October 4, 2022

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41 thoughts on “PR Diaries : The Stories We Used To Whisper About On These PR Streets

    1. And white women that hate black women that love fucking black men… cough cough Khloe… Kim… and no one better reply about the few they keep around… we know why!

  1. Leo loving the sisters but hating the brothers! All I can do is scoff and chuckle because how typical is that? Intimidation at its finest. No such thing as I like the women but not the men or even I love the men but not the women, either you love all of us or hate all of us Leo! Remember those black women have black daddies lol

    1. Black men love white girls and Latinas who shade black women regardless of us being their mothers and sisters. I say sweet victory!

  2. I actually think I remember during one of the mansion party stories it saying that Leo mother is actually racist even though he likes black women. Since he hating on the men i guess he still inherited some of that hate from his mama smh

      1. I was waiting for someone to say it. Too on point in Django. That shit was spiritual….smh

  3. I thought Christina & Nick dating around 2003/2004ish, I was in college then & Christina is older than me. Was she messing with Jay before Nick?

      1. And that’s why Nick is so admanent about helping R Kelly. He knows his time is coming so he wants to get spiritual, give back, and get in good with Jay. Fuck that and him.

  4. Y jay getting all the girls? Money makes female lower their standards I see, and Kelly was the loser for sure. Nick sounds like a little kid that likes to cause problems.

  5. what you said about Damon dash is so truee, he was also fucking victoria beckham when she was trying to have a solo career as a singer (so I guess it was around 2003 kinda) and if I’m not wrong she was also the face of damon dash eyeglasses brand or something like that, allegedly she got herpes from him and later passed it to david

    1. Waaaahhhhhhhh LOL okaayyy girl!!! I vaguely remember her doing modeling for brands after the group broke up. I don’t know why i thought that she was with David back then

      1. Cause she was! She was already married to david and cheated on him with dash, or at least that’s what I heard

  6. Toya is cool with all of Wayne’s side chicks . My gawd , how ? I’m surprised Trina never had his baby like everyone else.

      1. Aww really!? I have always loved Trina and thought that might have been why she did not have any. Either that or she knew the men she dated weren’t shit

  7. I can’t imagine Amerie nor Kelly Rowland fighting I need a play by play. & the Ashanti/Aaliyah rivalry. All my unproblematic faves had problems

  8. G, sorry if this is off topic, but did Eve (the rapper) ever have a child that she hid or miscarried? I remember years back (it had to be between ‘98 and ‘00) seeing her (for the first time, didn’t know of her before that) on MTV’s TRL with a pregnant belly.

    1. I was just thinking about eve too like what happened some pg on the explore on ig said she had a rich African man before

  9. I swear ever since you’ve been enlightening us on the bs with these celebrities I can’t take nothing serious when it comes to them no matter how hard I try to show sympathy I just say oh well lol

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