September 26, 2022

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17 thoughts on “Industry Advice : How Can I Get Into Film If I Reside In Chicago or The Midwest?

      1. This article is for a particular membership level. This is why you can’t see it. I thibk it’s $2 a mOnth istead of $1

  1. These posts are great but I’m wondering why anyone on this site would want to be in the industry after learning what goes on?

  2. Thank you! I’m in NC and I have an audition for an agency on Sunday (I was referred by a great casting director) and I got this audition by luck and being somewhere at the right time. I have other auditions out of state, will I need to move or continue to travel from NC to the auditions and meet ups in order to get the big roles?

    1. If you want the big roles all you have to do is read the site from beginning to end and pay very close attention to everything G says she’s very precise, detailed and the best at what she does “Queen G” 💯& the only person on this earth that is this informative on what it takes to get in the industry, despite the risk of her own life 💪🏾💯 That’s what this entire site is about I.C.Y.D.K / N.C.Y.D.K
      Meaning= in case you didn’t know what it takes to get into the industry and score the big roles and to become a celebrity with Alist elite status starring in the million dollar movies..YOU MUST SELL YOUR SOUL TO SATAN(Goat Lucy) eat dog Feeces, sacrifice babies, worship SATAN(goat Lucy) & participate in satanic sex orgies and a bunch of other devilish demonic extracurricular activities..Hope this helps you in your career endeavors🤷🏾‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️Oh yeah that casting director that referred you probably didn’t mention that you’ll have to sleep with someone or some other form of degrading leisure activity in order to get one of the starring lead roles *,)

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