October 4, 2022

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17 thoughts on “Hot Takes 3/25/20

  1. So Stedman is on the pedo list too? Sorry it’s just whenever I hear that a celebrity test positive for corona I believe there’s an ulterior motive.

  2. Why are TI and Tiny still news worthy? He been cheating gone stay cheating he’s a bonafide cheater and narcissist 🙄 we all know it except for her… 🥴
    Keep the news coming tho!

    1. Mason went on IG Live and was asked if they were dating. That’s super creepy for Kourtney to allow him to go Live on IG answering questions like that.

      1. She made him delete it… then he went a created a tik tok and went live. He obviously doesn’t respect Kourt.

  3. Girl I’m soooo tired of TI cheating ass if I was Tiny I would be doing me regardless cause clearly he is !! Stop being scared and get the hell on !!

  4. Lawd Steadman just ain’t gonna let go of that billion dollar honey pot…smh.
    And TI…ha. Who’s the model?

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