July 2, 2022

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60 thoughts on “The Truth Behind Rappers And Groupies

  1. That’s crazy… I wonder why hoes be winning but so many good girls are single….. Can’t trust nobody not even the hoes you sleep with

    1. Wow thats foul.. these women are serious😥😕😫 & these duds never learn. Thanks for that inside sugar G. It all makes sense now

  2. Shittttttt……Do these women don’t realized if they collect that semen in their mouths, they are at a higher and greater risk for HSV-1 or Herpes Simplex Viral -1 or a Herpes Cold Sores???? 😨

    1. None of that is important when a check is involved for them. C.R.E.A.M is their motto. Cash rules everything around me, get the money dolla dolla bills!!

    2. If you think that’s nasty men are letting other men skeet in their mouths right before getting a dna test so that the dna results come back “you are not the father” nothing surprises me anymore I have literally seen it all

  3. Yes I always knew about how groupies do this. This was actually on an episode of Ray Donovan. The very first episode. When a baller was sleeping with somebody and he came in her mouth and she spit it out in a little valve and put it inside the ice bucket and took the ice bucket outside but Ray knew what was happening and grab the bucket before the 2nd person took it. Always figured that’s how they do things just never knew that was the way instathots promote themselves.

    1. Yes! There’s always some truth in movies and tv shows. They already showed us. Another eyes wide open situation

  4. Well dayum! I believe this…I also have a theory too lol yall hear me out..So i think these rappers go after porn stars, escorts, etc also is because they have LOW SELF ESTEEM. They not checking for the girls thats got shit poppin in their real life (finacially, career wise, school, emotionally, spiritually etc). They go after money grubbing women who are empty vessels, because they themselves are EMPTY VESSELS. Most of their lyrics aren’t talking about anything of substance(money clothes hoes etc) . You know, that energy you are puttibg out will attract those with the same energy. And dont get me started on the ones who date/marry outside their race AFTER they start making money. Like, you know Karen only fckn with you for your money, right? Again, LOW SELF ESTEEM. I’ve had this theory for a while now lol what do you guys think? I’d love to hear your feed back <3

    1. I agree. I think they want someone just as messed up as them. Someone who allows them to be a piece of sh!t in peace.

  5. Wow . This had me shook !
    That’s nuts I need a moment of silence lol
    For real I used to be like are these dudes that stupid .. very enlightening G and scary as hell 👀

    1. It is scary and the women don’t think if they get pregnant this way, they don’t think they won’t catch an STD! Wrong! These hoes better think before they react! Its only temporary money. That’s all.

  6. Saw this in an episode of the game when she wanted to use a turkey Bastet to get the nit out of the condom lmao

  7. I try to have my friends read this blog stories and they are so close minded and not woke enough it’s sad and frustrating…they think I’m crazy little do they know they’ve fallen into the system 🤦🏾‍♀️

  8. I’ve heard this before but not the record label’s involvement. Seems like all roads lead to record companies, smh 😩

  9. Cert disturbing.. unfortunately, these men won’t learn. Women who carries themselves well and not thoting around are boring to them. Music industry is completely messed up. SMH

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