September 26, 2022

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18 thoughts on “PR Diaries The Stories We Used To Whisper About On These Pr Streets

  1. Wow the left eye and kobe caught me off guard, hey g u gonna complete the decipher for joe budden im eager to find out what was this song about

  2. G what happened to Total and 702?? Can we get a back story on them and all the popping r & b artists from that era. We know Meelah from 702 has a kid with Musiq but that’s it. What happened to Nicole Wray??

  3. I mean ok one takes time to call back but 2 years!! She was obviously not interested, until he became a professional athlete😳

  4. Looking at Wendy WILLIAMS now, I can see she must have been good at something to have a husband. But yea that Lisa sugar had me like “Ahkay” but they both wasn’t checking for each other until other “discoveries” were made. I always find Ray and Whitney weird. Not even because the age, but they just don’t match to me.

  5. The RayJ sugar is all new to me. You could tell he and Danger had real chemistry – that explains a lot.

    Left Eye dodged a bullet with Kobe – he may have more money than Andre but it’s the same song = cheating pro ball player

  6. Two years and that person has a new life. Lisa was crazy on that one G. Wow I remember Danger on the reunion show and they said she was pregnant and was rumored to be Ray J’s.

    Ray was looking at her crazy and she said no it’s not his. What’s up with niggas tho? The 1st “official” baby they have really be their 3rd child. Jay Z, Ray J, Karrine Steffans (radio interview) lol. They all come out the woodlock when the person dies.

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