May 22, 2022

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19 thoughts on “Industry Advice To The Rappers Coming Into the Industry Record Labels Do Not Control The Industry Any More

  1. I have 2 questions

    1) why is Drake’s net worth so low? At least according to Google. 180 million? I know to regular folks that’s a lot but with his success & his appeal I was expecting at LEAST $300 million on the small end…


    2) Dont these labels use scare tactic to bully these artists into recording contracts? like for example I’ve heard that Tech N9ne remained independent for quite some time and constantly rejected offers from labels and then they started sabotaging him and his numbers until eventually he signed with a major label? Have the labels realized the internet is too powerful to be beaten now and just decided to play along instead of sabotaging?

    1. You would think that he would have lots of mainstream endorsements. He has the sneakers. But maybe a clothing line or links to major labels like Versace or Armani. Movies. I know that he’s producing. But shocking he’s missing out on lots of coins. Is his hands tied? Just make music and keep others happy? True contract issues that have been rumored for years? I don’t know?

  2. I initially believed that I was doing something wrong or a little too blazed because all I saw was.a photo of Drake.

  3. this blog is apart of “industry advice” , if you didn’t pay for it, you won’t see it. Just like Heaven Hollywood’s blog, you gotta pay for it.

  4. I pay for full access to the website and I’m having a hard time seeing this article as well as others. What do I do?

  5. I’m not understanding why I can’t see the article and I paid to have access to Heaven’s blog long ago.

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