heather, Sambora and Denise bonded and eventually got together?!
    This current story doesn’t seem to add up to the initial tea you had about these two women.

  7. Goes to show there are no moral standards in this game lol. Cause bitch, I would never date anyone my best friend touched. Triflin.

  8. I love how petty Heather was, sounds like some shit I would’ve done. I’m glade they buried the ratchet, but if it were me I would still watch Denise very closely 😒

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