September 26, 2022

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73 thoughts on “Hot Takes 4/16/19

  1. Where will that leave the Breakfast Club? I would like to see Brad and Jen back together again. Why is the industry even entertaining KB?

      1. She will eventually. in the hot off the press segment it is said that her and drake will link back up once it’s over. She just gotta hurry up hahaha

      2. I heard that Nicki was paying him. This relationship is fake. He is only with her because she was alone and needed support and love. Nicki was going through depression. This will end soon.

  2. Charlize Theron is a mess ! This gender switching on children that don’t even know about sexuality yet is crazy to me

  3. What’s the back story on Dee Barnes? I saw her on Wendy today and my mouth dropped open. Is all that stuff true?

    1. I know Dre beat her arse. I remember he gave her a black eye. I used to watch her religiously. The sexual assault I never heard before. If it is true it’s sad as hell. And I had no idea she was with Melverne!!!! And had kids with him. That was a shocker.

  4. Kodak is an idiot. I liked Jen and Brad, but would Jen go back? Brad did her dirty for Ang. Kelvin needs to stop. Oooooh! I heard ol girl said wendy and Ctha had an affair!! Is that true? She said some other stuff too. I hope Wendy leaves for good.. I hope the security helps. Poor Britney. Im praying for her.

    1. Kodak been acting out lately. G do u think the elites have something to do with that?? Will they snatch him up and take him to UCLA???

  5. At this point somebody does need to help britt tf cmon but they all jumping on other people smh I hope she’s able to live peaceful soon man. I will never forget when I had a hit clip and she was the only one I had the song she’s lucky lol

    1. Yes this scenario in particular bothers me. I genuinely believe that Angelina’s daughter Shiloh wanted to dress more butch as a child. Some kids just know what they want and her parents gave in to what made her comfortable. I feel that’s their truth. But Charlize? She’s rubbing me wrong being this boy’s parent.

  6. I love this blog been riding since day 1. You the TRUTH G P.S I’m still patiently waiting for the Free (106 n park) special request hope you didnt forget me

  7. People in Hollywood are Cowards. How are you a “Supposed” friend of Britney yet do NOTHING !

  8. I knew Big Kev was gonna try some mess with Wendy. He is pissed his gravy train is ending. Stay strong Wendy and keep pressing forward 💪💪.

    Poor Britney, I hope she can pull it together.

    Whatever Charlize…

    I look side ways at all these “models” since you put me on some game. I believe that they are ALL prostitutes 😂😂😂… Is that bad to think that way 😂😂😬😬?

    1. Nope I look at them like that too especially when they’re on the red carpets with dresses with no bras etc.

  9. I am ABSOLUTELY here for the Wendy and Charlemagne podcast. I miss hearing them on the radio together

  10. I honestly wouldn’t think Justin would want to help Britney after what you’ve told us. I haven’t even looked at him the same way since 😤 Fuck that puto 🗣

  11. I wish someone could be Britney’s angel, Wendy is giving me life, is it true she giving him 10 mill in payout? That’s a lot for a cheater with a newborn on the way.

  12. Maybe it’s just me but women like Charlize, Angelina, and Madonna spring these black babies seem really suspect to me.

    1. Madonna and Angelina’s kids seems legit to me but Charlize looks likes she got a kid to experiment with. I really do feel that child is her slave at home..

      1. I dont know about that…I get weird vibes seeing how Brad and Ang raised their son/daughter Shiloh

  13. I see another ‘The Wendy Williams Experience’ making a comeback…Oh snap! It’s something about format that makes me get all tingling inside. 😊

  14. Brad can only be with Ang or Jen, I don’t want to see him with anyone else lol it’s one or the other!

  15. This is way off topic of today’s Hot Takes but I just want to say that something is not sitting well with me about Kanye’s Sunday services. with YouTube streaming Coachella + Sunday service, I feel like something bad might happen to him come Sunday. Just asking cause I’m a fan of him and had this feeling since he started doing SS. if I’m wrong I’m wrong, but if something does happen G you know who asked first

  16. I’m praying for Britney

    What I don’t understand is all these celebs that claim to have all this power are completely silent when it comes to Britney, but in the event she comes out of this & makes a comeback of some sort will want to ride her wave for relevance

    That Nas/Mary/Lauren Hill thing is something

    Angie sees how after everything that happened, Brad is still beloved & folks are lukewarm on her

    Wendy looks like a huge weight has been lifted for her

    So Kevin really was riding Wendy’s gravy train & doesn’t have much money to his name

    Why that mistress would want to put herself through all this just to end up abused & cheated on like Wendy was is beyond me

    I don’t like this gender neutral stuff Hollywood is trying to push

    1. He got a 10 million dollars payout from her show. By the time he files taxes on it, that money will be gone in two years. Not to mention, 18 years of child support.

  17. Wendy has made the best decision she could have possibly made. I won’t be surprised to start seeing her fuller and healthier looking in the coming months

  18. Charlize is sick, point blank period. Someone take that child away from her… I don’t see brad and Jen happening, lol but you never know with Hollywood. I’m hoping Brit finds some help.

  19. So you mean to tell me Kelvin had the nerve to try to push up on the woman that fed you for years?? What a smooch he was. He can be mad all he wants but I am extremely happy that Wendy left his ass.. She is looking and feeling fabulous after that disaster. You literally can feel her high vibrations.
    Although he is receiving $10 million payout, that is not even a lot. Once he files taxes on that lump payment, it’s practically gone. lmao… Now he will take frustrations out on the new main chick

    Brad can try to get Jen all he wants but I really do hope Jen will not take him back. She will like the attention but as a fellow aquarian, when we’re done, nothing will make us take you back. We’re done forever.

    Britney story makes me feel so sad and has me reminiscing on my teen years. I loved her as an artist and will continue to pray for her so she can get out of this madness. I literally can not figure out a way on how she can come out of this.

    Charlize Theron is a sick nut.. I have no words for this woman and I hope the child services or the country where she got her son will take him back or something. If this was possible because she is beyond disturbing

  20. I’ll slap the piss outta Jenn if she takes him back. They were the IT couple based off her demise while Angelina was glorified. Y’all remember that shit. On top of that Brad got 6 kids with the other woman oh hell no. White woman need some back bone. Brad has always been a beautiful whore scared to take an ass beating from Mike Tyson lol. Left Robin hanging.

  21. I was thinking the same thing about Dee Barnes when Wendy was interviewing her. That would be dope if she would. Seriously.

    And a podcast with Wendy is C would be good as well. I’d listen for sure.

    I have no remorse for Nikki at all. Let her get the main woman treatment.

  22. Please give us more tea on brad and Angie I want them back together 👏🏿👏🏿👏🏿👏🏿👍🏿👍🏿👍🏿👍🏿

  23. So because its affecting her image (well I’m sure it is) she wants to switch it up about her son actually being a girl…lol smh

  24. She thought was a boy what in the “you don’t need NO kids especially not ours” is going on !!! & @ the age of 3! She should’ve tried redirecting HIM TF. 😤😤. IDK but I don’t like it….

  25. I always felt he would eventually want her back!! He did her dirty tho..I truly think their soulmates 🤷🏽‍♀️😂

  26. I wouldn’t put it past him trying to kill her at some point! He about to loose EVERYTHING and be know if!!

  27. Charlize Theron said her child who she thought was a boy is a girl……but didn’t she encourage & mold that little boy to think he was a girl in the WSU she dressed him….dresses, pink hair….I mean she’s the adult/parent with the money…..

  28. They will probably kill her. Shes not teally worth money bc im sorry real Britney fans know thats not Brittany.

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