August 15, 2022

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51 thoughts on “Ask G The Sugar is in the Answers

  1. Jai, No offense, but G been told us about 2,4, and 5. And even though she did mentioned it, everybody knows they sold their souls! Pay attention. We need for you to be woke woke, not dragging and be left behind. So when G post something about another celeb selling their souls, pay attention when she say, “Oh no! Uh oh! Not such and such,! They done got whoever and SMH.”

    1. With all due respect, I don’t think you need to reprimand her for not having those answers.

      Thankfully, we get a lot of information on this blog, and it’s all thanks to G. You see that G went ahead and answered the question and she didn’t even take the stance that you did. She got a gazillion questions to answer and she answered her. So she clearly didn’t feel like it was a repetition.

      So it’s not necessary. I even see it happen in other places (not you) on the Instagram when people ask questions. We shouldn’t be made to feel like we’re out of line for asking. That’s how we learn. And just like you told her to “stay woke”, that’s the ultimate goal of what we’re doing. And definitely why I’m thankful for this blog.

      1. I didn’t reprimand her nor and I didn’t make her feel she was out of line either. I’m saying we had done topics on what she is asking. Just like someone ask a couple of questions about subjects we are already covered, all they have to do is use the search bar on this blog. I have a couple of stories and some information I need to send to G, but I haven’t had the time to send them to her.

    2. I agree! A lot of the comments in posts are literally things G went over. Just read the blog there’s a lot of info on here.

    3. agreed. We do not want to repeat things over and over when we need to cover new stories. A simple search on the blog would’ve answered all her questions

    4. Sis she gives us the run around about Drake. I had a feeling he sold out but I wanted to be for certain. & like I said for Marilyn- I’ve always been confused about that so I asked for clarification. The other things I’ve asked hasn’t been touched on

  2. Them poor chiren. Never stood a chance with these people. I’m happy for the ones who have got out, if any. But I know it’s got to be tough. I remember being a kid wishing my parents were one of these celebrities, so young and naive ☹️

  3. Okay the Queen Naija question is interesting and something I didn’t wonder until now. Is it a possibility you may answer?

  4. What is your take on Normani? Do you think she will as successful Camilla Cabello or Ella Mai? I know people keep baiting her to be the next Giselle but I don’t see the industry let alone Giselle letting that happen

      1. She answered that before The Elites is not gonna have a Darkskin Woman like Normani replace Beyoncé they don’t promote darkskin women they want someone light skin.

    1. Yes G can you please do a post on normani? It seems like she is being pushed to be the next Giselle but hasn’t made a huge wave. I also think the similarities like being from Houston by way of Louisiana, using Giselle choreographer and producers isnt doing her any favors to public perception. The elites want to replace Giselle but the public doesnt want a carbon copy of Giselle.

      Also can you do a post about sza. Like what did they say to scare her. I thought is was suspect after having such a huge successful album she “claimed” she couldnt sing any more and “retired”. That tweet was taken down quickly. I figured she’s running from something.

    1. @Brim do u think Reginae and Toya are down??? And i remember g saying a while ago that the Elites want Blue and not the twins because Blue was born into it. But Giselle ddnt birth Blue right?? But she did birth the twins?? Or she ddnt?? I dnt understand when y’all She they were born into it especially with her not birthing Blue…I’m not sure if i missed when she talked about this or has she explained how it goes???

      1. I saw Reginae throw up the other day and i think It was my first time seeing her do that. I also noticed Zonnique throw a symbol up as well with Tiny standing right beside her. I kno reginae can be a little rebellious especially since she’s with Lucci cause I’m sure he’s already sold out.

      2. yes I believe they are both down. If Reginae doesn’t know anything toya and Wayne gotta be protecting her. Toya brothers passed a few years ago and before that an old boyfriend of hers passed too. Knowing what I’ve learned I’m not turning a blind eye to anything or putting nothing pass none of em.

