August 16, 2022

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140 thoughts on “The Truth Behind What They Are Saying About Rihanna and her cousin’s death

  1. If she would’ve chosen not to sacrifice her cousin, if the rumors are true. Could something major happen to her brand?

      1. Yes this is def true about the taking a pic before the sacrifice sorry G but drake did the same thing with his friend and days later he was dead.

      2. Mighty strange today dj Khalid bro in law ends up getting killed . RIP no disrespect but it’s an interesting thing . He’s been bigger than ever this year . Hits all over the radio a hit show on prime time tv 🤔

  2. I believe it 100% they all gotta do it. Not sure how their conscious let’s them go on. I follow fame vs sacrifice on YouTube. She did a story on this. She even break down the numbers on her videos. If you click the link don’t mind her language. I’m sure you will chuckle a time or two.

      1. Don’t want it and don’t come in here starting unnecessary drama “zara”. The video was a reference point. U tried it. #Nothankyou

  3. I heard Beyonce is due for a blood sacrifice. Also heard Houston’s hurricane was her sacrifice. Not sure about that one. They say she named it.

    1. I was just about to ask who has Giselle sacrificed because she been sitting g pretty for a long time.. but remember it was rumored that the humiliation ritual was her sacrifice a few years ago remember that belly incident with the interview when. She was allegedly pregnant with Ivy.

      1. I heard that too They say blue is… That blue is a sacrifice that blue ivy stands for something dinamic Cause member she had miscarriage after miscarriage…

      2. You know I’m worried about the kids!! Like North, Blue, and now Kylie’s baby. I wonder what they are doing for these children. Then Blue’s Mother using Oshun… idk I gotta see how that unfolds.

      3. I feel like Blue Ivy is a clone or something sometimes. I know children can be quirky but something is rather odd sometimes with her. She’s cute, but odd. What’s a humiliation ritual?

      4. That could be possible, if she isn’t now she eventually will be.. but there are levels to keeping the goat head pleased. But an humiliation ritual is when you offer to embarrass yourself in the media in order, to keep that money coming in , it normally comes first before someone does a blood sacrifice later.. It has been rumored when Chris allegedly beat Rih that was her offering a humiliation ritual, but we will never know for sure on that one.. Notice how the more money these celebs make, the weirder they become and people close to them always die in the weirdest or most tragic ways..

        You remember when Bey did that interview and that fake belly flipped upward, it has been claimed that was her offering .

      5. Indeed I rather work a 9-5 and keep my sanity than to do that mess.. I bet they have seen some stuff that would scare you senseless.

      6. You got that right! I’ll stay regular. I can’t even begin to imagine what they’ve seen and I’m not a person who is easily spooked but this stuff kind of gives me chills.

      7. Right it’s like she not a kid she don’t be kiddish if that make sence… Unlike north or royal they do what kids do I get when b is your mama and j is ur daddy and she to young to understand what type of power that is… But at her age you think she act more her age

      8. We only witness Blue in action how many times? That’s not enough to say she’s weird or not a human. She’s a real kid. There are kids that act grown like she does. Let be fair y’all and leave the kids out of it.

      9. You don’t know nobody knows… Yes shr acts grown she has to being around her mama and daddy… But when was the last time she was just a kid doing kid things like the rest. As many pix and viv we see of b n j I seen one video of blue dancing at b baby shower and one when she was in dance class…

      10. The assumption is being made that something is wrong there. I personally will not speak that on someone’s child bc we seen her act grown 4x. Her family is much more private than the Kardashians who make money off their photos. I think it’s safe to not assume anything about her based on her actions when we do see her. I’ve witnessed “ regular” kids that are worse 🤷🏽‍♀️ but time will tell…

      11. True I’m saying can’t put nothing pass nobody kids including given who thay parents are …. As we are in the kardashinans kids grow up to be they parents

      12. I wasn’t trying to disrespect a child. I don’t think she acts grown. I said odd. It was no harm intended in the comment which is why I chose my wording carefully so not to offend. Obviously it didn’t work though. Smh.

      13. I’m not offended at all. we have only seen her in action prob less than 10x. I’m saying that’s not enough times to say a child is odd. None of us (maybe) have ever had an encounter with the child to say anything about her.

      14. If humiliation works….then it’s gota be the elevator incident…with solange.
        But humilation v. Blood sacrifice…blood sacrifice seems way worse.

  4. Unbelievable I just can’t bring myself to think that Robyn could be capable of this it is so selfish. I have to be fair though like you said smh. Idk how this’ll play out but these people better be careful they make one wrong decision and they’re gone like the people they sacrificed.

