October 6, 2022

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75 thoughts on “HOLD THE FUCK UP!!!! PSA

    1. Right!!!!! It’s a dollar. They need to stop holding the rest of us up with their damn shenanigans. Gina don’t have time for this BS. Pay it and move on…. Or just move on… Damn!

  1. So you have to keep posting a dollar everytime??? I paid when you first requested… still no access… not sure how your site works

    1. Hi, it’s $1 a month or $10 for the whole year. Gina was operating on an honours system but people were being dishonest hence she had to move to something else. The new system went live on the 18th February. It is automated so if you signed up form then you will have been sent a registration link to create a username and password and access the contents.

  2. That’s sad. SMH. You are truly heaven sent cause I would have said fuck it a long time ago. This seems stressful. Stealing links? That’s a new low. Don’t shit surprise me no mo’. That’s crazy.

    1. I thought it was just me because I have not received any notification via email as well. I am sitting here wondering why she hasn’t posted anything until I decided to check the blog and see she has posted quite a few post. Do i have to click on link again?

    2. I was thirsty all day for my emails and couldn’t figure out what happened. I logged into the blog and see I missed so much. 🤬

  3. Hey Gina i have been checking my PayPal email and the links I have received so far haven’t worked. Can you please resend to me thank you xo

    1. The link sent to me didn’t work either…so I entered it manually and I was good to go. Try doing that. Best of luck

    2. Hi Phoebe, have you already been in contact with Gina about this. I.e. has she already sent you your link manually? You only get one unique link per person.

  4. I noticed that the first time I tried logging in from safari . I had to use my app and sign out then sign back in . I was confused but it only happened once so I thought it was a glitch smh

  5. This is getting ridiculous I thought all the bs would of stayed on IG, like seriously why steal a link when it’s easy to get your own and follow the damn directions…Damn G sorry you and your team have to deal with the bs.

  6. Terrible… It’s only a $1 or $10 for the rest of the year if you can’t afford that then you just don’t need any sugar… #tuh

  7. Terrible… It’s only a $1 or $10 for the rest of the year if you can’t afford that then you just don’t need any sugar… #tuh

  8. 😳😩🤣🤣❤️ I’m sorry but it is HILARIOUS (and I LOVE) when you cuss ppl out in your post…Hold The FUCK UP cheap ass lying ass stealing ass muthafuckers!!!! 👏🏾👏🏾

    No, before your site I used to wonder could that many ppl lack common sense in the world 😕 But NOW…I definitely know sense ain’t common!

    How in the world does it work perfectly fine for some who aren’t the least bit tech savvy (ME😳) and then others are so lost??! Andddddddd whooooooo is trying to steal $1 worth of SUGAR??? Low down disgusting dirty dog. …stealing sonofabitch! (Had to end with a cuss word)

    1. That’s why I said earlier that I felt some ppl were tryna get over!! I’m telling you cause ain’t no way in hell all those ppl couldn’t get in and I could within minutes!!! And I have a crappy Android that I can barely work!

  9. Wait how can they see the comments? Before i paid i couldn’t not see any comments without logging in unless the story was not blocked. Some of your stories you could still see without login in.

  10. This is soooo messed up. If they can’t buy into this, and yes, $10 is cheap, they need to keep it moving right back over to IG. But to play games with people’s time and effort is so disturbing and disrespectful. Ugggh!

  11. Guys, this is the process of signing up… You go to the ‘Become A Sugar Baby’ tab on the main menu. You click on the option you want. You are then redirected to Paypal where you pay. You have the option to use your actual Paypal account or just let Paypal facilitate the payment. Honestly, there is no need for another payment gateway. As soon as that goes through, your basic details (email, membership level) come through to the admin end of the website and your account is partially created under a unique ID number. Here it remains ‘Incomplete’ until you complete your account which means you cannot access the protected content. In the meantime an email is AUTOMATICALLY generated containing a unique link for you to complete your account with us. The email comes from WordPress and has the heading ‘Complete Registration’. The link is unique to each person because it is based on your unique user ID that got created as soon as your payment came through. This is why we are stressing that people please double check all folders including spam/junk of the email account their Paypal is associated with. Because each link is individual to each person. Please bare in mind that this new system went live on the 18th February. If you were getting the emails with the sugar posts then you were getting the emails with the PSA posts detailing the changes and why Gina needed to go down this route.

