July 2, 2022

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52 thoughts on “The Rituals of Giselle: What They Mean, What They Represent.

  1. I wanna know the real sugar on where tf are those twins!?! And I know someone asked before but idk if it got answered but what up with all the “miscarriages”?

    1. Mrs nineties. She might put up a few Photography for the twins on their 1 birthday this month. Just like she did for their first month photo she did last year. Flowers, rainbows and water everywhere. You know she like to show off.

    2. I honestly believe she is doing that to protect them. Just thinking as a mother if I was a big celebrity and someone said disrespectful things about my first child. I wouldn’t show my next ones as much. It’s a shame how many negative things people said about Blue, an innocent child.

  2. can we talk about something else besides Beyonce lol. There’s alot more industry people we wanna hear about. But beyonce is always the topic most times.

    Is there any tea on the Gospel world?

    1. There SHOULD be a lot of posts on Beyonce due to the fact that this is a industry insider blog, Beyonce is the “Queen of Music,” and she is very secretive.

      However, if you look at the posts that name her, they are almost a week a part, so that’s not really a lot.

      I am a fan of hers too, but lets not pretend that what G is saying doesn’t make since or is not blatantly obvious now that you know… This blog is all in good fun, if you don’t like it, dont read it.

  3. I don’t understand who has the time or the energy to go through deciding who in my family I need to sacrifice mind control multiple personalities homosexual bi sexual and heterosexual and probably animal sexual rituals worshipping the devil throwing up gang signs having trigger words and who knows what else in order to be rich and famous…. it sounds exhausting…. I go through enough stress and drama at my regular nine to five…. maybe it was a good thing I didn’t follow through with signing to a record label…. smh 😈

  4. Was Aaliyah not part of the Illuminati is that why she got killed? Was she not part of that world in doing rituals?

      1. Hiw did she find out the real deal and try to get out? Seems like she waa getting deeper in with the movies, etc. She had just finished filming queen of the damned…

  5. Sooo many questions…….

    1. Did the miscarriages having anything to do with the rituals or Illuminati? (Miscarriages are so common in the industry….what’s up with that?)

    2. Is Beyonce hiding her twins for their safety, so they don’t have to be involved rituals like Blue?

    3. How much involvement does Blue have in all this ritual stuff?

    4. Who handles Jay-Z? What’s Jay’s rituals beside the 3 blood sacrifices we heard of? How did he earn and maintain his position?

    5. Are there woman handlers? Why Bey not one?….she is the “Queen of music”

    6. How much does Beyonce actually remember with all that they have done to her? She seems fully functioning unlike so many who have publicly broken down.

    7. If Bey wakes up and had enough….will she be murdered like Whitney, Prince, and Michael?

    8. If Bey divorce Jay and fire him as her manager will he still handle her?

    This is crazy!!! With all that you have given G, people still are going kill themselves for the same gig.

    1. I have n answer to every one of your questions lol Here it goes 1 miscarriages are common in the industry because they go through so much drug torture and sex torture and witchcraft but not apart of rituals but born babies can be sacrifices

      2 Beyonce is trying to hide the twins but they don’t want the twins they want blue she is the first born if ever she had to sacrifice anything it would be blue who was born into this shit like bobbi christina smh

      3 Blue is involved in the rituals too and she already has blue meditating

      4 Jay has a lot of homosexual ritual shit and bloodcraft as they call it plus his rituals involve Beyonce. Letting her be a sex slave, having to watch her go through things as well. Not saying Jay personally ever got popped he may or may not but he allegedly gave up his nephew and big and Cathy. People say he gave up Aaliyah then some say Dame did.

      5 Bey’ is married to a 33rd degree mason he will always be her handler when he is not there sometimes it was Gwyneth yes there are women handlers as well. but most of them are men. some people say Kim is forced to be Kanye’s handler and a lot of people said because she failed to keep kanye in line is why she got robbed and could have easily been murdered

      6 Beyonce remembered a lot but a lot of the time she is drugged out I heard she drinks a lot to numb the pain but she is in fairly good shape I think now it is a part of life and she knows now she just gotta ride it out. Blue was a surrogate child everyone knows that. she may or may not have carried the twins I think she did . It’s an insane situation that is hard to believe but that’s why they do it

      7 If she starts running off at the mouth the first thing they will do is threaten to release all the footage they have of her remember those celebrity leaks? that was all apart of it remember when all the elite celebrities information was leaked? notice it was only the big time celebs like her jay kanye kim tom cruise will smith there addresses phone number social’s were all leaked that was a warning if that doesn’t work they will off her they tried to defame Michael first that didn’t work so they killed him. They will try to defame her first kill hr2nd if that doesn’t work

      8 I can’t see them divorcing because they were put together anyway Jay when he finally wanted Aaliyah she turned him down when he was ” fuckin dem girls” he found Beyonce and said ” well she is a better fit” Beyonce has never been nothing more then an Insurance policy and a plan to Jay he never loved her he loved Aaliyah. If they do divorce and she fires him she will lose a lottttt of money and power

      9 Great questions

      1. Sooo…question. If they threaten to realease the tapes why doesn’t anyone flip it back on them. Because they record it and it happens in their places sooo. They not really going to release shit. Why hasn’t any of the celebrity’s figured that out yet ?

