October 1, 2022

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56 thoughts on “The Truth Behind The On The Run Tour Tickets Not Selling, Jay and Giselle Fighting

  1. I could appreciate Hov doing a roc reunion tour. Her fans are not his fans. His core fans dont feel like seeing bey all night and her fans dont feel like seeing him. Plus been there done that as far as the OTR tour is concerned, coupled with no new music, why bother?

  2. As a Giselle fan… I see no lies here… this is accurate asf the hive has cancelled Jay… I wanna see how they cover up the boos this tour will not get an HBO special like the last!

  3. Thats interesting because when I went to otr 1 i actually enjoyed jigga thw most. Because my standards were low for him lol. I knew bey was gonna kill it. But he actually ended up surprising me..

  4. Damn almost make me feel ashamed to admit This is my first Giselle concert EVER, as a born & raised Brooklynite I’m actually going for bc JayZ.
    I’m sure some scandal will pop off @ least I hope so or that joint album drops

    1. That’s was the main thing I took away from this story too. Damn, what did they do to SZA. Love her music… 😮

      Beyonce would better off going on your herself. Jay-z would be better if he did do a reunion tour with ROC acts, like someone mentioned in the comment section.

      1. I think Jay is too controlling and selfish to have ROC tour… He probably will give them all sorts of shady deals and something tells me that previous ROC artists aren’t down with that but i could be wrong

  5. I knew this was going to happen, Giselle don’t need him. She can go on tour by herself. She is a great performer her shows are good. Jay.z is old and need to set down somewhere.

  6. As soon as I heard about OTR 2 I said “been there done that.” I went to the 1st one so I’m not interested in seeing them do it again. Not to mention I went to the 4:44 tour in December. I’m done with these 2 for a while.

    Oh and why on earth would it even make sense for them to think that Janet Jackson would open up for them??

  7. So the fans or industry deactivated him?
    Supposedly Kanye’s album is the #1 streamed album- after what he’s said and done I thought he was the one deactivated- I’m confused-
    Also how can handlers be deactivated?

    1. I heard last year that Jay.Z was being deactivated by Drake. Thats way he never like Drake because, he know drake was comimg for his place number one. I believe Jay.Z had something to do with this beef between Drake and Push.T. behind close doors.

      1. Right, Jay let Push use his story of OJ beat for story of adidon, Jay had to give the okay to use it. Shady biz.

    1. Giselle must have hit head extra hard! Janet had not forgotten what Giselle said about The Jacksons. Giselle know better.

  8. I’m not gonna lie….. I’ve honestly been saying I gotta go to Beyonce’s concert. I totally forgot it’s both Jay and Bey’s. I’m a Jay fan too!! For real!! And I love 4:44. I totally didn’t see him or have him in mind. I swore I was going to see Bey! I would have been shocked to see Jay lol. “Is this a world tour or girls tour?” In my Drake voice.

    1. Lbrown Beyonce had a better chance asking drake to come on tour with her, then Janet. Drake deactivating him since last year. I know Jay.Z wasn’t having that. 4.44 was the last album for him. No matter what Drake do wrong right now, he will still sale more than Jay.Z. He is his replacement they will never get along.

      1. Ladavis I agree. They playing games and low key being disrespectful asking a living legend, Janet Jackson to open their show. Your 100% right about Drake tho…he’s the perfect addition. Jay scared he gone lose his wife lol. Jay know Drake want his whole life including his wife lol.

  9. Im not a bey fan. Love the music and dance moves but not really a fan of “her”. Same with Mariah, love her voice and music but not necessarily “her”. Now Jay is a different story. I love his flow and hes a Sag, they are bachelors and behave as such. I wouldnt marry one.

    Sza is smart and getting out of the industry is a smart move, her creativity could be used in another form. Aint no way Janet gonna open for Bey when they couldnt even get it together who was going to be in the middle for a magazine cover. Janet is what Bey aspired to be like. Janet is legendary and here first. Thats to be respected.

    I think they should do separate tours. Jay still has a lot of fans despite 4:44. He has songs for decades. Id prefer to Roc with Jay (pun intended) over Bey anyday.

  10. Seems to me like this was a good idea gone bad. She probably agreed to it thinking that she’d keep an eye on him and stop him from cheating but Jay is trash, he will NEVER stop cheating. And I don’t know about anyone else but I’m offended that he’s arguing with her about the direction of the show. Giselle is currently the number one artist out right now and she KNOWS how to put on a show. All Jay has ever done for 20 years is walk around stage rapping in sneakers-he needs to sit his ass down and let Beyoncé run this. Overall though I don’t feel bad for her. Every woman knows her man and she sat right down and had more kids by him when she knows he ain’t shyt. She’s in it for the image and the power.

  11. I attended OTR 1 and the crowd was VERY divided. Bey fans sat while Jigga performed and all 10 of us Hov fans enjoyed his songs lol.

    I can DEFINITELY say there was a TON of satanic/ baphomet imagery and pyrotechnics that was hypnotic.
    I didn’t have confirmation of what I know now thru NCasedYouDidntKnow but I knew it felt cult-esque & uncomfortable.

    Whenever instructed, the crowd threw up that Roc sign & chanted lyrics, in a trance. For those still on the fence about devil worshipping thru music, watch the visuals from OTR 1. Plain sight.

  12. 1.Who is deactivating jigga?
    2. What the hell happen to Sza…(wonder if this can be explained in PR diaries)?????????

