October 6, 2022

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32 thoughts on “HoeTails – “I Didn’t Know They Had A Thing”

    1. He was so fine! Last I heard/saw he was in Miami and doing Herbalife lol. But he still does music and I think DJs too. Love his song “Got It Good” with Kaytranada.

    1. His rapping style leads me to believe this….he raps like he’s trying to get every word out before he has to breathe in again 🤭

  1. I knew about tahiry and james harden, she always used to leave a comment on any post his mom was on….. Busta rhymes and nicole Richie, melyssa ford and andre 3000 thats shocking

  2. Lesane parrish….. and courtney love REALLY UGH i can see madonna but courrrrttttneyyyy lovvvvveeee ( soulja boy voice)

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