October 6, 2022

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14 thoughts on “You Tell Me What Industry Advice You Want

  1. I read somewhere that a A lister female had a threesome with some guys. She was doing cocaine and other drugs on tape, but it was never put out. Who is the artist?

  2. 1.A blood sacrifices the only way to make it to the very top of the industry?

    2.if an artist remained independent and didnt sell out, could that artist be as successful as they wanted to be or could possibly be without the higher ups pressuring them to sell out, or would the higher ups constantly put pressure on them to sell out if they began making too much money?

  3. I paid for the industry advice and I want to know how to get internships in the industry. I applied for a few and I’d like to apply to a few labels for the summer.

  4. Hey! I purchased the industry advice membership and just wanted to know what steps would I take to become a famous photographer? There’s people taking pictures of these celebrity families and models following them all around and etc. I’d love that. Thanks!

  5. I want to know how to get into porn without selling my soul. Not looking for a moral perspective. I’m also black.

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