May 22, 2022

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36 thoughts on “The Kelis Sex Tape That Ended Her Marriage with Nas

      1. I’m confused as well. I went to sign up with WordPress , thinking that is how I should do it. They are asking me about creating a blog, which I am not interested in doing.

  1. I can understand a newly made sex tape ending a marriage. I don’t understand why she would let her self be recorded or let herself be played like that. If the rapper is up and coming and you are married to an established rapper of course they are going to cause some smoke.
    Also G, the only way I can see this blog is if I click on the update emails sent to me and I paid my dollar with paypal before FB started to act up.

    1. Me too. N I’m also seeing the option to pay PayPal n I know I paid its still on my bank statement…. So idk if that’s normal but I can see stories Still I guess.

      1. I signed in, try signing in and see if that works. I am at work now so I really can’t tell until I get to my home computer.

    2. I thought I was the only one. I paid $2 the first day she went to fb and had access on both Facebook n the blog…but now I can’t sign in n when I try to follow here it says email not found or something.

      1. I am at work G. They block a lot of things out. I am going to check later tonight when I get home.

  2. I remember that guy’s video and saw it when made it’s rounds online… SMH…I always thought she was opportunist… But her beauty was the distraction that kept him from seeing her true character.

  3. How long will this page remain public? I already paid last week but is anyone able to view this page as of right now?

    1. I can only view through notification sent through my email but once I come to blog there’s nothing. N i tried hitting the follow button n signing in. I know she deleted ppl but i paid my $2 before Facebook was shut down.

      1. huh? you didnt get deleted why can’t you see the blog? im not understanding its still public nobody is having problems seeing it

      2. what do you mmean? you still cant see anything? I mean come on you must be doing something wrong . If you type in the site you cant see it? thats impossible

    2. just worry about yourself let me handle everyone else. i am trying to make it private but yall acting like you cant work a blog so if u cant work it on public how u gonna work it on private ? just go to the link click it and it takes u right to the post

  4. I remember seeing a video of Kelis in his hotel room bed. She appeared to be knocked out sleep and didn’t know she was being recorded.

    1. You’re late, they were rumors her and nas did threesomes, allegedly that was the reason she got into an altercation with cops in Miami, she and nas were allegedly picking up prostitutes.

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