October 1, 2022

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25 thoughts on “Today We Drag Charlamange The God

  1. It makes me sad watching how everyone is treating Monique. Like she hasn’t been busing her ass and been on television in our households forever now . But he did the same thing with drake .. talking mad shit until drake sent those bottles n had him looking cray . Now you love drake lol .
    Cooning and buffooning 😑

      1. Hit that menu button uptop and go to contact. Follow the instructions and fill out the info. She should also respond that way too.

  2. I don’t know too much about him but I watched the interview with Monique. When she told him abt others who’ve paved the way and she mentioned Moms Manley and he asked did she sell out arenas. I was thru. Then when Monique compared him to the dude in Birth of a nation. I got chills. And I think he did too. He and Angela knew Monique was making sense. The spirit was undeniable in that interview. But they have their marching orders. When Monique said to Angela her daughters are coming next; that child didn’t know what to say. That’s what happens when you live a sell out life. The truth makes you quiver. Love u G.

  3. Chileeeeeeeee that picture 🤣😂 G REEEEEEEEAD his ass through every filthy thing you could think of in the whole world, outer space and under space…..and this is just part 1.

  4. Never really cared for him and definitely don’t watch his show. Definitely couldn’t give to fucks about him when I saw him out with Tomi.

  5. I definitely knew that he was an agent for the Elites. They have a lot of our black people out there to use against us, it makes me sad and angry as fuck! I really hate how people are sleep to it all when it’s right in our faces.

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