September 29, 2022

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72 thoughts on “Sony Kills.

  1. Did the movie Glitter have anything to do with her relationship with tommy ? Like was it hinting at what she went through with him ?

  2. Jermaine Dupri talks about Tommy Mottola’s security with big guns & how security kept an eye on Mariah on his Drink Champs interview.

  3. Damn poor Michael, he was a genius. So was the publishing handed down to his children/family or did Sony take it back?

  4. I knew he was killed but not the why!!! Sony is greedy even with Micheal owning half…they still have billions…Greed in any form is the biggest downfall of man! Because it will never be enough..,R.I.P. MJ
    Like he said they don’t care about us

  5. Good morning how come I try to like something it opens another window and tell me to log in with a password please help thank you! Not sure if this works🤔

  6. I think I’ve heard part of that before- so crazy how millions of us were judging him over lies- I wish I coulda heard the part after he said MCs name…

  7. Hey G,

    is this page suppose to be public? I can access it without being logged in. It seems like everything Michael did was to no prevail. The family ultimately gave it back. The should’ve kept it; they can’t kill a whole family with “overdose” right? It still baffles me how stupid “they” think we are. Bey fell for the wrong guy…gosh that’s disgusting! she couldn’t leave it she wanted to if it’s true about that tape.

    1. It sure is public too, I just seen it on other devices that I am not even logged onto..
      G you may want to make sure it is private, so only the people who paid can enjoy this page..

  8. Gina,
    Know i see why Mariah shades Jennifer Lopez, Jlo is treated so different from Mariah. She gets to date black guys (diddy), do films and make music? She seems happier than Mariah too. Mariah I feel like is so miserable and now we know why. She probably watched while she eats, sleeps, and shits. Omg. This scared me so bad last night i felt i was gonna get in trouble lol

  9. Michael estate sold the 50% back to Sony like a year ago if I remember correctly. That 50% would take care of his family for many generations. They probably forced their hands to do it. It’s only 3 major record companies UMG, WMG, and SME. The rest of the labels are subsidiary so basically, everybody is signed to the same labels SMH

  10. Gina, how did Mariah get divorced? And what the fuck is so secret that Tommy be having guards with guns the rest of Mariahs life. Lioe really?! And now im curious how he is with his new wife Thalia??? He dont have a wife, sounds like a slave. Do you remember the video on the sony societies at all? Can you break it down on what it was about. This tea is so fucking amazin.

      1. I know he is still married to Thalia Sodi but i meant he dont have a wife he has a slave as in she is property not an equal. Unless he treats her different than Mariah Carey.

      2. Now thats a good question! 🤔 We will never know unless somebody in that circle speaks on it.

  11. Would it have mattered if Michael kept what he managed to do on the low? Or would they have still murdered him? His family selling the catalog back almost makes sense because they knew if they didn’t, the terror wouldn’t be over. This is so fucked up 😞

    1. I almost wish he never would have said anything. but I am thinking he said something so that way they cant say he killed himself because he was broke and shamed

  12. I just read that Mottola is now married to the singer Thalia since 2000. I wonder how that happened and it does any of that crazy crap to her as well or how much she’s privy too.

    1. Yea, she is a VERY popular Mexican singer. She had a crossover song in 2003 with Fat Joe but never went any further on the English market. She was recently on the stocketmarket show with Motolla and you can tell he is very controlling. She always posts on IG. Im wondering how happy she is. They have cute kids.

      Her sister was kidnapped in 2002 or 2003. It was crazy. So much drama. Mexico is cray with abducting rich people.

  13. Yeah. I’m not creeped out or anything… I’m lying. I don’t even listen to the radio or even songs I downloaded anymore. I trust no one in the entertainment industry. It’s sad because everyone who believes stuff like this is deemed crazy when we have never been more sane. Just awoken.

  14. I knew they killed micheal I remember that interview with sign I watched it I said the. They were going to kill him they wasn’t going to let a black man have they money

  15. Something i noticed…Why hasn’t Giselle done any real interviews in awhile? Is she under mind control? Wouldn’t her mom and sister not allow this? Is Jayz mind controlling her?

  16. My thing is this Gina even with then King Mike they still don’t get the Publishing right, how do they benefit from him being dead… Please answer

      1. Wow so his kids didn’t get it with inheritance. I at least hope their and to live a lil thru some of their Dad’s accolades… Did they get anything worthy?

  17. Everything he is saying is true, I remember right before Michael Jackson passed I watched a documentary where an activist (I won’t say his name because I believe everything online is monitored and once you type key names or words you’re automatically flagged) was saying Michael Jackson was in fear for his life. He knew they were trying to kill him and would eventually succeed….one of the reasons he converted to Islam. He thought it was provide some sort of protection. It was deep. The guy also explained the molestation charges and how they were all doctored up (false) It was very eerie, I had goosebumps all over my body listening to his every word. I get chills just thinking about it.

  18. I didn’t use to like Mariah Carey because I thought she was stuck up and thought she was better than other. However, these stories really reveal she was just a sweet girl trying to make it. It’s truly sad that they are watching her life like that smh It is very pleasing to know Michael Help her get out to live some what of a normal life style. Now I understand why real successful women don’t have consistent relationships!

  19. So do the Jackson live a normal life now? I think michael knew his family would be good and I’ve never thought he was broke or did anything to those kids. Makes me wonder about that little boy who dad killed himself after he told the world it was all a lie. The dad probably knew they would have came and killed him if they ever told the truth.

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