September 26, 2022

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55 thoughts on “Hot Takes Saturday 4/20/19

  1. I can tell the concert has gotten boring they stop mentioning it after the Atlanta stop but I’m excited for Chicago this Thursday!!

  2. The millenium tour is great. Honestly the only one who needs more practice is fizz but then again on boot camp he said basketball is his passion so maybe that is why he is so laid back.

  3. Yea I knew her husband hit her I forgot what ep but she literally jumped when he did something and cried so much talking about his go be mad.

  4. I really hope Remy doesn’t go back to jail. If she did punch her in the eye, I think she had to provoke Remy

  5. Why ppl bring children in this sick situation sad.. feel sorry for children being born in this disgusting hollyweird

  6. Wow, I hope that this info about Remy isn’t all the way true. There have been plenty of times she coulda laid hands and walked away. I hope this is another one of those times(walk away).

    I don’t know WHAT to think about Adele news. All I can say is interesting.

    Let Kylie be like her big sister… Dumb.

    Ofc this baby won’t keep Amber and this man , one of her revolving door bed buddies, together. Too stupid to bring a innocent child into this.

  7. I honestly thought Amber’s boyfriend was gay. I totally got that vibe just from the pictures.

    I hope Snooki isn’t being hit..that’s always sad.

    This Remy thing feels like a setup…like she was provoked and reacted..homegirl is too eager to be in front of the camera now, showing her black eye, hiring an attorney who is already making statements…

    Kylie….welp….if it helps you to sleep at night. Just dont go posting scripture and quotes when it happens again.

    1. Gurlll, so gay!!! I saw it too. The type of gay that says I’m too young so I’ll say I’m bi type of gay.

      I can’t stand that young lady. I hope Remy clocked her and there’s no footage!!!

  8. Yikes Tinashe 😭😭😭😫😫 not the “right cock” 🤣

    I feel so bad for Jessica, girl just leave that man!

    Not surprised by Reggie Bush anymore, that next time probably still won’t be the last time 🙄

    Um wait what is “past infidelities”? From Adele or the husband ? 👀

    I remember G telling us months ago about amber and her man so I was kinda shocked when she announced that she was pregnant so again not gonna be surprised that this baby is gna keep them together 🤷🏽‍♀️

  9. I’m still debating if I even want to go to the Millennium Tour. The line up should’ve been structured more like the Scream Tours back in the day. Adding Chingy, Bobby V and the damn Ying Yang Twins was stupid. Also the timing of their announcing it and the tickets going on sale was too abrupt honestly. They should’ve built more momentum in my opinion. It just seemed thrown together and we’re grown now. We aren’t getting tickets from our parents anymore. I’m hearing women complain about them coming to town on a work night and how expensive the good seats are lol. I’m now curious about the exact ticket sales.

    Reggie Bush never needed to marry anyone. Anyone can see that his current woman was the rebound chick and their pairing looks foolish. I don’t care what anyone says.

    Damn Snooky.

  10. So I thought the Amber things was a contract? How did she get pregnant if it was just for likes and clicks for him? Plus I heard he is into men smh

  11. I thought Amber Rose was a contract girl? Is pregnancy allowed in their contract clauses?

    Justin Timber lake is a known hoe. Jessica is just desperate at this point because I never thought they would last anyways. She practically chased the man to marry her. But he is a total ass for having a relationship outside of their marriage. Just let go Jessica,..

    Isn’t Snooky pregnant with third child? I hope he is not putting his hands on her. That is crazy and sad..

    Reggie Bush.,..Not surprised..

    I am hoping that the Remy situation is not true but now I am not soo sure. Like how could you be so stupid and dumb to jeopardize yourself especially after having a child. c’mon Remy… She really needs anger control.

  12. Remember when Jionni threatened to take the baby from snooki cause she was kissing her friend and being a hoe at the club lmao she is stupid AF to be with a conservative guy like jhionni and expect him to be okay with her being a hoe ass. Vinny don’t even want her ass and he just used her along with the other 400 girls he smushed with… yuck. Sad too cause she is pregnant with her third child…. this is disturbing.

  13. I’m not going to shade Kylie because plenty of regular girls be staying with their man after he cheated over and over again. She must really love him and wants to keep her family 🤷🏽‍♀️

  14. Wow at Justin T…. I would like to hear more about his and Jessica’s marriage. What a douche.

    Snookie has always had a thing for Vinny. He must have piped her down good and husband isn’t laying it on her like Vinny did. Lol…

    Kylie seriously can’t be an idiot… SMH

  15. Did she really punch the girl or get someone to do her have work even tho we know Remy will without hesitation but because she’s a changed person, did she back track to get old ways? 🤔

  16. How many 🍆 does Tinashe need to suck before she realizes it ain’t happening? I mean damn…. move over to acting I’m sure Harvey Weinstein would be glad to let her sit on it or let her sit on his face….🤯😂🤣

  17. I personally love when you talk about the jersey shore cast. I love that show. I love Snooki and I hope her husband isn’t putting hands on her. I remember the rumors that vinny might be the daddy to her first son but idk
    Idk why amber can keep a man, she seems sweet.
    Kim dodger a bullet not getting married to Reggie bush, Kanye would never do her dirty like that.

  18. Man all of this sugah is toooo sweet. I cannot believe Snooky is still married. I knew she jumped too fast with that dude. He’s insecure and always have. I hope Remy really didn’t punch oh girl because that’s the first thing I thought she going to jail. Smh

  19. Amber really wanted another child. Wanted another from Wiz but he said “ Nah” so at this point I don’t think she cared who she got it from she just wanted to experience motherhood again. She’s moving to the south side of 30s so she needed it to happen sooner than later. I think people enjoy the “thought” of being with Amber but who she is really doesn’t sound like what they sign up for.

    Fizz was always the worst, he was just cute!

    I was surprised that JT married her in the end but hey stranger things have happened. The funny thing about JT is with all the cheating he’s done to everyone ( remember when Cameron Diaz found out about Jessica and she acted a complete fool at a party) if anyone cheated on him HE WOULD LOSE IT! He could dish it but can’t take it.

  20. Oowee 👀 that football player dude is NOT even all that to have a gag order on ole girl… amber amber smh, should’ve stayed with Wiz… Fizz Used to be cute but his personality is disgusting… turn off

  21. Snooki….

    I KNEWWWWWW It had to be abuse for why the fuck she was acting like that EVERYTIME she get round Vinny or if she husband says something…. how she was so TRAUMATIZED everytime Vinny even was breathing the same air 20feet in her proximity smh….

    I also remember back when she said Vinny had a big BEEFCAKE I damn sho NEVER forgot that 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  22. I’ve heard about Vinny’s d…I see why Snooki aint letting go of that thang 😉 i wouldnt either but definitely not worth getting abused over.

  23. Girl please the tour I went to last night was PACKED, full house, and every performance was 🔥
    Who lying to you😒 Boog too muscular? The hell kmfsl them boys was all DOPE O was 🔥 Fizz did his thing and Raz did his so #comeagain

    1. There was a picture of Snooki’s two kids on Instagram, and everyone kept saying how he looked just like Vinnie, and then she removed all the comments, maybe there’s more to them that no one knows bout 😒

  24. How does Blacc Chyna feel about Amber getting prego by her exs BFF…they haven’t been seen together, is this what they fell out over?

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