October 2, 2022

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39 thoughts on “More Aaliyah Secrets

      1. No, it’s not for sale. G forgot to put up the paper up. Neither house is for sale. She was in Georgia all this time.

    1. Now this tea was good. I’m loving this Aaliyah shit. I wonder if she knows her grandmother and grandfather.

      1. Giiiiiiiiiiirlllllll this is EVERYTHING. Im so CONFUSED is r .kelly the FATHER. Last my condolences on your lost. Sending you positive light

  1. I am hella curious to know how did she land with Barry out of all people.

    Also I looked at both houses in the house in Georgia is a lot of rooms and land to hide someone wow. Just wow.

      1. You are absolutely right nobody expect Barry to be her care giver. Wow just wow. Thanks hun!

  2. I got this weird feeling looking at the house in Cali where they showed what looked to be a girls room with lavander/purple curtains and the bed. I immediately thought well damn that may be her room. It also looked to have a little stove in it which I found to be weird.

    1. I saw the lil stove in there too maybe she had a daughter as well or maybe they trying to keep her mind on a child level.

    1. Yep and she had know choice! Remember now, Gladys was doing a 5 day run in Las Vegas and had Aaliyah on the stage at the age of 11. Which means she was already pimping Aaliyah first. Way before Barry or his sister Diane did the exposure.

  3. DaRadiant 1 hey boo, I’m so happy for you. This is your friend from Georgia hope all is well with you 😘😘

    1. I am doing so-so. I have to make another trip back to DC next month and I am dreading going back there because all that is really going on . But we have to clean his house out and put the house up for sale.

      1. Well I got a new phone and lost all my contacts so I haven’t been able to check up on you. I hope things get better sweetie 😘😘

  4. can’t we let Aaliyah rest In peace ? you were mad when Robyn talked about Whitney’s sexuality knowing that she didn’t wanted that out there but yet you are doing the same with Aaliyah and her alleged daughter if she didn’t came out and told the world that she had a child that means she didn’t want that out there so why expose it knowing that she’s dead and can’t defend herself ?

      1. I live 20 mins from Newnan a lot of celebrities like Kat Williams move there to be out the way. It’s not far from the city but still a lot of land and the community is very quite. BTW there is a Starbucks there that is located on the Main Street with the outdoor entrance on the side next to the drive through. If you want to be low key move to Fayetteville, Newnan or Johns Creek. Rick Ross lives in Fayetteville and all the crap he does get pushed under the mat.

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