October 2, 2022

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45 thoughts on “Hoe Tails – They Smashed And A Lot Of You Didn’t Know, But The Industry Did

    1. Given that she is still living a very very normal life I do not think that she is involved in anything crazy. Plus she has been open about dealing with fuck boys

    2. Diva is only crazy tough around her own kind, but is a total punk for them wyte boys she real covert with how she swirl idk !

    1. Because she fucked Tony and who knows what rituals she has done. If going to Vegas is for people that are nearing deactivation then we might finally be rid of her

    1. That family is definitely cursed. There was a special on him about a month ago on ABC and they spoke about Jackie O not wanting him flying and that he hid from her that he was getting lessons. They listed the amount of people in the family that died from airplane accidents and I certainly wouldn’t have been in a plane if I was him. But they said he was really affected by his father and uncle’s deaths plus other things haunted him

  1. So Jlo was probably screwing Tommy while he was married to Mariah…..thus creating their “I don’t know her” beef? 😁

  2. More reason why Mariah can’t stand J-lo at all haha and I swear Diana Ross and Naomi love them some white men haha chocolate women get no love my a** that jungle fever be on high haha I also looked to fast and thought you said Michael JACKSON and Naomi I almost collapsed haha

    1. Lol😂 but wouldn’t be too far fetched after looking at the video for “Keep it in the Closet” 🔥😍

      1. They said she kept feeling on him and he kept being like “Stop Naomi” 🤣🤣🤣

        Side Var: I just so happened to be looking at a old MJ performance. Dude hands were HUGE 😳

  3. Damn Naomi! Why you had to smash my dude! Damn, John John was something fine! I sole purposely went to DC and go to the park just to see him run. He did not descriminate! Now if John John” hair color was like his daddy and he didn’t get killed in that helicopter crash, Camelot would be in full throttle! R. I. P. John John! ❤

  4. Megan USE to be wild ! Heard stories of her high off X running around a mansion naked in Miami back in early 2000s

    1. Waaahhhh I need you to spill THAT TEA! I was shocked when she married the pastor although something about him is off to me. But she had this whole reborn thing in the mid 2000s

      1. Her and Mia Campbell were high off X running around a mansion ass naked partying with Murder Inc. My daughter father use to roll with them . I also heard Charlie b was in the studio saying how J like head with fingers in his booty !

  5. Everyone knew about Tomny Mottola and Jennifer Lopez thats why Mariah Carey doesn’t like her 🤦🏾‍♀️

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