August 16, 2022

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43 thoughts on “Blind Sugar – Segment Two

      1. You’re correct. It’s Charlize she spoke about it a few weeks ago and she’s from South Africa which the white people from there are known for their racist behavior!

  1. Number 8 gotta be bhad bhabie and iggy. And charlize theron gotta be number 7. She def lefts that black little boy dress like a girl

    1. Forced…..she forced into girl clothes and activities like ballet since she adopted him. You could totally tell he didn’t like any of it in pictures when she first adopted him

  2. I looooove these! I figure that 6 is Chrissy and John. But isn’t her only real thing her forehead? Swear I read that somewhere and who is bhad babie fuckin??

  3. 1. I thought of Black Chyna/ Kylie Jenner, however, what venture has she done that Kylie has copied. I must of missed something.

    2. I was thinking about Adam Levine and his wife, howver, hi wife his not an A lost model. So Crissy Tiegien and John Legend.

    3. Charlize Theron, because I was shocked to learn from this blog that she was a closet rascist, but she is raising two black children. Boy and a girl. How does that work?!? Another, Sandra Bullock has two AA children that are both boy and a girl as well.

    4. Bhad Babie. She is wild and a underage rapper.

    1. It is definitely not Sandra Bullock. Her kids are just the way they are. Boy and Girl. Its proven that Charlize has been turning her son into a girl for whatever odd reason. I really do believe they should take those kids away but money talks

  4. 1.Blac Chyna and Kylie. Lash business.

    2. Chrissy Teigen and John?

    3. Charlize Theron

    4. Cash me Outside Girl and Iggy Azalea.
    Not sure who the rapper or athlete is.

  5. Getting work done ain’t gonna keep a man that BEEN cheatin, sis.
    Get to a therapist for that self esteem, get to cheatin too or both. Poor Chrissy.
    John out her trying to prove to himself he not gay

  6. Number 7 is Charlize Theron
    8 catch me outside girl and iggy, I’m curator who these men are that are fucking a child.

  7. Charlize has 2 kids now? Never knew…I don’t get the appeal of the Dr. Phil kid…but people are perverts…random thought- that looks like Amy Schumer with Rick James…

  8. I think the status on some of these are a little too high

    Black Chyna and Kylie Jenner
    John And Chrissy- She just irks me
    Charlize Theron- I’ve never heard Sandra B. called rude
    Or Racist
    Bhad B. And Iggy- I don’t know who the rapper or athlete are. They should be ashamed though

  9. Chrissy doesn’t need another thing done to her face/body. I feel like a grandma for saying this but she needs to change who she is inside. You can’t make a man stay if he doesn’t want. She’s setting herself up for a world of heartache and a face full of permanent damage

  10. When was Chrissy Teigen ever a A list model? Because she covered Sports Illustrated? That busted face and bad built body shouldn’t be seen nor heard

  11. I didn’t know Chrissy Teigen was considered A-list. Didn’t who she was until I heard John Legend was getting married to her. i don’t even know how she made it to be a model

  12. #7 is Charlize but what she said was she can’t wait to show her BLACK children Black Panther. She adopted 2 African girls few years ago.

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