    1. Girl believe it she wants fame and fortune but you can tell she tired of that shit…they all are but too scared to leave..I was surprised it want Melissa.

      1. Exactly! I think this was the lesser of who ever else… what if they asked for her mom or the baby cousin or whatever. Pick one anyone or they’ll pick is most likely they said.

  5. When I heard her cousin was murdered, the first thing I thought of was why now? Rih been poppin for a while now and most of her fam is still on the island. If ain’t nobody ever tried them before knowing they’re related, why now? Smh

  6. I thought it was extremely weird the timing of it all. Not that we know or have seen EVERY member of her family, but I’ve never seen her with him until he died.

  7. I believe it it happens all the time for it not to be.. You see a celb do good boom something bad happens or someone dies then boom they creer takes off.. Every since kayne and Jennifer Hudson I knew.. That’s why they not fucking with Nicki cause she wont

    1. Exactly I am.never shocked anymore if you’re​ affiliated with cash money ,Clive Davis or roc nation.. They will get your ass sooner or later..

      1. Chill, GranGran Dolly did not die at the beginning of her career, Rih was still a wild child when that happened! the industry couldn’t control her, still can’t, she just moved differently now. Me personally, I think her cousin was killed bc she won’t bow down! 1 thing Rih has is a solid fan base, her tours don’t do that good, but her fans buy any & every product that is attached to her name. If you follow Rih’s career you would know, she worked her for it, there was a time when there wasn’t a budget for her ( Tiara Marie, Rita Ora, Fka Twiggs) But bc her fans are ride or die, she made it. Idk about this 1 🤔

      2. I believe she didn’t have a choice but she picked him because they would have or could have taken her baby cousin. She threw him cause he’s 21 and the baby is like 2.

      3. I posted this comment about niki grandmother dying at the beginning of her career not Rihanna. I just know her grandpa’s died during her career.

  8. Not sure why some of y’all are shocked about Rih.. But it must suck to be her right now.

    yes she has the riches and fame but you don’t have your freedom.

  9. Hey G.Hope all is well..I’m so happy you did this story bcs it does seem that you are bias to the above mention artist sometimes G. Yes to me it seems like EVERYTHING you said in this article is true ABOUT riri. Also please touch on Drake and is illuminati affiliation, he always throwing up the devil 666 sign and did a song where he say he lost his halo. Keep the sugar coming G

    1. I was trying to get someone to explain that to me i thought maybe he was saying he lost an angel didnt his grandma die? but she was mad old maybe she didn’t

      1. Unfortinatley his new song Gods plan , he NOT talking about our lord and savior. I used to think at award shows when they thank god they were talking about Christ now i know better it really sad

  10. I thought the Chris brown thing was… That’s when she came out good girl gone bad and became all dark cut her hair… That umbrella is the video with signs in it

    1. And ironically the night her and Chris fought who’s party were they attending . The master puppeteer himself Clive Davis . All the weird shit that happens it’s a small circle connected to the same people . 👀

  11. Wow G damn I love me some ri-ri because she has that originality thats hard to come by now a days . I hope it isn’t true but we seen it coming G . That’s a hard pill to swallow . I just so crazy because I can’t imagine one having to live with that over their head . She had a huge year so know they weren’t going to just let her off But I feel like she is getting older and wants out . But only time will tell and we shall see

    1. thats what a lot of people say i say it caem from ray j being stupid and not listening to superhead who told him this was going to happen however some people say it was because the father was sacrificed even tho at the time he was already re married and not really talkin to any of them

      1. See that part makes no sense! BUT humiliation should be Ray but then that means they are FAR OVERDUE. But they are popping kids out like mad. And they are trapping dudes left and right soooo idk.

  12. Does the family every noe what’s going on. Or does Melissa even noe when it comes to these sacrifices or even them being controlled by their habdler

  13. I def believe it I remember seeing it on her page she just kept takin pics with him and lord forgive me I was like why she keep snapping pics wit him he’s not even cute she must be happy to see her family I was really wondering like was he press to take pics to prove Rih is his cousin or what cuz she took like 3 or four with him all hugged up smh 🤦🏾‍♀️

    1. I said the same thing. Prior to that she had that Street named after her on the island #smdh..she’ll be preggers next watch &see

    2. I’m calling lies cuz I follow Rih and other family account and she did not post this cousin on IG recently until he died on Boxing Day. She posted no family pics on her IG on Christmas Day. She actually seldom post pics of her family since her IG was suspended for the nude pics from the French magazine.

      1. Right, I don’t think she did this! I think it was done to keep her in line! She isn’t relying on music anymore! Fenty Puma/ Fenty Beauty is showing her real money!

