October 6, 2022

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30 thoughts on “Sugar Cubes 7/2/19

    1. Exactly. All of these women are like that Savannah (Lebron James’ wife). Gabrielle Union. Chris Paul’s wife. That whole crew is nasty.

      They only care about the money. They have no self respect for themselves yet they want to play on the public sympathy as well and be the victim in the eyes of the public.

      No self worth, self esteem. Nothing.

  1. There’s not enough money in the world for me to be disrespected & humiliated. These women are willing to put up with for whatever based on who they’re married to which is insane for some fame & attention. I’ll divorce, take half & fade into obscurity after the first infidelity

    Cheating is a dealbreaker

    Juanita Jordan had a plan & took her money & we haven’t seen or heard from her since

    Ultimately, Kiyan is old enough to google his parents or hear from his classmates &/or peers what his father is doing not to mention whatever arrangement exists to where Melo is off cheating for extended periods of time & sometimes kids tend to mimic their parents behavior based on what type of environment they grew up in & were exposed to when they get older

    Ultimately, the children are what’s suffering in this situation bc Melo doesn’t care anymore about being discreet with his cheating or being a good example for his kids & Lala can be heartbroken & mad all she wants, but if she allows the cheating bc of additional money & fame then I can’t feel sorry for her

    I’m sure this is not apart of the Player’s Handbook. SMH

  2. Use that money he paying for cheating and start something of your own and network to make it bigger. And then Divorce him, take the bag and make the brand even MORE bigger! I’m trying to figure out what calls is she getting back cause I only ever see her on power or hanging with the Kardashian’s…. don’t know much else. But I bet one thing he won’t let her cheat on him smfh

    1. I think they steal from LSA and Blind item sites like CDAN and AGC Blind Items).

      You know longer get exclusive industry tea anymore. Plus the tea is already late and you have already heard it before she drops it.


  3. All these people mad at LaLa bc she doesn’t have a strong brand and stays with her husband if he cheats or not…they call her weak and she needs to do this and that…the same people that told Bey to stay with your man and keep your family together and a unit, bc she has a brand and could have left his ass and been ok…but I mean it’s always different…

    1. I’m not one of those ppl. I’ve called out B plenty of times but it’s exhausting to sound like a broken record for basically 20 years for someone who loves their dirty husband’s dirty drawers

      I’m transparent across the board no matter how big or small the person or whether or not they’re famous. When you’ve been affected by cheating personally either from experiencing it firsthand yourself or see things unwravel with a relative the ramifications of cheating, all bets are off

    2. I don’t respect Beyonce and Jay Z no more than I respect Lala in this situation. So I fail to see your point.

  4. I feel as though these guys need to be more discreet use condoms and make sure the side chick looks good knows her role and doesn’t get disrespectful. I think thats what really hurts the fact that you’re pretty much doing it in the wife face. Its not right to cheat on your spouse but you could at least be less bold about it 🤷🏾‍♀️

  5. Well damn…idk about it but that’s a quick lick to come up…lol yea keep cheating Melo 😂😂😂

  6. If I was in her place I would take a couple of millions and then divorce him, gonna live off those millions and stop the humiliation. Its smart to make him pay everytime he cheats tho lol victoria Becks should do the same with her hubby

    1. Maybe there was never any real love to begin with. It always seemed like Carmelo never wanted to be there…never understood there Union. The chemistry always seemed off, he always looks like he didn’t want to be seen with her and she seems hella desperate. Just my opinion 🤷🏾‍♀️ but hey that’s what happens when you marry someone much younger than you. Man or woman, at some point the younger person will outgrow you and move on.

  7. I guess they just have a business realtionship at this point in time. Maybe she has a boyfriend as well?

  8. Theses ppl are so goofy talking abt how they’d leave after one infidelity. Money Honey. Lala and the other women mentioned here are living charmed lives. Yes there is cheating and stress. But y’all get THAT same energy dealing with “regular” guys. So I’d take her situation any day.

    1. I hear you 10000% on this. As much as I don’t care for Future, when he said “U gon cry in the Phantom or that Nissan?” – that’s what many of these women ponder when infidelity creeps up. The first time is devastating because it takes them by surprise. After that, the long game is in effect. Not everyone will be fortunate like Juanita Jordan (where there’s no prenup and he made millions upon millions) or smart like Shaunie O’Neal and transfer funds to a numbered account (allegedly).

  9. Yall are some mfers talking bout they have no “self respect” Yall getting cheated on by Craig who work for Fedex and have the audacity to speak on another woman ‘s arrangement….GIRL BYE!

  10. So Lala has no real talent? Her name cannot stand alone, she needs to be Carmelo wife for her to get jobs in Hollywood? If that’s the case, then she is a loser. My blood never took the liking of her. She can’t even start A business and build a strong Brand on just her name.

  11. Damn, I thought she had something significant about her brand since she’s well known and even doing her acting thing. As great as that million (or however much it is) sounds, the disrespect and poor example shown to Kiyan is highly toxic. Just smh

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