      3. I feel like when it’s your first child that’s who they want in my opinion it makes sense. I’ve noticed the siblings of the oldest child doesn’t really get much recognition in the industry or just enough recognition. I remember that post too imma try find it and reread it.

    2. @Brim dang i forgot all about Toya brothers got killed smh I guess cause at that time I was still sick sleep but I’m woke now tho!!! but i dnt think she’s worth that much tho. So by her marrying Wayne that automatically made her down right? And since they divorced she had to continue with it??? She couldn’t get out???

      Another thing Shekinah(tiny friend) is on u have to be down/sacrifice someone to get on those reality shows??? Cause i remember Her gma died. Just like Tokyo(the big girl) her gma died too not long ago…all i knew about her was that best friend song but now she on lhhatl and making rap songs/videos with Tokyo Jet and she’s signed to Hussle gang(TI) i think. Then Tommie, remember that dude she was dating/friends with?? he got killed after she got out of jail that time and she was posting all kinda videos with him and her…wat u think bout all that????

      1. I ain’t know all the love and hip hop tea whew Chile but I remember the tommie situation but that was after I learned so much… smh that’s too much death and sadness when I read that wheww I need to smoke.

  5. Now I’m really curious about queen naija. I don’t think she would, but then again I remember when she took a pic with some creepy white man( I forgot his name).

  6. Hey G, what do you mean when you say that Drake is protected? That’s a term I don’t think I’ve really heard before.

    And then also when you mentioned they probably let Ella Mai know what could happen next, how is that approach? Because I thought that they already knew that, at the onset of signing their contracts. Or did she not come in without a contract?

  7. You know how we speculate that Gucci Mane has been replaced? I wonder if Lil Wayne was replaced too??

      1. Clones. Have you ever seen videos of artist and they be having all those look alikes?

    1. Oh yeah rae sremmurd definitely sold out I remember swae Lee was talking about a demon tattoo on his chest
      And he said it controls him. But he deleted it

  8. I ain’t gon lie I’m DAY 1 MIGOS fan 💯💯💯💯 But I know what I know bout them especially when they took that pic with that demonic looking lady at that fashion thing one time THAT WAS THE CONFIRMATION FOR ME RIGHT THERE.

    But QC label gives me the NEW ERA DEATH ROW vibes….. 20 years from now I bet you it’s gon be SO MUCH SHIT EXPOSED that we sense but didn’t know was going on WATCH…..

    I swear history repeats itself smh

  9. Hey G, I watch both the talk shows the The real and the view I feel like their is tension between the 2 shows unlike the other talk shows. I notice the real will congratulate other shows like Wendy Williams’s and The talk but they never mention the view which is like the OG talk show and I feel like it’s on purpose. The same thing with the view they have congratulated the talk on a award but never the real and then I remember they had Tamar on the view after she got fired from the real. It seem like their are some tensions their. Also could you do something on Meghan McCain and The trumps.

  10. Could you also do something on Whoopi Goldberg I feel like she is apart of the elites she always shifts and covers the narrative sometimes when racists stuff happen like the Liam Nielsen she didn’t want to call him out on it saying she’s known him for a long time and he never seemed racist to her but to me that doesn’t mean anything cuz she’s also said the same thing about trump and was shocked by his racist comments. She and Rosie o donell got into it on the view about racial profiling and being prejudice and she didn’t want to say that was a form a racism and that America isn’t racist but Rosie said it was.

    1. 9/10 if they marry somebody it has to be in the industry especially if they sold out. But if they come in the industry and haven’t sold out yet most likely they force the person to break up with the person and push em away from the family. Now I feel like if they both come in there ready to be down their relationship still won’t last they will always get mixed with people who already been in the industry. I know I’m not G but I learned from the blog so🤷🏾‍♀️

      1. But they would have to have a lot of money if they not in the industry ex. Rihanna and Hassan

  11. I’m confused about what so scary about making a second album and I have questions about sza has she sold out … give us some celebs who have successfully got out and can u inform us on how celebs like taraji dnt sell out after bein in this industry for so long ..

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