October 1, 2022

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32 thoughts on “The Truth Behind The Beyhive and Fandoms

  1. I always thought the Beyhive acted too “Cultlike” and they were more creepy than anything! It’s crazy and scary how the media and all of these companies brainwash people, that’s why I March to the beat of my own drum!

    1. WTH!!!! If they want to fight, how about all them fight to get out of the industry and get all their masters to their recordings and start their own companies!

    2. Agreed. I’ve always found it weird and too sophisticated for the alleged age group of hive members. I really lost respect for her when she would say that she was religious but they made photos of her in the imagine of Jesus and she said nothing almost commended them. That’s when I knew something differently off about her. I get wanting to be a legend but selling your soul no

  2. I love this damn blog.. I have always thought the way the alleged beyhive would comment back to naysayers that something wasn’t right ..thanks for the insight damn these are some shady mofos. It’s sad that they have this there can be only one mentality..😣

  3. Wow, this is becoming too much to digest. I would never image that people could be so evil and manipulative. Oh well, keep spilling the tea!!

  4. I knew it, I knew it was someone at the record company started that b.s. fan mess and I feel it shouldn’t be beehive, beyhive…whatever it should go to lil kim..imo.
    Also I feel it be her marketing team attacking these people and celebs that go against the “I’m the so perfect angel robot…but a devil behind closed doors”.
    Also G I have one question what’s the tea on Beck/Giselle/Grammy? I think back in ’15 he won the grammy over Giselle and the devil minions broke into Beck house and took his grammy.

  5. Ugh! I was just thinking about this! Since I’m learning more and more about the music industry, I thought “I wonder if these fandoms were created by the industry” and BOOM you posted this. Always right on time.

  6. Mmhhmm I see it alot then you have the bardigang vs the Barbz vs Remymafia. I see these fan pages and think this cannot be real life. These fans will literally tell you to die if you say anything about thier fave. It’s funny most of the time to see them go back and forth though.

  7. I knew it was sickos apart of the beyhive once Keri Hilson came out and tweeted “people apart of the beehive followed me and threw beyonce cds at me.” Now at that moment I KNEW kids would not do no crazy shit like that, and it had to be something more to this “beyhive.”

  8. Wow the industry really is super dedicated to making robots to take their money, take over their lives and make people believe lies. I do not get it, do celebrities not realize that they only get fame and popularity, but they are not in control of there lives.

  9. Issa CULT 🔗
    This is why I hate when people defend celebrities like they know them personally that shit is weird . An any person who sits back while a person is getting terrorized and does nothing .. says a lot about ones character

  10. Wow that is so crazy and creepy I remember being a young girl loving to sing I even took singing class in Junior high school and I wanted to be a singer and be famous. Even my daughter wrote music and has a amazing voice but we never really got into it and I’m so freaking glad they are a hot mess. So sad but I believe it all thank you for sharing keep doing your thing sister 🤗

  11. This is all very interesting. It never ceases to amazes me how Beyoncé has such an active and LOUD fanbase online but her records sales and guess what — performance on billboard charts doesn’t match the hype. She doesn’t even have a diamond record. So what’s going on?

  12. I like Beyonce and all (not a super fan but i do enjoy her music) but I could never understand the whole Beyhive mess. Especially coming from adults and like you said young kids (14-15) aren’t that into her, so it was always a little suspicious to me. Now it all makes sense! 👍🏾👍🏾

  13. Makes perfect sense. Bey is passive aggressive , the “Bey Hive” is the PERFECT way of fighting her battles, manufactured or not. The machine that pushes Beyonce is ridiculously savage.

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