August 16, 2022

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23 thoughts on “Sugar Cubes For 8/28/18 The Sugar Behind Today’s Hottest Stories.

  1. That’s all I kept seeing today oh it was a joke it’s not a big deal drag everyone else too not just cardi

    1. ESPECIALLY Rip Michaels, the creator of this. While Cardi was being dragged (and rightfully so, she should’ve known better), he kept popping up like he wanted attention to promote his show.

  2. I don’t get why all these celebs be fucking on camera and letting they man hold the tape! If u gonna do some shit that might embarrass you later ladies….KEEP THE DAMN TAPE !!

    Cardi B is an ass….certain things are best left alone. Unless this is what they told her to do.

  3. Pebbles know what she was doing L.A too they just used them Period! Left Eye broke it down in the behind the music episode they were cheated,if you notice every artist that was on LAface has had problems, Babyface is the only one that hasn’t had any problems so it seem? if you see LA Reid Run! More Laface Tea please G

  4. Im actually watching the TLC movie now and Pebbles out here looking like an entire degenerate on here. If the things in this movie are false or misrepresented she should have won because I wanna mollywhop her on sight at the moment 😩 …. suga always satisfying G, thank you!

  5. The elites knew that skit was going to piss us off but wanted to give Cardi a warning(humilation) about dropping out of that Burno Mars tour imo. Also Mel B is letting this opportunist ex of hers run her down to death, I she get better and put this behind her. No wonder VH1 is airing the TLC story tonight.

    1. Yeah like Charla & others stuff gets leaked that would not paint their faces in the best light as a warning to fall in line or lose it all so it was only a matter of when something would drop about Cardi B

      Mel B was completely scammed by a fake Belafante & has to pay him so much money too I can’t even imagine how much bad shape she’s in not to mention the stress

      Yeah I’m thinking the real culprits were LA Reid & Pebbles was just following orders. I’m sure she got a hefty settlement

    2. Yes you’re right and I was thinking they were going to make Offset cheat again or something since he’s so obviously over her and their contract.

  6. Didn’t see the skit. Pebbles ass is broke! She know damn well her and LA used those girls. Hell, Chilli and LA was hard down fucking when Pebbles caught them. Like Pot meet Kettle and STFU! Pebbles did the same thing.

  7. If I was Mel B I would come out and say I am into same sex and bdsm and whatever else was on those tapes. I don’t do blackmail at all. She could breathe easier too. Just something I would do if I was in her shoes.

  8. Mel really fucked up. I remember when she tried “he forced to do threesomes and etc.,” narrative already and it failed. We all know she’s been in relationships with women, however, she doesn’t want to come out (like Teyana) which is why she got married to this asshole in the first place. IMO she was in a relationship with the nanny, he was ok as long as he got some of her too, but then he became jealous and abusive when Mel wanted to be with the nanny solely by herself. She’s doing her best to use all of these politically correct terms that they all use when they get too far deep. Sis just needs to risk that career and come out gay, not pansexual or bisexual, just gay, so she can live again.

  9. Pebbles was the middle man. If you look at it like on 1 side theres the devil & the other side the goose laying golden eggs. who is going to win & who is going to lose?. Clive is going to get his coins.

  10. Mel B should have gotten Tasha Smith Divorce attorney. Tasha husband was a fraud. She proved it & got the marriage annulled. Fake Fonte should be having to pay her and he SHOULD be afraid of jail time for releasing any tapes. She needs a fixer to get ahead of the tape situation. It will always be held over her head.

  11. Can you do a trump story and all his celeb friends and bs that would be really interesting I refuse to believe they all hate him because he the president

  12. Can we get a deep expose tea about TLC? I know there is more to the story than what they have told in public and in the biopic. That was my all time favorite group.

  13. But if it was told from the group how they was treated how is it a lie plus if Austin there parents could say it’s true she shouldn’t gotten shit

  14. Cardi made a bad and tasteless decision to participate in that skit but whoever is butt hurt about the depiction of MLK or Coretta needs to take that up with the writers/producers and TMZ. They won’t tho. Cardi needs to do better than this and be more discerning when selecting projects to appear in.

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