October 4, 2022

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12 thoughts on “Industry Advice How To Write A Book And Get A New York Times BestSeller

  1. This is why I love it here, you don’t just give gossip, you also give knowledge. This is confirmation. My dad always wanted me to write a book. Thank you icydk!!!

    1. Great! I am happy I could assist once you decide to start writing it let me know and I will assist you

      1. This is why I love this page so much!im literally in the process of writing a book and really needed to know this!

  2. I wrote a children’s book that’s appropriate for the pandemic but I’m trying to figure out ways to get it on larger platforms

  3. I’m working on an urban rhyming adult poetry, children’s and erotica book. Can I publish it myself, and keep all royalties?

  4. Wow G, thank you so much! I just released my first book in April and currently writing my second one! Would love to send you my book!

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