  13. Sooooo… We just going skip pass the fact that Beyonce signed on to do this tour and she still hasn’t dropped a new CD for her stans… Like how could you pay rent worth of dollars for the same damn set of songs since 16… Repeated at Coachella again… But she added college HBCU theme and booty shorts with a shirt directly showing she’s rocking all seeing eye… Not going worry about the fact that Beyonce as far as I know never graduated from high school… But I digress… I love Janet and I did go see her concert last year… But to ask her to join them was wrong… And Janet music and fans would be lost in Mass of Beyonce fans

  14. The nerve of them to ask THEE Janet Lengendary Jackson to be their opening act?
    Are they okay?

    G, I’m sure you’ve previously said that Janet don’t fuck with Giselle like that right? Why on earth would this even be a topic of discussion?

  15. I don’t really care for Giselle or Jigga, but a reunion tour with the original Destinys child would be nice to see. Too bad it probably would never happen.

  16. So G? If he’s deemed disposable at some point since he’s deactivated already could Giselle give him up?

  17. I beg to differ! I’m actually really tired of seeing BEYONCÉ 😴😴😴😴 and def tired of them same songs and over the top drill team routines everyone hypes up. Snooze fest!

  18. I just lost even more respect for them because they asked Janet Jackson to be a part of their corny ass tour. How dare them??

    Speaking of Janet…. Did she had to do any rituals for her solo career or was it done for her via her brothers earlier in the day?? I know Joe had to be down with something to get those kids their fame

  19. What is the possibility of divorce and replacing Hov with a hot young rapper,actor or athlete. I’ve been thinking this would happen since the lusty lebron eyes from Beyonce we’re first exposed lol.

  20. Basically her marriage is reminiscent of her parents. I can guarantee that once Giselle is done with him his career won’t be the same. They will make sure of that. She will be painted as the long suffering wife and he will be looked at as satan himself. In that moment I’ll feel no pity for either of them. They both got together on some power hungry shit and silenced everyone who they deemed was in their way. She told y’all in Ring the Alarm what mattered to her in their union…wasn’t love. She may love him but everything is mostly ego and image.

  21. I too could see Destinys child on tour and I actually wouldn’t be mad at Kanye either I also remember Chris Brown throwing out about him and Ri Ri doing a tour with them

    1. A Kanye and bey song I wouldn’t mind their duo but she fucked up letting jay manage her he can’t even manage hisself her and Rasheed’s remind me of each other it’s cringe

  22. So I’m going to this tour not really feeling it nomore this my first concert of hers his theirs and I just need to see these signs but I can see Giselle doing interviews or having a breakdown something to stay afloat since the tour getting backlash but I blame them both for them being greedy now the ship sinking.

  23. Why is she even going on tour with no new music out in the first place? These people really bout to go spend their hard earned money on the same 15 year old choreography smh

  24. I wonder if mama Tina and blue had a witchcraft session this weekend since she was with her. If the industry like twins why aren’t they interested in rumi and sir why they want blue she was born in it but what else?

  25. I have been to a JayZ concert and had the best time. I do love his music. The OTR tour didnt come to where I live, so I didnt have the opportunity to go, but I did enjoy the HBO special though. Bey is always going on tour new music or not. I don’t really get it, but her fans do not care. They will pay for her to stand on the stage aned breathe, hahaha. I DID NOT know the Carter’s were fighting on OTR 1, I’m shocked. Plus I didnt know they were near divorce. I heard that Bey was sleeping with one of her male twin dancers during the MCWT and Jay came on tour with her becuase he found out….IS THIS TRUE G?

    1. This is how they get you nd get over you. The actual fight is real behind the scenes , but to the hive and others, its all fake to “so call claim to pushed a new album or a concert to sell tickets”. But in reality, those know the truth knows they are literally fighting. This same ole practical illusion is getting old, tired, and played out. Not to mention, time is running out. Bey and Jay are running out of time. Clive just don’t give out titles like “The Queen of Light” for no reason. Imma be real with yall. Prime Examples: Whitney Houston “The Voice”. What happen to her voice? “The Sophisticated Lady” – Phyllis Hyman. What happened to her self- esteem? “The Godfather of Soul” – James Brown. What happen to his sound, his gut wrenching spirit when you play his music? Notice that each of these artists had a title given to them, but also notice that within those titles, its something about them connect are real reason to the artists. Something to thing about. 🤔

  26. Hov is too old and their music demographic is too different along with age. The first tour was cute I went lol but those damn tickets cost to much . Like you said G i would be happy to see them seperate performing but together ✌🏾. People forget about Karma also when your time is up it’s up.
    Side note : when you get a chance touch base with Sza because I’ve been hearing so many things .

  27. Beyonce has over-toured/performed the past decade. Since the 4 album, we’ve seen countless high profile Beyonce performances- two Destinys Child reunions, two to three HBO performance specials, two Superbowl Halftimes, two joint tours with Jay Z, two 15 minute medley performances for the VMA’s, three Grammy performances (one gospel one she even stole from Ledisi), two Made in America festivals, two performances were she debuted her baby bumps (VMA’s and Grammy’s) in a grandiose fashion, one Glastonbury Festival, one Coachella Festival, one Global Citizens festival. What else is there for her to do?

    The interest was going to die down eventually. She’s so overexposed as a performer now. I remember even during the last Grammy performance she did and the VMA’s where Rihanna was supposed to be honored people were complaining she was doing too much.

    1. jumi810 Beyonce is a great performer, but I agreed with you. She has done so much there nothing else she can do. Now that Coachella performance was great. She should have done that for her tour. I would like to see her do that over again live.

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