August 15, 2022

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25 thoughts on “Ask G The Is In The Answers

  1. Poor Wale, seems like such a sweet soul. It’s nice to hear about a relatively known rapper who never got initiated

  2. Good segment!! I was curious about Wale too.

    Also, is anyone curious about why Nicki Minaj is in such a rush to get married & have kids?? I know she’s getting closer to her 40’s, but she has desperately tried to make every man ‘the one’ since meek. I just have a feeling pushing the gas on it is gonna come back to bite her in the end. This new guy she’s planning on marrying doesn’t seem genuine at all.

    1. I’m not a Nicki fan at all, but even I’m worried about her marrying that guy. For her to be worth tens of millions and have achieved what she has, to end up with a 40 year old gang member with rape charges on him is a bad look.

      People clowned Safaree and Meek because she was so much above them in terms of status, but at least Safaree was down for her when she was a nobody, and at least Meek is one of the most popular Street Rappers this decade and is a boss in his own right, even if his money isn’t as long as hers. Nas was a great look as well because he is making power moves and becoming more of a mogul. Even Drake would’ve been a good deal because even though he’s way more successful, he would’ve worshipped the ground she walked on and since he’s the Elite’s chosen King of Music, he could’ve convinced them to not deactivate her.

      Kenny is NOT it at all and I don’t see what he has to offer her on any level that the other guys couldn’t provide on top of more for her.

      1. What i dont understand is why Nicki or Rihanna didnt jump on that… If he would of confused his love for me like he did Rihanna…. Maaaan i would of been holding on his leg like i was a wine charm… So what do they know we dont…..

    2. I was told SS is a momma boy and his mom always thought Barb was trifling due to the whole rivalry stereotype with Jamaican mothers and Trini women so IDK I could believe it though. SS would never totally expose Barb bcuz she does magic and is initiated in the cabal but when she ALLEDGELY sent cats to rob him for his shine she went too far. IDK if Barb denied SS a child due to her obligations but now SS is determined to show her she cant sacrif him from having what he wanted with her.

      This felon bae came into play after things got hot with the fight at the fashion show and acid was sposedly to be the next level of the beef IDK but DR people been playing dirty lately so ALLEDGELY! Illmatic dropped Barb to get MJB bcuz he desperately wants his son back and Barb does not fit the stepmom profile like MJB does. So MJB is hardcore enough to stand up to Milkshake maybe it for the best, SMH is Milkshake really keeping Illmatic Jr away from his big sis and dad bcuz her new hubby is
      getting abusive and Illmatic will go completely nuclear ballistic on both of them over his Jr IDK but SMDH!

  3. I AM ABSOLUTELY SHOCKED…… AT THE WALE SUGAR….. 😲😲😲😲😲😲😲 it makes so much sense now but it’s still a heavy blow. I never EVER knew he thinks about suicide but some ppl really CANNOT handle that when it’s so IN YOUR FACE 😔😔 MAY GOD BLESS HIM. I pray wale seeks GOD instead of surrendering in such manner…..

    1. I remember Meek told Wale to “jump off a roof like you’ve been trying to” back in 2015. So it seems like it’s been known for years that Wale has either been suicidal or have deep bouts with depression,

      It’s all due to a lack of success compared to his peers (Drake and J. Cole). He blamed it on colorism once, but Darker Skinned Male Rappers are usually as successful or more than the lighter skinned ones (with the exception of maybe Nelly, LL and Drake) and colorism doesn’t seem to affect them the way it does Black Women so I disregarded it.

      Knowing what I know now due to this blog, I just take it as he refuses to get down with the Elites as far as rituals and that is what has held him back, because his music has always been as good as Drake and J. Cole’s.

  4. Maybe this is selfish of me but I don’t care for any other celebrity tea, Nipsey’s death is still not sitting right with my spirit!

    1. Watch the vids by Isobel Mitton on YouTube. She read that whole situation and everything is definitely not as it seems

  5. People are fk weirdos.. how yall bringing up Nicki and she wasnt even mentioned.. worried about the next womans *****and money is pathetic especially when she’s doing better than all of us (side eye).. yall so fk invested worry abt yourselves and the people in your life.. writing paragraphs that shits crazy

  6. Very interesting tea on Lauren..I guess we’ll wait and see 👀 if she did sacrifice Nipsey because he was cheating then I wouldn’t be surprised 🤷🏽‍♀️ I mean hell you can only catch someone cheating so many times before you wanna kill them yourself 👀

    Also keen to know more about the Jason Mitchell tea 👀

  7. Thanks for the Wale question and answer!
    Wale is not cut out for the industry he just needs to stay independent

  8. I hope Wale can get through this I love his music and I always knew he would have a hard time pushing an agenda. He is a true lyricist and seems to have a good soul. I hope he doesn’t fall for this mess and can get himself together.

  9. I was just telling this girl that Lauren London messes with married men lol people in the comments were saying him and his bm was still messing around and the way nipsey announced that him and Lauren weren’t together anymore back in October was weird when they’re whole relationship was private. All we knew about them was that they were together.

    I want wale to overcome this he’s nice man.

  10. Shout out to Jay z for helping that family bc it has to come to a stop. He didn’t say anything about it somebody else did. It comes a point in time even if something is a tax write off , they’re still helping people. We don’t hear anything about Kim using her funds for the black female lawyers that are getting people out of jail as a tax write off, but we do with Jay z. Shout out to him and other rappers trying to make a difference in our community speaking that knowledge to wake everybody up.

  11. So is Wale really gay or was that a ritual…… With nipsey i think the baby momma had something to do with it….

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