      1. I saw all the directions G put up and mind you I was sick as a dog with the stomach virus! It took me 10 minutes but I did get it!

    1. Quick question. I paid the dollar but am I able to go back and just pay for the year as well? Or should I wait till this gets sorted out? I don’t want to add to the headache y’all. Thanks!

    1. That’s what I said! They complain about the dollar but then you they want you to hold their hand to get setup? Start charging for setup assistance I bet they get it together then. 😂

  12. I have a different dilemma. I paid eons ago, receive emails to this day, y’all have withdrawn $1.33 on the 17th (how idk but I’m not pressed) anyway I can’t access the site from the web. But can read everything through email. When I try to login, it doesn’t work. I guess this isn’t WordPress login, but it also says I still have to pay when I register. I was never sent a link or anything.

    1. Hi, was this the 17th of February? You can’t login unless you paid under the new system and that didn’t go live until the 18th.

      1. Hi 👋🏾
        Yes, the 17th of February. I also paid when it was back on Facebook. Should I just register again? I just want to get the tea lol.

  13. Wow how rude it’s $1 or $10 both of which are reasonable af. That’s why I’m glad I went through the process of doing it through email. This is ridiculous people.

  14. DAMN! Waking up to this!! Who the fuck are these clown ass people??? Like seriously!!! Over a damn dollar or a ten??? Shittin me!!! And Gina keeps having to repeat the damn log in stuff. I’m sorry you have to go though this Gina. I thought I had a damn headache with my profession but OOOO Chile!!! Humans are damn hilariously sad to me!!! Shit! Always effin it up for those who do the right thing!!! Ugh!!

  15. Did you pay when in january? in early february? that’s probably why if you did. those were all free access you were subscribing to the blog as katie explained but people were not being honest so we had to change it. it is now a monthly subscription

  16. Somebody saw G posting links to the site and decided to do a copy and paste. TRANSLATION: When one person got there link, they decided to use somebody’s else link, copied it, texted it or emailed it to the next person. Folks, that’s Copyright Infringement. And if G wants to pursue this on a FEDERAL LEVEL, SHE CAN AND WIN TOO!!! FOLKS DON’T DO THAT!!! YALL MESSING UP! PLUS, CAN GO TO JAIL! G and Ket, yall take yall time and get it straight no need to rush. ❤❤❤❤❤

  17. Registration is really not that complicated. I’m not understanding why ppl are having so much trouble unless they are being dishonest. It’s just a damn dollar!! PAY THE LADY

  18. Ppl tripping over spending a fxckin dollar. A happy meal cost more than that! Ppl get lazy n want you to do all the work. Gina do your thang if I was you I wouldn’t answer no more questions either. Ppl so simple they pay and if the paying email is different from logon email they should say so. Otherwise just keep working bc they will try n work you to death. Stop answering the dummies!! Sugar babies will help where we can. 💋💋💋

  19. It’s less than a meal at McDonald’s. Cost less than a blunt or a bottle. Cost less than any bill you have. Acting like a dollar or two is hard. Call em out!!!!

  20. I think you have to make sure all your stories are locked. They aren’t so when you post the link people with no login can see it and steal it. I don’t know if you know or not that anybody can still see most of the story and the comments. You may have set it up that way i don’t know but if you kick the story they can’t see comments to steal

  21. People are really scheming off a dollar?..Gina has so much patience cuz I know people who would’ve gave up since Facebook lol. Y’all need to register for a computer class if it’s THAT hard.

  22. G, I think what you should’ve done in the first place was to privatized the page and ask for the dollar and whoever paid will receive the special password via their email to see every story you post when they get on the site. That would’ve been an easy method to keep track of people who paid and to avoid liars who claims that they paid. so when they claim that they pay, you can copy their email and search thru email to see if they did.

  23. This thing is getting frustrating. I clicked on the link you sent me . I subscribed and I was supposed to get an email .. nothing was sent .. I verified that it was the correct email. I paid through PayPal I have the receipts. I just can’t get in . You sent me the link about 3 times and it’s the same thing .

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