July 2, 2022

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2 thoughts on “The Truth Behind The Erica Mena and D.J Envy Affair part 1 Season 1 episode 2

  1. Well, These men will lie about their martial status in an instsnce! Prime example, my son father’s married this bitch who was causing all the drama thinking me and son’s father was back together, NOT!!!. Anyway, when he goes out to creep, he will not wear his ring at all! Plus, he don’t tell these females he’s married! Now when I was with him, he wasn’t married. But after the fact, smh. With this situation, Envy could have done just that with Erica. Not disclosing his marital status nor have a ring on. But when a man presents himself as ‘Single’, what that woman is going to think, do, and say? She is going to go by what he told her. And that alone, is enough to cause drama among the three parties that are involved. I’m just saying…..

    1. Right and ppl think you’re in the wrong still. So you’re just supposed to stay single forever? This is why background checks for $29.99 is so available to get. Fully check ppl out before dealing with them it’s a triple life they doing.

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