October 5, 2022

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52 thoughts on “Friday 2/8/19 – Hot Takes

  1. Good stuff as always! But wait…what does CiCi need to stop running her mouth about? Is it how she talks about her man? I’ve heard people say if you brag about your man enough somebody will wanna try him..

    1. Right let’s be real out of all of them Kim got the best Kardashian genes her Kids are gorgeous and the best looking. Kylie needs stop thinking just because you part of the Jenner/Kardashian’s family don’t make you a real Kardashian those genes of yours are Fully Jenner.

  2. I think Ariana and Nicki’s friendship is nice I really hope it’s not fake.
    Offset definitely messin with them men after seeing that

    1. After seeing that video with Lyor you know it’s real.

      Sorry never will be checking for Cardi she’ll never be good to me… love Drake though

  3. Offset been sassy.

    What Ciara tell this time?

    Cardi really love him then.

    Is khloe and Tristan done? she seems like she is happy and letting go

    Please get back to us on who future messing with lol

    1. Girl! You said he been sassy and I fell out! 🤣🤣🤣

      You should go on Chris’s page and look at that video he put up with the comedian’s going in about that glittery suit that he had on! I watched it 8 times last night!

  4. Wait. Who’s the psychic that said Tristan WILL get someone pregnant this year? Is that something already in progress? 🤷🏾‍♀️

    People were already speculating that Kylie was pregnant. So if you’re saying she’ll have child number 2 THIS year, it must be true. Because we’re already in the 2nd month of the year.

    What’s up with Nicki Minaj an Ariana Grande? What dynamic? I didn’t know one existed. And did her refusal to do the Grammys have to do with her not being able to have Nicki perform with her?

    1. They’re really good friends & ari always supports nicki & vice versa. So g basically saying that shit is dead now.

    2. Ariana and Nicki have been friends for a long time since 2012 Ariana family adores Nicki especially her mom.

    3. They have the same label Republic records and if you look at her promo and marketing team compared to Nicki’s team Ariana got the better team and the label promotes her shit way more.

  5. I thought Offset was gay. That is why I kind of shudder whenever Cardi keeps him. I wonder if she knows about that..

  6. Why is Kylie having kids soo soon? She’s so young!

    Am I the only one who literally forgot that Taylor Swift existed? I can see why her next album will be her least successful.

    Jessica Biel is so x to me, I don’t understand why she’s on MK, I mean don’t they out under MK the most relevant celebrities so they can be controlled? Jessica has never really been relevant to my eyes idk maybe it’s just me.

  7. Nicki/Ari Friendship will be done 🙁 bet it will be because the elites don’t want her supporting Nicki in anyway. They really trying to ice her out all the way, erase all her friendships and business deals smfh.

    Michelle Rodriguez stay getting exposed for being a ignorant racist so that ain’t shocking she still need her ass whooped though.

    future and a pop star? Ariana? They collabed beforehand and she got this white/black girl thing going on. Just don’t get preggo whoever it is.

  8. Why will Kylie be washed up? She’s a billionaire how can adding one more child ruin her? Is it cause she’s going to marry Travis and he’s going to fuck up her money?

    Why does Kim continue to have kids with this man if he’s trash and bringing her down ? It doesn’t make sense.

      1. Seriously ! I can’t see Kim letting Kanye fuck up her bag to the point she loses it all . And I definitely can’t see Kylie as being washed up. We need answers lol

      1. LOL He’s doing the equivalent of taking his girl’s tax refund and “flipping it” but losing it all.

    1. I’m thinking they are under the ideology of only having one baby daddy. I saw a clip on IG where Kourtney was considering asking Scott for his sperm because she wanted her kids to have the same Dad, and Kim and Khole seemed to nod in agreement. I guess no matter how shitty they are, at least they have the same Dad? I guess… *shrugs*

    2. Kylie is not a billionaire. The numbers were inflated for promo so she could be on Forbes list. They refused to show Forbes proof and as it’s a private company they don’t have to.

  9. Kylie and her low self esteem having ass smdh. She could’ve done so much better in choosing a baby daddy. The Klan is a train wreck and I’m cackling. I’ll always respect the hustle though

  10. Mmm I was just beginning to question how much longer the Nicki/Ariana friendship was going to continue especially now that they are deactivating Nicki. Ariana is now one of the biggest stars so they will want her having no parts of Nicki. I think that Nikki and Ariana have a genuine friendship so it will be sad to see it end especially now that Nikki has very little friends in the industry.

    Offbeat don’t know that CB is about/has been about wanting ALL the smoke 💁🏽 I see now why Offcheat stay defending every other nigga and not Cardi 🤔

    At this point I’m no longer surprised by anything Tristan does, he’s just a non factor now

  11. Here we go 😂😂

    Offset, Offset, Offset… Sighs…😂😂

    Drake is always seeing someone . But does it ever go anywhere 😂😂.

    What Ciara talking about?

    Michelle gives me that undercover racist vibe.

    What pop star lacks self esteem to mess with Future?

    Well the next Drake record should be good.

    Well they don’t call Tristan “third trimester” for nothing 😁.

  12. Was pretty sure the Ari/Nicki partnership will end. Nicki burning a lot of bridges, plus if Ariana about to be big & Nicki being blackballed…so not a good look.

    Drake is just so petty lol. Only dated one Scorpio and that was my last honey.

  13. I love Arianna & Nicki together!! I hope Khloe finally leaves Tristan, & Kylie finding out Travis’s cheating ass before another baby.. & g what’s up with Nick cannon always saying something about the Jenner/kardashians? He was saying he’d rather have his daughter be the catch me outside chick then Kyle !? 😬

  14. What will cause Nicki and Ariana NOT to be friends anymore is what I’m more curious about? This will be interesting.

    Taylor Swift seem to make herself less noticeable the last few years, maybe it’s a good thing. She isn’t caught in drama with other celebrities like before.

    Kylie is going to be washed up before she is able to hit her prime is not surprising. I’m surprised to hear she is already going to have another child.

    Good stuff on this Hot Takes today.

  15. I just noticed The last pic Khloe has on her Instagram with Tristan is from 5 months ago. AAANNNNNDDDDD he no longer follows her!

  16. Kylie’s fan base are kids. Once she has that @nd baby; those sane kids that were her fan base will move on. Plus Kylie is ready to settle down.

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