October 6, 2022

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25 thoughts on “Hoetails They Smashed? GTFOH

  1. Will Smith and Sofia? Hmmm okay then.

    Aretha and Jesse Jackson? 🤢🤢

    I’m dying over the Tom Cruise and Cher thing lmao

  2. Naomi banks the porn star hooked up with Leonardo? Or was that a typo and it meant to say Naomi Campbell? Lol just making sure cause the white man statement threw me off?

    And when I read Aretha and Jessie Jackson I couldn’t help but say “awww sukie sukie now” 😂

    1. Hey g I’m loving how you and heaven, y’all Spill this sugar sooooo good and together, even better. I think I’m an annual member and now a heavy hitter lol. Love yall❤️ And I’ll keep supporting!

  3. How comes it was said Bey was going wild through the industry back in the day but no one talking bout her smashing?

  4. Wow, ‘So that was Ol Jessie making Aretha feel like a natural woman…ok! Now that’s some Que/Delta love LOL

  5. It was rumored Sophia hooked up with a couple of the brothas early on in her career.
    Halle gets flack for dating white men BUT people are unaware how many brothas she’s actually hooked up with.
    Are with talking THEE Naomi Banxxx? That triple xxx on the end of her name makes a difference and if it’s also then I understand. LOL
    The one that surprised me was Cruise and Cher. Never saw that one coming.
    Lastly G- Why do you keep telling Heaven’s business! lololol! Good stuff!

  6. Wait do you mean Naomi Banks the pornstar??

    Aretha and Jesse Jackson?? Who would’ve known. i cant seem to picture it

    Tom Cruise and Cher is weird to me for some reason.

    I heard of Ryan and Sandra back in the day

  7. I’m old enough to remember when Tom and Cher were hooking up. He was really young then.

    I also seem to remember the Jesse and Aretha tea….that was way back though.

    Damn Heaven and Gloria????? Oooooh…..

  8. Did Carmelo meet Sheneka Adams while she was escorting under the name Carmen? LOL

    1. Whatever Happened to Shaneka she was super popular on IG got that full body surgery and went MIA?

  9. I just fell out when I read Heaven Hollywood and Gloria 😂😂 Love you even more for that one G 🙌🏽🙌🏽 Just proves once again you’re not bias

  10. Damn I’m never disappointed with the sugar you give G!!! you were on point about cassie being preggo LOL

  11. Oh my gosh! Even Heaven done made it to hoetails 😂 I don’t like Gloria or Laura for some reason

  12. Bihhhhhhhhhhhhhh GLORIA FUCKED HEAVEN HOLLYWOOD!???? Oh my this is officially in the hands of the lawdT

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