October 4, 2022

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21 thoughts on “Sugar Cubes Meek Mill and Big Sean Round 2?

  1. No matter how much money these ppl have they still play poor ppl games when it comes to d****s and P***ies! 🙄

  2. Well, If Go By Zodiac Signs…
    Meek definitely a Taurus, PETTY!
    Sean & Nicki, Would Get On! Aries & Sagittarius Are Love Matches!
    All The Fire Signs Are Each-others
    (Leo, Aries & Sagittarius)

    1. Probably ain’t all that. Compared to all of Nicki’s other dudes meek look like he the smallest and probably got a complex over it. Safaree packing, I tHINK Nas packing, and even Kenneth Petty packing. I remember seeing meek in some tight suit pants on IG and I ain’t see nothing poking 👀

      1. Nas is average sized. Not the biggest, but definitely not small. This is the most consistent thing I’ve heard

  3. He acts like such a broad I swear smfh that’s how you know he wasn’t meant to have that kitten too damn insecure. Didn’t he put hands on Nicki over that? Smfh. Only reason why Nicki probably never gave it a chance even after meek is because Sean got with Ariana and she don’t plague me as the type to take Ari sloppy seconds. But hey look at this drama with Sean/jhene/Ariana? Last thing Nicki would’ve needed was beef over a dude on top of all the other crap lol

  4. I know of a couple of people who fucked meek and they’ve never said how he was 🤔. I’m from Detroit and surprisingly, I’ve never heard from the streets how big Sean is either 🤔

  5. I’m here for anything MEEK!!!! No matter how many pieces my heart breaks into!!! 😔… and round 2?? When was the first!???

  6. For some reason I get the feeling Meek like to receive and not give. Example*Wont you suck it, (but don’t wanna return), won’t you ride and don’t wanna put in no work🤦🏾‍♀️

  7. and I’ve seen the dic pic of Meek! Bull got a nice lil curve at the end and it’s long! No need to be acting insecure and little! But if Nicki was in a night’s face then that gives reason for him to b mad. Flowers to Jhene tho?? Big petty

  8. I do remember this story. I had recently discovered your page and went all the way back on your tl to the first post. I was hooked after that. Stayed up reading through each one. Blew my mind. And still doing it. Thank you G!

  9. Lmfaoo & then he followed up with the pettiness & went on Twitter & tweeted, “a shoulder to cry on, can quickly become a dick to slide on. . . #factsoftheday”

    LMFAAOOOO 🤷🏼‍♀️

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