September 29, 2022

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17 thoughts on “Have We Been Right Calling It MK Ultra All Along?

  1. I believe it. Especially with Kanye, he looks so different. Dead in the eyes. We will never hear new music from him again. What a shame 🙁

    1. I was listening to College Dropout the other day and teared up a little because I KNOW he is never putting anything out again. He had some next level thinking that resonated with people. Granted, it would sometimes boil over, but he was a TRUE artist.

  2. I read that Eminem is really disheveled and the Eminem we’ve been seeing is a body double is this true?

  3. This reminds me of the lazaraous ( however you spell it lol) movie on Netflix starring Paul walker… is really good…

  4. Get Out .. he showed us in the movie but because he’s a comedian they people think it’s comedy

    1. Jordan Peele classified it as a Sociological Thriller. I think the industry labeled it as a comedy to invalidate the underlying message.

      1. That is exactly what they did and they know we “as black folk” were watching and taking notes

  5. i knew this.. that was my comment on the nikki page. people watch too much tv, cloning is real but u don’t just go around cloning whole adults into whole adults.. it doesn’t work that way. Something far more sinister is happening to these celebs.

    sidenote: the billionaire married to diane von furstenberg (sp) got his dead dogs cells cloned into new puppies, but the puppies although they had the cells of the dead dog were still born puppies & have to grow up. Same would be true for people.

    1. Barbara Streisand clined her dog too!! Apparently some Argentinean race horse breeder is cloning horses frim cells too! This is insane.

  6. yeah I knew it wasn’t “cloning”. I think you told us that before you were never sure about the “cloning” thing. But girllllll yes lobotomies are still going on to this day. Electroshock therapy. Water boarding. Think of Guantanamo Bay… but in the United States … and celebrities instead of terrorists and traitors. Disgusting.

  7. Girllll did you see how much that shitty song bartier did on the charts!?! That song is HORRIBLE. they doggin nicki on Twitter. Don’t cardis stans know that this is a cycle and she won’t last? Actually they won’t because that is part of the cycle: for them to slowly not care and forget about the artist before. Lord have mercy on us all.

  8. Makes more sense cloning usually starts as a fetus so it’s . Plus, G you said a while back that they were using electro shock

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