October 6, 2022

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30 thoughts on “Wednesday Hot Takes

  1. Hey G are they going to deactivate Cardi soon🤦🏽‍♀️ Did TI sacrifice his sister? Did Lauren sacrifice Nipsey? Isn’t Gisselle do for sacrifice?

    1. I don’t think Cardi will be deactivated anytime soon because she is popping right now. I think Cardi is deactivating Nicki. My question now is when Will the carter or Giselle be deactivating???

      1. Ummm…why you lying Cardi ain’t even making any noise right now literally nothing. It’s obvious that her career was made off of payola and the beef with Nicki right now that Nicki is not on social media and their is no beef who’s talking about Cardi NOBODY and I ain’t even a hater but it’s pretty obvious

  2. His bald headed ex😂😂😂😂 nah that took me out😂😂😂
    Kodak nah say wat nah lil boy🤦🏽‍♀️

    1. What’s the real reason as to why Oprah is removing the videos of her interviews with the alleged “victims” and HBO pulling the plug on Surviving Neverland?

  3. How about Angela did she sacrifice her bd? Sorry all the question I was just wondering thanks you have all the tea🤪

    1. I know one thing tho even if cardi is NOT being deactivated right now…. she ain’t gon last as long in the industry ijs…. she still poppin but….. she has fell back a lil…..

  4. They’re “bald headed” once they stop sucking and fucking these men🙄
    Wow 50% 😭 Nicki just leave voluntarily please 😫

  5. Every damn body needs to sue! How fuckin dare THEY, including Oprah’s ass. I never fell in line when everybody was praising this lady. I just didn’t have a good feeling about her. I guess after all these years later, I now know why. She’s a fuckin devil. Mary showed on her channel how Oprah has been throwing up the signs since the 80’s. She BEEN down. Glad she’s getting a taste of humiliation givin those damn fuck boys a platform to tarnish MJ. Shame on her punk ass! Ugh!

    And what’s with them trying to deactivate Nicki? I STILL don’t get that. Why the fuck can’t they leave that girl alone?! Is this still about Cardi Cosby’s ass?

  6. I read that yesterday they were pull the documentary but didn’t believe it because the source was not an accurate one. If they are I’m with you G, go ahead and she EVERYBODY!!!

    Kodak Black doesn’t know who his enemies are which will be his biggest problem

  7. Im over Oprah after the mess she pulled with that documentary.. There is no coming back in my opinion. Thats was some disloyal fraudulent mess she pulled in MJ’s death. Im happy 21 is back. Im interested in seeing kim k as an attorney. Good for her. Kodak Black doesnt have any sense and Honestly, thats no excuse to me . he needs a serious time out and he needs to invest in some personal development, some etiquette training or something. Im embrassed about him.

  8. They tried it with legend MJ, his legacy & his family & fanbase would go to war for anyone trying to slander or tarnish his name

    They thought in a fake news era of 45 that you can say anything & folks would believe it

    Everyone needs to be taken down. The man has been gone for how long, yet bc you’re looking for money or attention lump MJ in with real predators & sell out for a check. Embarrassing

    1. Even if she was given the greenlight to be Giselle would not let that happen she wants to be the only one. You would think that since Normani sees her as a big influence there would be more interactions between the two. Maybe she don’t want to because then it would mean she’s helping her to replace herself😕😕😕

  9. I likkkkkkke KODAAAAAK 😔😔😔😔…..

    I live in Florida currently and I’m raised here. N we fuck with Kodak round hea 💯💯 i got family all up n thru pompano n stuff….

    Ppl need to just Leave Kodak aloooooone he ain’t that bad and I feel it just went TOOOOO far 😔😔😔😔

  10. G I’m confused if Cardi was poppin how come her and her team keep on using Nicki name. Right now she doesn’t seem to be making any noise literally nothing she tried to creat a buzz with the role model situation but that didn’t work. It’s obvious that she would not have any career if Nicki pays her dust

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