September 26, 2022

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32 thoughts on “Friday Hot Takes

  1. I hope she takes her own advice she gave Mary J and just offer him a lump sum and walk away from that loser.

    I think It’s convenient that Nipsey’s shooter was a snitch so by pinning this on him would remove a menace. Christopher Darden is probably being paid by the government. This is all a Hollywood theatrical performance. The black and white theme colors. I haven’t seen how nipsey’s casket was carried yet but I’m sure that would she some light too

      1. Sorry g I’m kinda new I know that when your honored they give you a gold casket and lift it up but what if it’s at waist level what does that mean? If you could further explain thank you!!

    1. Girl i was Waiting to see if they was gonna show how it was carried or rolled or wat…and i was Also trying to see if the Egyptian statues were there as well🤔🤔🤔🤔

    2. Yessss G did explain about the coffin being carried !. I think it was lowered down to the waste thou !.. I gotta look again !.. But yes I gotta pay attention to the Coffin

  2. Morning G I feel bad for Wendy it’s hard to leave a situation when you invested so much into it people will voice there opinions but it up to the person to make the decision and it that means weighing it out until you are able to handle what need to be handle it have to be in that person time and not anyone else. All you can do pray for that person and wait until they strong enough to say enough is enough and just be there for that person when they are ready to make a move🙏🏽

  3. Does Dame owe back child support? Good for Wndy I hope she gets all her coins and some of his too. That team mom is gross looking to me already and her personality is too

  4. Farrah is too much she always have been, sometimes I still want to know what did she share with dr.jenn about her mom on family therapy.

    1. Yes i been Sick of Farrah she think she is an A list celebrity!! But so i think I saw Where it was said that ALL the teen moms are escorts or was it something else that was said but if so y would they production be mad at her for doin porn??? I havent watched that show in a while to be all the way into it but i did when it first started airing. Farrah is going to mess around and kill herself from all the surgeries she keep having and now this infected ass smh she doing to much!! I think She’s an attention seeker🙄

    2. Omg! Me too! I can’t believe that has never been talked about. Maybe sexually abused? That family is so messed up. I used to feel so bad for her

  5. I’m sure Wendy will be fine. I’m sure she waited all this time and kept up with the charade for as long as she did because she was lining up her ducks to make sure they were ALL in a row. She’s good. My thing is how does all of this tie into the elites, because from the way it’s all been presented he’s her handler. So, either I just will never understand how this shit all works, or there are way too many contradictions with the information being given.

    As far as feeling bad for her, I’m on the fence. It’s pretty hard when you watch someone come for people the way that she does. Yeah, people will defend and say, “It’s her job…” but that doesn’t move me because she gets straight gutter with it sometimes. I doubt that “gutter” is where it needs to go with her delivery. And I think she knows that b/c she’s been real soft lately, especially as it relates to the Kardashians. She showed those people NO mercy for the longest. Not that IGAF about that clan, it’s just an observation. And maybe if she humbles herself more, she’ll get more star power on her couch because that’s dwindled way TF down. She’s more commercials than anything else and it’s taking the value of that show down. I think folks got to the point of knowing that she acts friendly on the couch, but they’re Hot Topics as soon as they leave. But anyway.

    Why are all these abuse claims coming in seasons? This #MeToo movement has really put men on the butcher block for real.

  6. I agree I wanna know what Farrah told Dr. Jenn. I been wondering for years. Dr. Jenn cried and said it was one of the most horrible childhoods shes ever heard

  7. Omg this is too much!!!! Wow! Just Wow! Infected butt implants. She is always filling her ass up on IG and FB lmao

    1. His family and close friends said for people to back off with these conspiracy theories, so I don’t think he was

      1. G – What’s the protocol for divorcing your handler? (Isn’t Kevin Wendy’s handler) Or has he slipped up so bad by getting the sidechick pregnant that he no longer has handler privileges? Who handles the handlers and what can cause them to get their title of “handler” removed?

  8. I highly doubt Nipsey was down with the elites, he owned his masters and I’ve never seen him throw it up so I’m confused why everyone is asking about the casket? Or am I wrong…(Nip did collaborate with Atlantic to release Victory Lap so idk 😳) Darden representing Nip’s killer just goes to show this is bigger than what it is and people need to wake up and see this 👀

    I hope Wendy goes through with this divorce because I want her out.. Kelvin or whatever his name is is one low life scum!

  9. Yo! Let me dig up Sharina’s first marriage to her husband and see what I can find. I be right back! Y’all know how I do. Oh, as far as the casket, if it was on the shoulders, that means sacrifice and down with the baphomet. If it at the waist, that person wasn’t sacrifice and he wasn’t down with the baphomet. See, Nipsey didn’t sold his soul. That is why his casket was carried at thy waist.

  10. I’m happy for Wendy- I hope she follows through and cleans house. Fire him as her manager and takes out a restraining order.

  11. I think Chris Darden is a decoy/puppet. Using a familiar “big-time” lawyer is a distraction from all of the other f**kery happening right now. Still not too much news on Harvey Weinstein and Trump has finally finagled the money for his stupid wall. I truly think Nipsey Hussle was a victim of jealousy and envy. However, I also believe that had he not been killed- none of his work would be as appreciated as it is now. The country has taken notice.

  12. G – my comment got lost because i accidentally replied under someone’s comment… how are handlers handled? What would cause a handler to lose their title? I would think that Kevin getting his side chick pregnant would be messy enough for him to lose his handler privileges, but maybe not??? And how is this divorce going to be handled considering Kevin was her handler? I’d like to hear more about how the handlers are managed.

  13. Nipseys death will never sit right with my spirit! Even when they caught the “killer” he looked dazed and compliant asf. My thing is they never released video footage of his face clearly… there were cameras in front of most of the stores in that strip mall, and yet the only footage they have is from the gas station?!? And I would never want to see an up close video of the murder just a clear image of the shooters face while he approached nip. But we all know those images will NEVER come out😒

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