October 5, 2022

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40 thoughts on “Spilling Tea On Everybody   

  1. Girl nicki need to dump that zero and get with a hero. Like you really want your future children to have a sex offender as a father like you are asking for them to get ridiculed. We all know her ass ain’t getting married if she truly did she would have been had it done with their first marriage certificate. This second one is about to expire in 15 days. Literally no one is scared of that man literally if akademiks ain’t scared then no damn sure is.

    1. I get what you saying but I think Nicki feels alone and unprotected. She’s wants to feel protected. Tbh I don’t blame her after everything that has happened over the last couple of years

      1. i understand that but being with him is not going to protect her. All they got to do is make some calls and send him right into jail.

      2. Nicki’s man gives me controlling and abusive vibes and she needs to leave his arz alone

  2. I’m so glade that Nicki did not marry him. But I have heard what the elites have done to others so I definitely get why she’s scared. Also something tells me that they definitely trying to kill her cause how the was it not all over the news. These news blog posted one time and nothing after that. Plus why the fuck are these niggas trying to beef with a female it’s wack. She’s definitely in my prayers


  4. Is the bath boiling water or was it to detox from sleeping with a black guy? Because I do those all the time and it’s not torturous?

    1. Oh ok you just answered my question , but I’m thinking since they are so drugged and controlled it was probably because of a black man but learning about the elites the water probably scorched her smh.

      1. Baking Soda Spa Torture
        = yall assuming that its baking soda and plain bathwater but IDK what all they put in the tub but it not even just water .
        = now imagine before they throw her in them chemicals they whip her and scrub her with sandpaper 1st . Her privates would be like one big scab SMDH !

  5. Poor nicki idk what to say I’m glad she’s not really married

    Make sense to why farrah daughter had on that cheetah print shirt last week on one of them carpets

    Good the migos had a good run in but they are boring on stage every video from what i see of them perform they all over the place

    Quavo and lori to me is the same as him dating saweetie, i thought she wasn’t really into him anyway

    Lady gaga, what is the baking soda bath supposed to do? Serious question

    Rihanna sis i like you and all but fuck trying to change for hassan ass especially if you going back to what you know 9/10 that’s who you are

    Karrueche should just stay low key

    Drake settle down or at least acknowledge your bm publicly she deserves that much cuz the people tarnished her calling her all types of names because of him

    1. I hope Nicki just doesn’t loose her marbles and go crazy one day. Cus all those fears and nerves could get u. Especially in that shitty world.

      I’ve been seeing a lot of kids where the damn animal print. Fuckin disturbing!

      I agree Karrueche should stay w those tv series. Going main stream is too scary !!!!

      I think Lisa Ray is just looking for some buzz, not thinking about the consequences. Get some damn chamomile tea and sit yo ass down somewhere !

  6. I get why Nicki would be paranoid about the elites but this dude is NOT going to protect you. What can he do? He’s a nobody he would need you to protect him! You want someone to protect you as much as they can against the elites, CALL AUBREY DRAKE GRAHAM! you know the top rapper of the world that has Jewish ties and has his own protection because of that? That’s the one you call not no Kenneth Petty. Drake would be able to “protect” her as much as he could from the elites because remember they still have the power to shut him down too so he would have to tread lightly as well…it just seems like alot of her issues would be resolved if she would just call drake I’m noticing that now…

  7. Idk why they forced Quavo and Saweetie on us like the whole world didn’t know it was forced 😂 I would go in a different direction too because that girl is not talented…

  8. If Hassan doesn’t realize by now Riri’s beauty, worth, power by now then it’s his loss. There’s plenty of men willing to marry Riri for less

    Too bad Drake couldn’t get it together bc him & Riri were amazing together

    Lisa Raye has blamed Duane Martin, Rocsi, Nicole Murphy for the marriage ending when she should’ve left after the first affair. But maybe that was her karma for being so disrespectful in her running around w/someone else’s husband acting like she was the wife. SMH

    Nicki’s self-esteem & self-worth is at an all-time low & @ this point the question needs to be asked if she really is dating the men on her level bc her choice in men have been terrible. Also it says something about her that her past two exes have managed to glow-up without her which begs the question when she’s negative & petty in public, how much worse is she in private that she is being herself around a convicted rapist & murderer?

    I liked Gaga w/the guy from the Chicago Fire show but it’s clear he was too much of a goody two shoes for her. Now it makes sense why it took her so long to drop the R.Kelly collaboration off iTunes 👀

    You would think Karreuche would be happy in a good committed relationship w/a rich & good-looking athlete & decent acting jobs that gives her shine & money. But ppl’s true character shows once they get the taste of real fame if a certain level is good enough or if they really want to sell their souls?

  9. Gaga falling off the stage is that a humiliation ritual because it is EVERYWHERE. Smh they are still trying to embarrass her

  10. I am not surprised by Farrah. That is right up her alley.

    Rhianna needs to let it go. For months we have been hearing about the back forth with Hassan. Whether it was about his family or just them. Clearly, this won’t work. She just needs to cut her losses.

    Nicki needs to let it go too. That dude has sexual predator behind his name. That alone says run. If she is spooked by the elites, she needs to consider moving in a different direction.

    Drake baby mama is dumb. There is a child involved. Of course you would try to be civil. Drake is also probably buttering her up because he doesn’t want drama and to keep her mouth shut. But there was never a “relationship”, just sex only twice(his words). He never considered her for anything else. If a child would have never came, she was just be another notch on the bed post and forgotten.

    Kaerruche, stay strong sis. Don’t do it.

    Not shocked about Quavo and Saweetie either. Heck! Quavo and Saweetie isn’t shocked by themselves either 😂.

  11. Bajan – 1) either accept the Koran and basically fade her career out for good , or 2) agree to be the Dutchess BFF and bow down to the BRF and their outdated customs ? Sparkle knows the tabloids would be all over her being friends with the Prince and can play the victim role to change the narrative . If the UK press hates one black dutchess how would they handle a Superstar as a possible mistress ? Its like Di and Camila all over again x10 LMAO !

    Trini – this is just a Gwendolyn type of situation , why would he protect her and get sent to jail for stepping to ppl for her ?

    Scorpion – if she gets let back into US he cant control her anymore ?

    Players Club – she wont admit she messed with Magic though SMDH .

    Kulture – Qv wants to step to the Kards but his brothers knows once he goes over there hes a done deal and it will never be the same again . If Sweet had any value she would be angling for another sponsor and step up from Qv . I wonder if Qv would hook up with Tin8sh3 that might be the perfect match for each other image wise . Sweet and Puff Jr would also be a good image IDK its all about marketing .

    KTran – hope she picks the right sect to get initiated into if she hasnt been already , there looks like a logjam of females trying to get “put on” right now SMDH .

    1. I’m trying to understand your first one- bajan are you saying rih be friends with meghan being though she live in london too?

      You right about nicki like put him in a situation to get him back in jail doesn’t makes sense.

  12. Wait, Gaga & rkelly?? 😳 yikes. I ain’t know he like em white! He’ll, I ain’t know he liked anything past 17… 🤷🏾‍♀️

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