August 16, 2022

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58 thoughts on “Wednesday 2/6 – Hot Takes

      1. There’s a lady who has a YouTube channel who gave the whole scoop on J Cole. You can find her on YouTube and she goes over everything. She just did a live video last night. Basically he has a baby on the way, and a rumored baby by that girl from Love & Hip Hop Miami Chinese Kitty.

        Unwinewithtashak is the youtube. G, if this isn’t supposed to be here, my apologies.

    1. Jlo can sing at all. That mess up. I’m not watching the grammys this year. Sick of all these no black people taking over black music. Hip hop and r&b.

    1. STOP! See this is another reason why I am not going to spill nothing else. For those just running your mouths first instead of thinking and researching first, y’all failed to realized that Tisha was very sick at one point. Tisha just over came the same illness that killed the late Bernie Mac. It’s called Sarcoidosis. It’s the inflammation of the organs, but it also attacks the skin, the lymph nodes, and the lungs. That is why Tisha’s skin looks like that. I was going to reveal something that each and every one of you needed to know, but reading what you just said about Tisha, I’ll changed my mind.

  1. Man if J Cole out here passing out babies I’ll take one too. That’s a disgrace that J Lo is doing the Motown tribute. Did Giselle and every other black artist who can sing turn it down? You can tell P is grimey af.

  2. Demi curved wale for a song or for something else 👀 I’m sipping tea

    And if offset mad then was Cardi responding to Chris or he know Chris was just bein petty and mad about it?

    1. Honestly Chris being in Cardi’s DMs and was probably just revenge for Quavo dating Karruche and Migos almost fighting Chris Brown at the BET Awards in 2017.

      So all of those things taking place probably led to Offset going at him on IG.

      I doubt Cardi entertained Chris much because in her Good Morning America interview, she mentioned Male Celebs DMing her after she announced her break up with Offset, but by the look on her face she didn’t seem interested or with the idea of dating another man at all.

  3. This tea tho 😩👏🏾

    Pee gives me weird vibes like low key finessing and scheming vibes plus he’s quite chummy with Lyor so I question his authenticity with the QC artists

    DJ Envy blackballing Nicki- we been knew! G already told us months ago 💅🏽

    JLo is below average with her talentless ass, yeah she can dance but she’s no Ciara like damn even Britney Jean is more entertaining to watch! and how the hell could they not have secured someone else (JHud, Fantasia?) for the Motown tribute, the disrespect 🙄

    Offset calling CB a lame – I cackled! Offset must not know who he’s addressing 😒

    And that Jcole tea lol G told us that nigga is fake woke and he stays cheating so 🤷🏽‍♀️

      1. Me too!! I didn’t want to believe it but his new song tells us hes in the middle of the road with who he wants to be, half way wanna be a nothin ass rapper like the rest but also wanna be “woke” and prolific

      2. I just want him to use condoms and be safe… No one wants to fantasize about a dirty 🍆. He is my fave (4 life)😌

      1. He doesn’t have anything on Nicki. He is a bitch ass nigga thats been hatin since she checked all them mfers way back. He is also on Fraulantics payroll and friends with lame ass self.

  4. Honestly want to see the migos go away, like as in no longer famous. I don’t like them.

    I like Cole’s music but that fake woke stuff is funny to me. I keep telling my man not to idolize these niggas, they all have flaws..

    Between offset and Chris, I’d put money on Chris. Offset just gives me soft vibes, plus the tea from a while ago makes it even worse.

    1. Lowkey based on the videos I’ve seen, Migos usually resort to jumping people with their entourage. I dont think they’ve ever given any rapper they had beef with a fair fight but I could be wrong.

      I put money on Chris Brown in a 1 on 1 against either member of Migos tbh.

  5. JLo didn’t steal them songs Murder Inc GAVE them to her. The artist didn’t know shit. All they saw was a Latin hot commodity that was worth more than the typical hood light skin chick. Ashanti low key got the dark skin girl treatment.

