July 1, 2022

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8 thoughts on “Asap Rocky Pissed That His Name Got Dragged Into The Drake and Pusha T Beef

  1. This is going to get very bad for all thats involved. They already talk about mothers, children, baby mothers. Now OVO and Cash Money family going get involved with this beef. NAS AND JAY.Z beef was bad, and feelings got hurt. They talk about it, came to a understanding and went their serpent ways. But this seems like some Biggie and 2Pac level. Now everybody have to take a side right now. Nicki just write some verses on Kenya West album. Nicki back on drake side and drake just diss kenya. Now she back in the middle of another beef. Poor Nicki, just when she thought things were good with her friends then this mess came out. I think she wrote for Kenya months ago before all of this happen. Still she’s in the middle. THIS IS GOING TO BE ONE HELL OF A SUMMER. 😈😡👹

    1. Not necessary. All Nicki have to say is ,”My name is Bennett and I ain’t it.” Or “I am trying to get my coins and that’s it!” The only way to stay out of it is don’t pay attention to it.

  2. Why does Drake always throw up 6’s??? Is it just because he’s from Toronto or is he down too? And why do we never here anything about him gossip wise.. aside from his side baby?

    1. S.Nicole drake is down with the goat face too. It was said he sacrifice his friend 40. Every body in the industry got to sacrifice someone to stay In or, go to the next level. Drake always wining stay on top for 8 years. People want his spot. Nicki Minaj beef with the wrong people. Drake don’t beef with nobody. I don’t know why they coming for him now. The elites probably ask him for something and he refuse to give. They ask Nicki Minaj for her mother years ago and she refuse to give up her mother. Nicki Minaj still have to give them somebody or they will kill her. A gold single and her song will be use on the BET new show in July. Just pass Queen Bey for the most top hits for women in music industry. She still wining and i wonder what she had to do for all this.

  3. The question I have is…why alot artist in the hip hop industry doesn’t like Drake? He just stays in his lane from what I’ve seen and make music.

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