September 29, 2022

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43 thoughts on “J Prince Steps in and Tells Drake, “Don’t Respond”

    1. He’s a street dude down here in Texas ..( Houston) to be specific but he’s leveled up ha he’s on legal money but got a huge influence on the streets still. He brought people like the rapper Scarface into the spotlight. ..geto boys…he helped with a lot of ugk promotions and things like that….he owns Rap A Lot records …man’s very low key he likes it that way but everyone respects him cause of his power. He had a lot do with Mayweathers success in boxing too I believe? Anyways ha he’s official that’s all I know. Respected figure in the muic business. He does lot of charity for his hometown too so he got love.

    2. He’s a man that commands respect in the streets and the industry.
      If he had the time and opportunity, he could have ended the beef between big and Pac and they would probably be alive today. He’s also in Drakes pockets, that’s why he doesn’t want Drake pursuing this beef with pusha.

  1. G what do the elites want from drake? Did they ask for his mother. Because they wanted Nicki to give up her mother years ago, but she refuse. And i will like to know is Nicki Minaj a sex kitty slave too? Who is her handler? If so who did she had to sleep with for her single chin lie is now gold. And she just pass bey for the most top 10 hits for a female artist. And BET is using her song for their new show this July. Why are they giving her credit now? What’s the tea behind this movement? We want all the sugar.😁🙂🤔

  2. Prince got lot of respect in the streets.. but this is hip hop..he should know there is no respect in a “diss” whole point is to disrespect. Maybe he trying to make Drake look like the better man? What can he come back with? He’s been on a good streak maybe Prince trying to protect Drake just in case his reply won’t hit. Either way it got me nostalgic ha…miss this in hip hop long as it don’t spill into volience….I just want Drake to respond so I can get more Pusha tracks

    1. Right lol he shouldn’t have mentioned his fiancé💁🏾‍♀️Drake maybe really in his feelings the way prince said he was telling him not to respond

  3. I low key want Drake to respond. He’s a hit-maker whether you like his music or not. He is consistent. I thought the same thing G about him being a Scorpio – Pusha T will not win.

    Plus I can confirm what Drake said about Pusha – he and his brother were nerds. They’ve always been into music but they were not hustling in the street like that. In the end, Drake has given Pusha enough promo…

    1. Drake can’t attack him for not living the life he raps about when he does the exact same thing. He needs to come harder in order to win.

    2. Him being a need back in the day probably helped him bury Drake with his versus.
      Plus we all know Aubrey ain’t no killa either

  4. It’s a freaking rap battle why everybody actin so butt hurt? 🤦🏾‍♀️They need to let that man respond it’s only making him look worse if he doesn’t

    1. Yes that’s what I’m saying they making him seem softer the diss records back then was way more disrespectful. But Pusha might do have something else on him

  5. Morning G, can you give us tea on Tia & Tamera? Why Tia doesn’t like Adam and how they’ve had such a clean image in Hollywood all their lives?

    1. Adam was abusive in the past. Check artemusgordon Page. Her mother plays no games, so no one had a chance to get their hands on them.

    2. You can tell he mistreated her or still do. The way she talks about him is like she worships him.

    3. I always wondered how they managed to be lowkey in hollyweird but they’re both still relevant so makes you think what do they have to do to stay a float 🤔

  6. At this point… It’s just a matter of who’s going out run each other and with Pusha T… He can run all day bc he’s not risking nothing… But his own credibility vs… Slots on billboards… If he was worried about his sales… He would dropped this smack as soon as he heard it… I truly low key think he heard the gossip and Rocky confirmed it on accident by revealing her was not the father…

  7. I heard about the fake abs a while back on blind gossip. Lol I love Drake’s music but he’s a goofie. He loves throwing stones like he doesn’t live in a glass house. This is his karma for the Meek situation.

  8. Jaz Prince dad, but are we forgetting the classic Super Ugly by Jay Z where he lyrically assaults not only Nas but his baby mother as well.. all is fair in hip hop beefs. 🤷🏾‍♀️ Pusha T broke it down like Nas did Jay Z in Ether, about women calling him ugly and his self esteem … I.e winning, but not insulting his family, but him personally on some personal shit.. made him think…

  9. I promise you this “beef” gets more and more like a soap opera by the day. At the end of it, the only person to blame is Drake himself. Pusha LITERALLY dissed him based off of rumors from blogs. Like I said so many times, the French chic put it out there in the press that he was the kid’s father. So most of the world(at least those who paid attention) knew. He shoulda handled that situation at go. If it’s yours say so, if not say so. Then there wouldn’t be anything for Pusha to use. NOW he has to say something about his paternity(yay or nay) because his character has been murdered. But the point is Drake is ashamed that he’s gotten himself in this mess, so he let’s it ride. Well clearly, hoping it would “go away” hasn’t helped. I figured Drake is nervous about this whole thing. He’s too quiet. Boy sweating bullets.

  10. This is why I like J Prince. He is very level-headed dude who only wants what is best for those out here who are trying to make something of themselves. And he is right! Drake should not respond. Again, J Prince is right. Drake got way more to lose. Sponors, records, spots on the charts, contract obligations, and now child support. You see how J Prince approached Diddy about his son Jaz and slapping Drake? Diddy got scared as fuck! J Prince don’t play that mess. Everybody in the South respect him for being that guy who only wants what is best for everyone. Darke have to overlooked guys like Pusha T. You don’t see Giselle out here beefing with this person and that person. You don’t see Rihanna, Pharrell, etc…out here beefing with folks. They know they got alot to lose and they went through alot of bullshit to get to where they are today. Drake needs to listen J Prince. And if yall read between the lines of the advice that J Prince told Drake, pretty soon you won’t hear nothing from Pusha T.

      1. Diddy owed Jaz Prince his money, his masters, and the contract. Diddy talked mad shit towards Jaz. So, Jaz told his daddy about the situation. Next thing we found out that Diddy had to give Jaz his money, ripped up the contract, and gave up Jaz’s masters.

  11. Do you think they are trying to stop Drake’s reign or do you think it’s a humiliation ritual? I just dont ser drake coming down like that.

  12. I swear, j Prince is one of the top elites in the game 🙊 G, are you allowed to speak on him, unless I’m mistaking him for someone else with a similar name.

  13. If he doesn’t respond he’s a pussy. People get personal in rap beefs all the time, why he acting like a lil bitch.

  14. This topic is boring now… Where’s the Watergate story and something else you promised a few weeks back… I’m sure there’s something on that subject more interesting than hearing about Drake not responding…#snoozefest now

  15. I want to know what Drake going to reveal about Kanye and Pusha T? How bad was Drake going to go in on them? I know Kanye has alot of issues, but what would put his career in jeopardy? This diss record may get leak…

    Never heard of J Prince before until today…Glad you all provided more clarification on what his claim to fame is.

  16. Drake will be fine unlike Nicki she already had a bad reputation too begin with. Drake is America sweetheart beloved for the last 8-10 years. I only know this because I remember being 16 listening to Drake. Now my sis is 18 listening to Drake 10 years later. He’ll be fine but Pusha will be like Remy who no longer gets as much attention as when shether dropped.🤷

    1. Good of bad reputation, that don’t matter. Drake needs to be careful who he call friends. He can’t trust no body but his family and long time friends. Drake should have know better, to not share this with noone but his mother and father. Remy ma not getting any attention, even though her music is good. The raidos stations not playing her songs. They are playing Cardi. B and Nicki Minaj songs. Nicki not number 1 no more, but she right behind Cardi.b

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