August 16, 2022

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47 thoughts on “Word Has It Article 15

  1. G! I’ve been waiting on this to drop for the longest! Can u talk about if they’re even married. I recall a story coming out stating paperwork wasn’t completed in 30 days as required and he said, well we can always do it again, which is when I knew they was fakin!

  2. It’s crazy.. cause just recently I was talking to my home girl who is a huge Dwayne Wade fan and she said he doesn’t look happy with her. I thought she was hating but maybe she saw something I didn’t.

  3. “Karma is like a bullet. It doesn’t have a name on it, but once it hits you, it’s going to hurt like hell!”- Christina M. aka DaRadiant1

    1. The way she tainted his ex-wife was despicable. She also ignores his last child, like that baby isn’t the reason she got her dream wedding. She should’ve learned from Luda’s wife on how to create a blended family, after your man brings home a baby.

  4. I knew it, i been saying this for 10 years now! He to comfortable with tight shxt in his azz! Him, Bosh and believe it or not Lebron also has DL tendencies!🤷🏽‍♀️

  5. I enjoyed this and this was expected from these two. I think every one was waiting for the Karma to show up. I always thought they were trying too hard with displaying their love. it seemed so fake

  6. G, you got any sugar on Sutton Angela Simmons ex fiancé? It came out they had 3 ppl in custody & now i don’t see that what’s good👀

  7. Is it the same break baby or a different break baby? Now Gabby will get a dose of the same medicine Sip had gotten when she messed with Dewayne.

  8. I read somewhere when she saw Dwayne and his family she immediately became fixated and obsessive. She wanted to cover his wife life and she did. Sounds like voodoo lol. But karma is a bitch because she was the whore to Jada’s marriage. When you resign a younger prettier chick takes your old job. Swallow that lost Union

  9. I honestly never believed that whole break baby scenario. I feel like he cheated, got that chick pregnant and they used the break, as an excuse to make Gabrielle not look stupid for staying. They try waaaayyy too hard to look so happy, I don’t believe it.

  10. So they are a fake, happy couple. Every time you see them they look all in love. Even on her birthday that just passed.

    1. You can tell it’s fake. Whenever a couple post so much of their love on social media or whatnot, it’s usually fake. It’s like they have to prove something to people. A person can fake it for so long.

  11. Good one 👏👏👏!! The Boy George one did have me stumped for a sec lol. Oh well Gabby move on with your life. The “break baby” would have been the end. I don’t think I could have married after that.

  12. Wow!!!!! I would have never thought this!! I thouty They looked happy together. They better do like Will and Jada.

  13. They’ve been trying for a smooth year to convince us all that things are fine. Posting every vacation in matching outfits like middle schoolers. Now it all makes sense!

  14. If you have a woman like Gabrielle Union, Beyonce, and Halle Berry and still get cheated on, then there really isn’t much hope to have faithful relationship…SMH! However, Karma is definitely a Bitch in these two case. Lose a person the same way you got them. Don’t fuck around with married people or when you are still married. Period!!

  15. I 💀💀💀💀 at the RHIANNA N DRAKE #Work one 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 that was a good one!

  16. Yep, with a new baby… They’re definitely on the rocks 🙃 I wonder why the “All knowing” G didn’t spill that sugar..

  17. Is it weird to anyone else that they’re on IG celebrating the birth of “their” daughter via surrogate all of a sudden? 🤔

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