September 26, 2022

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54 thoughts on “NEW Segment : “Blind Sugar”

  1. Its obvious Cardi B because her publicist is a phony forreal. I have yet to see a “official press statement” it’s like Cardi goes off the grid explaining herself every time. I also heard the publicist sometimes go on Cardi page to defend herself from other people.

    1. YES!!! it’s like she’s doing her own damage control. Wtf is she there for? Lol she’s like another member of the entourage just tagging along 🤣

    2. Yup. She’s from here in Delaware and swears she’s doing shit but really is just scamming people. The worst publicist I’ve ever seen. But people in De are just up her ass cuz of Cardi

  2. Perez Hilton said there is no such thing as a genuine friendship in the industry. Her loyalty to people that are using her for their advantage is going to be her downfall, Cardi B is so oblivious to what’s going on around her

  3. 001 is David and Victoria Beckham
    002 & 003 are about cardi b offset and her publisist
    004 is about Jayden Smith

  4. I reread these with the comments below and now 01 and 04 make sense to me:

    01. David And Victoria Beckham
    02. Cardi B
    03. Cardi B’s publicist
    05. Jayden Smith

  5. 1.David Beckham and Victoria Beckham
    2. Cardi B, “currently”* A list being the key word, it is well known there was an online campaign to make Bodak Yellow #1
    3.Cardi B’s publicist
    4.Jaden Smith

  6. So atlantic sent out memo to push cardi and offset back together. Now it makes sense as to why the WHOLE industry is telling cardi to take offset back. G, public opinion feels like cardi shouldn’t. I’ve see so many convos on social media saying women need to stop taking back cheaters. So will this sway atlantic and this push?

  7. I figured a memo went out because no one has ever went this hard for a couple to get back together. She should know by now that her label is behind her instant success.

  8. Omg I dont what made me cringe more Cardi B reaction to his apology (bc she genuinely look like she wasnt feeling it at all and as a woman I totally understand) or the fact that offset went on the stage dressed like evil knievel and called her bruh at the end if his apology🙄🤗😂

  9. 1??… 2 and 3 are Cardi . You see all the cheaters on insta telling her to take him back 😒. And her publicist .. they been trying to get rid of her since the met gala . 4 Jayde smith ?! .. you know the smiths with their shenanigans!

  10. When I saw how Cardi’s publicist operated (never really paid attention before), I thought “G would NEVER”. And Cardi is no better hiring someone with no PR experience because she let Cardi be Cardi – in other words no media or social media training. This Patience girl and the handling of her client, is a classic case of “when keeping it real goes wrong”.

  11. Oooh this was good stuff, Thank You!!! At first I’d also guessed Eddie George and Take for #1, but David and Victoria make so much more sense!

    Cardi and Offset. That video of him bumrushing the stage made me feel so sad for her. She looked genuinely upset and thrown off guard…that was a very manipulative and unfair move of Offset (and her publicist). I respect the fact that she put out the videos asking people to stop down talking Offset. That was very mature.

    Jayden…ooh Lawd..I couldn’t guess that one, but it makes perfect sense. Can you please explain what you mean by setting one up with the other? I was confused by that. Setting up romantically or setting up as in a mentorship/support system??

  12. I knew #3 a couple words in they’re always goin in on her she’s indeed very unprofessional. But people bypass it because they say cardi is ratchet and ghetto herself so they like it. Also don’t forget the fact that she’s never done PR work before cardi gave her a job. 🤦🏽‍♀️ It’s not good to always work with your friends they’ll let you do what you want and be afraid to tell you about yourself so they don’t lost their job.

  13. Damn even though Cardi have her publicist a job with no experience she still gon blab?!? You can’t trust anyone in this business🤦🏾‍♀️

  14. Yeah interesting enough I just saw post from a friend of mine on Facebook about cardi and patience. They have this PR group on Facebook and they were discussing saying she’s being unprofessional.

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