October 5, 2022

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27 thoughts on “Pr Diaries – The Stories We Used To Whisper About on These Pr Streets

  1. So was Aaliyah into Mekhi as well it did they meet and he admired her from a distance and became infatuated with her? Aaliyah really had them all swooning over her.

  2. Prince and Madonna some savages haha f*** everybody lol and Shia Labouf gives off creepy vibes now no wonder it didn’t go well. I wonder why Wendy Williams is always swooning over him 👀 any tea on that G or is she just trolling haha

  3. Aaliyah was loved do you hear me. Ion blame none of em either I know it was easy to fall for her.
    How disappointing was that link up for riri? 😂

    1. That’s that Benjamin Buttons Effect. When she. Amen on the scene she looks older but had that vibe, but if she had of lived, the older she got the younger she looked. That is why R. Kelly said “Lil Aaliyah got it!” in his song “Vibe”. And he didn’t even lie about that. I saw her in person. Puking and all!

  4. What the hell was it about Aaliyah that everybody was crazy about? mean yes she was a beautiful woman but damn, even from childhood she had grown men like timbaland falling in love

    1. That’s my question! Was it an aura or what?! I’m tryna get to that level. 🤣🤣🤣 Family into voodoo? What?!

      1. Her aura. Because Earth signs Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn are so well grounded we use our element to get anybody’s attention without trying. Taurus is the most groundliest. We are in tune with our emotions. We like real stuff, not fake stuff. We oozes out sex appeal so much that we are the most physical people out of the zodiac.

      2. I just looked at her birth chart. No wonder she has that vibe! She has alot of Earth and Fire in her. She doesn’t have alot of Water, but she has a lil bit of Air. Well that would explain her groundliest of her aura. ❤

  5. I thought Mekhi and Beyonce might if had a thing when they did the mtv movie together.. I cnat remember the name. They had interesting energy. Whatever happened to him?

    1. She was dating Mos Def I believe.. wasn’t Mehki. I can see him falling for her…. he’s seems like that type of guy.

  6. What was it about Aaliyah that had everyone so damn crazy? She was beautiful indeed and probably had great personality but the men that were swooning for her sound like they were borderline infatuated and psychotic. till this day, they hating on one another on who loved Aaliyah the most… jeez.

  7. I’ll never forget that Aaliyah wanted to get on that plane ’cause she was in a rush to get to her man. One of the reasons the plane went down, besides the coked out pilot, was the plane had too much luggage. It could not hold the weight. Apparently it was said Aaliyah didn’t care she just wanted to get back to the states to this mystery man. They never clarified who the man was (though everyone assumed Dame Dash). I didn’t feel like if was Dame she was rushing to get back to. For some reason, even back then, I kept feeling like it was Jay. Hmmmm

  8. I always felt Aaliyah was meant to betrothed to somebody bigger by tptb, and she rather follow her heart that why her energy was so magnetic she radiated that sultry appeal without being nasty with it. But she got contaminated with inferior guys energy and idk what happened ?

    Did Madge really freak Whitley in order to steal Janet’s choreography or was it Paula Abdul idk ?

    Robin and that guy were beards? She had to already know she was bigger and more valuable than being that lol !

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