July 1, 2022

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7 thoughts on “Season 1 Archive The Real Reason Giselle and J Did Not Come to Kim and Kanye’s Wedding part 3

  1. Sis. This sugar is SWEET!!! Thank you so much. I’ve heard bits and pieces but never the whole story.

  2. Is it true that JAy and Bey threw them some type of joint Bachleorette / pre wedding party before the weeding?

  3. Jay z a drama queen😂 start this bullshit then act like he better when Giselle say something to make her feel like she won but whole time his ass just shutting her up smh…and now I see why Kanye was going hard for bey he knows she deserves better he deserves an apology from bey seriously.

  4. G, Can we get some of the new stories as well. I have been waiting on the finale of Toni and Mariah (not sure if you did that). Also some of the Def jam stories, the gospel industry tea that you promised last month. Lmaoo

  5. This leads me to ask, what was the real reason for Kanye’s breakdown. If u know, spill the sugar please 🙂

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