    2. If Giselle is still heavily involved in Chloe x Halle then she may be their handler. The signs and symbolism has increased alot within the last year.

      1. soo true! Oh boy I hate to think of that though. I really like those two even before they became famous.

  6. What kind of sacrifices does Jay have to do?
    What role does Tina Knowles play in all of this?
    What’s the deal with Kelly?

  7. He has her under heavy control. If he didn’t, she would have left long ago. I think he cared for Aaliyah and Giselle equally, but he saw that Giselle would make him more money and more powerful, he picked Aaliyah to go. Rihanna is smart she sees how men will use you if given the chance. The blogs are saying she just got rid of her man.

  8. I read somewhere that miscarriage was code for abortion…and abortion was just blood sacrificing an innocent.

    1. I was 100% thinking that. It was too much for me to just ask directly. It’s just sickening……so heartbreaking at the thought alone.

    2. That would also show Remy Ma who haa had how many miscarriages. Is she doing rituals too?

      1. lol no only ritual she doing is humiliation love and hip hop her womb just not strong enough

      1. Taught her what exactly? If they have the power why won’t they use it against the elite? Is it because the power of the elites are greater? Or is her mom using what power she have to help Giselle deal with all of it?

      2. @Casha04 Tina is a full blooded Creole. Her Cajun lines is nothing but withcraft, spells and roots. Now, she does show her daughters how to use it, but only it is neccesary. If they were to use it towards the Elites, it can come back and bite them in the butt. But, the Elites knows their limits when it comes to them. Giselle, Solange, and Tina are more than assets than a liability. Okay, like G described saying they want Giselle to sacrifice Blu. Giselle is not willing to do that. So she do something towards herself so she won’t sacrifice her own daughter. Now here is where Tina and her knowledge of spells comes into play. Tina will give Giselle the right spells to use so Blu won’t be sacrificed. The same way how Solange went off on Jay-Z in that elevator. You best to believe, Solange went to her Mom about that proposition of Jay wanting Solange to sacrifice her only child. Did you see Blu and Julez been sacrificed yet? Of coarse not.

      3. Of course you can see it in her face. It’s rumored Marie Laveau is her great grandmother.

      4. I figured that because they are from Louisiana and you now they practice witchcraft. But when Blue was born they were saying the devil’s daughter is born. Since she was carried by a surrogate, you think it was a ritual with a demon and they really birthed the devil’s daughter? Remember when she was born Jay-Z shut down that whole hospital? New mothers and dads could not visit their newborn children and nobody was allowed on that floor. Which is really against the law. He had all the windows covered up. And why did the use a surrogate.
        I also think it’s strange that she don’t show them twins because they showed Blue Ivy when she was less than a month.
        Something is fishy about them not showing them twins. I forget that she even has them because their is no mention of them or pictures. Kim did he same thing with Saint. She showed North right away and she took forever to let us see Saint.

  9. So wassup with the baby from her ex because I saw the video where they asked him was she pregnant from him when they were together n he did yes n they asked did she lose the baby n he paused n said no I wonder did she sacrifice THAT baby

  10. Hey G— I don’t know if anyone else has been in a room with The Carters, but I have and I believe 100% what you say.
    Can you give insight on the bodyguard Julian? What part does he play in there lives outside of his occupation?
    I think Jay had his bodyguard killed (Norm, the white guy that worked along side Julian when they were first hired). There were rumors that he stole a family photo of the Carters and was jerking off (I know. Weird), but he DID die. Julian took over and is the watch dog for them.
    It’s weird being at a small party when you (meaning me) am at a comfortable distance from the couple and he is just hawk-eyeing me the whole night. I’m not conceded or delusional enough to say it was an attraction, but it made me very uncomfortable.

  11. Makes sense her hair is always blonde but in the video where they were at the the basketball game the way he was giving her pieces of the pretzel I said damn he look like he feeding a child

  12. I had to pray after reading all this. I couldn’t sleep. This is the creepiest post I’ve read to date

  13. J reminds me of a sociopath. His public persona that is widely accepted charismatic, intelligent, thought provoking guy but underneath it all he is basically a satanic piece of shit that would do anything to elevate himself

  14. What does Adele get out of the worship ritual? Did Bey kill JHuds career because she didn’t hand over that Oscar? Lol

  15. I believe all of this I have one question Where are the twins? We see all her post of being pregnant with them but only one pic of them and supposedly a pap picture I believe was staged. Other than that no more all we see is them out with Blue Ivy.

  16. Can people stop calling celebrities & famous people QUEEN.
    It bothers me. They are not the definition of Queen to me.
    Music is a beautiful thing and it’s so multifaceted that people get wrapped up in it. Especially each younger generation. Follow God, Jesus, & Panagia in your heart.

  17. The Goddess is Oshun and thats African. Nothing wrong with her representing an African Goddess. And if she was really a witch they wouldnt be able to touch her. Especially if her mother is a powerful one

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