    1. Leverage… I’ve been thinking about it & I think they participate in some part of the murder. Then it’s held over their head so they’ll do whatever they want.

      1. Hmmm, I thought it was like some sort of soul stealing…. so they kill ppl to hold it over your head ? Thought there was more to it.

  14. But she’s Rihanna lol She can go independent if she wants and her fan base would follow in a heart beat. The fashion world love her , hell everybody love her. She’s fucking Rihannaaaaaaaaa lol She loves her family to much so this is hard to believe! We really live in a cold world 🤦🏿‍♀️

    1. But that’s not how it works though.. they will never let her go like that.. Rih loves staying alive and fame more though.. it is always shocking to hear the truth about celebs people love so much..

  15. Idk if I can believe this as of yet. Let me wait until the pregnancy annoucement to fully accept this. I just cant believe she would sacrifice her family like that when she is a well known artist. She can go indepedent if she wanted and still keep her fans. I think that they killed him because she didn’t want to sacrifice. But I could be naive

    1. girlllll…they are SLAVES they can’t just come and go as they please. There are dues that have to be paid. Look at the pic she posted on IG right before the sacrifice. She’s dressed in HEAD TO TOE RITUAL RED. what business do you think riri the pop star has meeting with the first lady of france and prince william re: education? did you know that prince willy made her take an HIV test the last time they were together? that’s because she’s an elite prostitute lol and he was just inspecting the merchandise. she was their to either get pimped out or partake in some sort of ritual. you should check out Black Child on YT’s vids on her

      1. Is that what the kardashian girls are they seem to sleep with everyone and everyone boyfriend

      2. It seems Jennerashians have no boundaries when it comes to friendship and their friends’ love interests/guys they’re dating. Let’s not forget Justine Skye and Travis Scott were allegedly kicking it and using the “PR code words” as if it was strictly work related and for collaborating purposes.

  16. I was waiting for you to do a post about this cause I totally believe this is true. When it happened it was 2 coincidental that she took all these pics then boom he’s dead… I don’t know why ppl find it so hard to believe when RiRi herself called herself the Princess of the illuminati so anything was bond to happen she’s not exempt. Just really thought she was in the path to getting out but after this you never know what route she’ll go …

  17. With everything G has told us, they hokd her money, and can easily kill her, kill her career, or bake her brains out with electro shock therapy… i can understand completely how and why she sacrificed her cousin. She is no different than Kanye (his mom), Bruno Mars (his mom), Drake (his friend)… least it wasnt her mom, thats so fucked up:( but either way its an innocent persons life. May his soul rest in peace.

  18. Lawdddddddd I just LOVE me some rihanna WHYYYYYY 😭😭😭😭❗❗❗❗
    I tried NOT to believe even tho I know she part of all of this n WHY DID I ALREADY FEEL IT WAS A SACRIFICE 💔💔💔💔 lord this is cruel n so disgusting! 😡😡

  19. I believe it. I just found it very mysterious how she paid a visit to see her family, then boom one magically dies. I knew she would have to sacrifice someone eventually because the man who helped her launch her makeup line is deep into that Illuminati shit.

    And also! I feel like its more to it all these millions of dollars rihanna is getting from countries overseas for this “education” program….na bullshit. Something smells fishy.

    1. OMG.. I thought the same about these do called schools.. even with here… All billionaires here black ones… Still have not put an infrastructure together with their money to find nothing solidly all black… And now I’m seeing maybe it’s the hold of these elites who will stop all their money flow to keep it going… And of course ppl like Jay z and Diddy not risking that money… So the others like his wife and others fund schools and wateva foundation… But it’s a front…I think all tie together.

      1. Hell naw the elite won’t allow that , that’s why they fund all these different foundations. You see you haven’t heard anything else about diddy and the rest of those black entertainers mentioning buying the panthers. The higher ups must’ve gave daddy a call as soon as he posted that IG video.

      2. If they would have kept their mouths shut, it would have happen. The same way Bill Cosby should have kept his mouth shut abouy buying NBC and Micharl Jackson about owning half of Sony. It pays to move in silence and not say nothing!

  20. So there is a page on YouTube called Black Child that thoroughly explains this situation. In order to get Fenty x Puma, and Fenty beauty she had to go through the elites in Europe. The owner of LV ( plus 60 owner brands) including Sephora is like the 6th richest guy in the world, and blood sacrifice are required for success of that magnitude. He also breaks down all the backmasking in her songs. Alot of them are written in witch language. I’m a Rih fan, and I was literally sick. I believe they get in, and think it won’t be that bad, but greed won’t allow them to walk away. It’s like a gang almost blood in blood out. She’s in so deep, and she’s in a corner. All that success she don’t want to go back to living on the island being unknown, and poor.