    Same thing with Chante Moore she took a jab at Jenny but the song writer did that because Puffy was that nigga. Sing writers wanna make the most out of their royalties so can’t really get mad. Ashanti need to strangle Irv.

  6. The Grammys are gonna be a shit show I hope they have the lowest ratings ever.
    I want demi to not try to play wale on whatever she curved him about.
    Wow I would’ve never thought pee does that to them. Such a shame shit like this happens to a lot of groups.
    I’m on Chris side period ‼️
    Lori out here actin just like ha mamas younger self 😂

  7. I seen Pee at Premadonna wedding a few years ago and had no idea who he was lol.

    And nooo not J Cole, I actually thought he was different. Sigh😟

  8. J cole is definitely woke… what we tend to forget that being “woke” doesn’t mean you’re perfect so let’s not pass too mucu judgement.

    Chris Brown cracks me up he apparently wants all the smoke and the only respons Offset was calling him a coke head!! Lmao great comeback.

    The Grammy’s should be ashamed of themselves having JLO do that tribute… doesn’t matter I definitely won’t be tuning in.

  9. Y’all notice the pattern with these white owned award shows honoring us but always throwing in a monkey wrench to piss us off? J.Lo?Motown, Madonna honoring Prince, etc.

  10. Now we know JLo can’t sing or write songs. However, Ashanti is mad at the wrong one. She should be trying to whoop Irv Gotti’s ass. She under his label and he went *****boop*****. Thank you for those songs but I’m hand those over. He didn’t believe in her. That has to sting.

  11. So the Migos are on dope but then yesterday offset call Chris a crackhead? He needs to sit down somewhere and tend to his marriage just like Chris told him to.

    And I don’t even know why he’s tripping off of Chris being in her DM’s because she’s not his type. We already know he likes the Karrueche clone. Lol! Facts are facts.

    Tisha Campbell’s ass is crazy.

  12. Man leave JLo alone, the interview Ashanti did regarding this issue she HERSELF explained that it was Irv that gave JLo the song(s)… She even posted JLo & Ja performing the song when JLo got Her vanguard award on her snap.

    IF she’s salty about the situation, I doubt it’s at JLo!

    JCole – So he’s just like the others?!?
    Offset don’t want no smoke with Breezy! He could NEVER!

  13. Soon as I saw “hot takes” I knew it was going down 😂😂.

    So J Cole is that stripper’s baby daddy. For a person who’s “wokeness” out shines his hoeness, this will be s mess.

    STILL trying to figure out how J Lo got that Motown Grammy gig… Umm scratch that, I don’t think I wanna know.

    Not Big Red 😂😂😂. When it is all said and done, all the Migos are gonna have is that jewelry, that they will be selling at the pawn shop.

    Chris REALLY wanted a shot at Cardi. Doesn’t he know Cardi swings back 😂😂. And Hennessey is the back up 😂.

    1. Yes, that’s partly why she has bread now cause her publishing is in order and she OWNS it. Every time JLo performs or uses the songs for commercial use she has to pay Ashanti.

  14. Everybody knows J Lo doesn’t have the vocal range to tribute any great singer SMH. I would love to see the Migos contract I know they have a 360 deal and they split it 3 way SMH

  15. For everyone saying Cardi ain’t Chris type, I agree. But it was a petty revenge move NOT based on really wanting that girl. I do know Pee paid for majority of Teddy (young greatness) funeral after he got killed at the waffle house. I heard good things about him but source would not be privy to dealings with Migos.

  16. So, are we gonna talk about this j. Cole thing? He already had a baby on his wife and now allegedly there is one due in March? However, i dont think chinese kitty baby is his. Noone is perfect, but how hard is it ti use a condom?

  17. Tisha is a mess! I can’t!
    Jenny from the block is always looking for a come up. Who’s up next when she dries up Arod’s $?
    Cole is such a disappointment..

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