    1. I will check out that channel… Bc I see that rituals are bring performed right before or eyes…. One I caught at the Superbowl… Justin did Prince thing… But ended with r.i.p. Prince with 6 symbol to tell the crowd to acknowledge what he said and put their hands up like his.. blatantly making ppl salute to who he reps (lucy/elites)…. And that for me told me it was an emission to the elites I did the carry out of your request… Hence… Supposedly Jay Z turned it down… The halftime show… That could be why not bc… The performer had to do the ritual… And how convenient the Superbowl is in Minneapolis this year instead of somewhere warmer ijs…

      1. Giselle did a ritual at the super bowl too!! Almost every award show is a ritual! It’s done in our faces and we are so hypnotized and desensitized we don’t pay it any mind.

  21. She sacrificed a blood relative to save her tail? I have so much more respect for Nicki taking the humiliation and not giving in. She’s a real one.

  22. thanks for speaking on this! it’s so obviously a sacrifice but the masses don’t want to hear that. If you look at her IG, there’s a pic of hear sitting in a chair in head to toe red and then the next photo is the pic of her and her deceased cousin. She sent a message with that red dress pic that the sacrifice was complete.

  23. I think, no one is exempt from sacrifices 🤷 some may not be wide open but, I don’t put it pass none of them sickos

    1. I think she wants out the guilt takes over like kanye he will never forgive himself for killing his mom and i believe if Kim leaves Kanye he will kill himself. I got some sugar coming up about that

      1. Oh wow, never made that connection. Can i ask G, why do you like Kim K? I know it sounds like a silly question

      2. So G if she marry that man can she still get out or would they still have control over her and also do you follow thatssobeyonce it says she will get married and have a baby

  24. Wow it’s crazy to think that. But with all you’ve makes sense. It’s sad but not to hard to believe.

  25. I’m so sad about this but I’m not shock or shook. Like you said G she had an amazing 2017 and she did look like she was one foot in the industry and one foot out the game.

    1. As island people we do believe to a point of these things but like how other like Americans (most) won’t believe this at all. It’s easier for an Island person to believe it. The many or many of stories I have heard as a child I believe this. And it scares the shit out of me.

  26. These articles make me think of my own mortality and salvation. Like the normal stresses of life are not worth losing your soul for. Regardless of what your religion is, hell must be a real place. Why else would the devil be so busy and determined to bring people to his side? He doesn’t want to burn alone.

  27. I believe it!!! Something seemed off when I saw this on ig!! After a little P.I Work I said the same thing G!! Smh!! Sad

  28. My eyes just got watery after reading this. Rihanna is one of the few artist of this generation that I feel is genuine, and therefore that I like. To read this, and believe it makes me immensely saddened. Wow. 21?? Wow…poor baby. His death doesn’t make sense to the unwokened…but makes perfect sense round these parts. 🙁

  29. You had said not too long ago that her boyfriend was a tactical move, I’m paraphrasing, so she can bounce out of music but there are too many invested in her to allow this and won’t allow her to take her money. I personally find it extraordinary that the artists witness all these shenanigans and don’t just break from it all. I’d rather my soul than any money.

    1. If u listen to the Todd tapes, it’s hard to break away. Once you’ve have opened urself up to demons/ spirits “ possession” it’s hard to get it out. And your life and family life is on the line. They rather keep their family safe ( as much as they can) and suffer.

  30. Oh wow, never made that connection. Can i ask G, why do you like Kim K? I know it sounds like a silly question

  31. Oh my dear fave 🙁 None of this will turn out good in the end. All these stories about the evil doings of the industry end the same way…with the celeb that did the dirty work ending up being screwed over :’( makes you question if it’s all worth it?

  32. The same thing with big freeda just buried her brother. I know I shouldn’t be so skeptical especially when death is involved but that is what I thought when I heard the news. I bet myself freeda’s career will get bigger and I will just have t wait the rest of 2018 to prove myself right

  33. What about Taylor Swift tho?? Nothing bad happens to her, Katy perry, Miley??? Are these sacrifices only for hip hop artists??

  34. hmmm… so you can just sacrifice anybody, i thought it had to be someone is near and dear. so did rihanna sacrifice her grandmother?

  35. Well I am from Barbados and her cousin walks around bragging and boasting that she’s his cousin. Wearing a lot of jewelry and pushing limits. So I’m not sure who got him killed.

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